ITVX: ITV’s New App Won’t Work On Many Older Devices

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ITV’s new streaming service, ITVX, is not going to work on many popular (albeit older) Freeview boxes, Freesat boxes and Smart TVs that are still present in many households across the UK.

ITVX, which went live this week (weeks ahead of its “official” December 8 launch date), is set to replace ITV’s previous streaming app, ITV Hub.

Users don’t need to install a new app, as the ITVX app will “go over” their existing ITV Hub. As of this writing, the new app is still rolling out across supported devices.

However, devices that have lost access to ITV Hub in recent months – including Freeview and Freesat recorders from Humax, older Samsung TVs and more (see the full list below) – will not gain access to ITVX.

This is due to ITV upgrading the content protection technology on its streaming platform, which makes both ITV Hub, and the new ITVX app, incompatible with some older devices.

ITVX Categories

What Is ITVX?

This week, ITV soft-launched its brand new streaming service, ITVX, which will replace its ageing ITV Hub app (ahead of of a December 8 ‘official’ launch, when many ITVX Originals will be added).

ITV is aiming for ITVX to be much more than a “catch-up” service, and more of a streaming destination: it launched with more than 10,000 free (with adverts) hours of on-demand content, including 35 flagship shows, 200+ series and 250+ films.

New shows will launch weekly – many of which will be available on ITVX long before they air on ITV’s old-school linear channels.

Furthermore, you can also stream all of ITV’s live channels via the app, as well as several “themed” ad-supported live channels that are dedicated to a single series or theme.

While ITV is focusing heavily on the ad-supported free tier, ITVX will also have a paid Premium tier, which will remove all the adverts when you’re watching on-demand content.

ITVX Premium
ITVX Premium

Furthermore, Premium tier subscribers will also get access to the entire content library of BritBox (on ITVX), which includes more than 4,000 hours of classic British shows and films (including 600 classic Doctor Who episodes).

The standalone BritBox app and service will continue to co-exist alongside ITVX, but ITX Premium subscribers won’t get access to the BritBox app, and vice versa. 

ITVX Not Coming To Older Devices And TVs

Back in September, ITV Hub stopped working on quite a few older set-top boxes and TVs, including Smart TVs from brands such as Hisense and Panasonic, several specific TV models from Samsung, and Humax’s Freesat boxes and Freeview boxes.

This was due to software upgrades (specifically relating to copy protection) that were no longer compatible with some older devices.

Some of those that lost access were hoping to get the ITVX app when it launches, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

As of this writing, all devices that lost access to ITV Hub, will also not gain access to the new ITVX app.

ITVX App on Roku
The new ITVX App

In theory, some device manufacturers might be able to update their OS in a way that supports the new ITVX app – but since these are older devices, that is unlikely to happen (plus, sometimes the limitation is hardware-based, so software changes won’t be enough).

The list of incompatible devices includes some that were quite popular for a long time (such as Humax’s Freesat boxes and older Samsung TVs), and therefore are still present in a lot of UK households, which will no longer have access to ITV’s streaming app.

Furthremore, at least one device – the Humax FVP-5000T Freeview recorder, is still being sold as new, online and in high street shops – therefore some people will be buying it without knowing it no longer supports ITV Hub and ITVX.

But Humax confirmed to us that the only set-top box which will continue to support ITVX, is their Freeview Recorder/Android TV combo, Humax Aura.

It’s important to note that the linear ITV Freeview/Freesat channels – the ones you’re getting via an aerial (or satellite, on Freesat) – will not be affected by this change.

The only part that will stop working, on affected devices, is the broadband-based ITVX app, which is used to stream content.

Devices And Smarts TVs That Won’t Get ITVX:

Freeview Boxes:

  • Humax FVP-5000T
  • Humax FVP-4000T
Humax FVP-5000T close-up
Humax FVP-5000T

Freesat Boxes (Generation 2 and older)

  • Humax Hb1000s
  • Humax Hdr1000s
  • Humax Hdr1010s
  • Humax Hdr1100s
  • Humax Hb1100s
Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box 500
Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box

Samsung TV Models Running Tizen OS 2.3:

Tizen is Samsung’s OS for Smart TVs (as well as some other devices from Samsung). It’s being used on newer models as well (2022 models are running Tizen 6.5), but the only affected OS version that will not get ITVX is Tizen 2.3.

Older Samsung TVs (from 2015 and back), that don’t have the Tizen operating system at all, will also not be getting ITVX.

Note that some of the models listed here were not sold in the UK, but I’m including the full list for easier reference.

Samsung TV
Photo: Deposit Photos

Also note that the version numbers presented here usually make the last part of the actual TV model, since most versions/series were sold under several available TV sizes. 

So, for example, JS9000 could have been sold as UE55JS9000T (for the UltraHD European 55″ model), UE48JS9000T (for the UltraHD European 48″ model), etc.

Premium Series: JS9900, JS9800, JS9500, JS9000, JS9100

Standard Series: JU5900, JU5910, JU5920, JU8000, JU7800, JU7500, JU7000, JS8500, JS8000, JU6900, JU6410, JU6400, JU6300, JS6900, JU6390, JU6000, JU6100, US9A, JU6800, JU6740, JU6700, JU6600, JU6510, JU6500, JS8600, JS6700, JU7090, J6400, JS6000, J6330, J6300, J6240, J6200, J5520, J5510, J5500, J5300, TE390S

Entry Series: K5200, J6203, J5373, J5370, J5303, J5300, J5290, J5278, J5270, J5248, J5205, J5202, J5201, J5200,  J5190, J4700,UJ4600, J4570, J4500, J4303, J4300, J4290, J4200,  H4501

Newer Samsung TVs (from 2016 onwards, with Tizen 2.4 and up) are not affected by this and should have access to ITVX.

More Smart TVs That Don’t Support ITVX:

Hisense MTK5657 / Hisense MTK5658 – Smart TV models from 2016.

TCL 6586 6 Series – Smart TVs from 2018.

Avtex – TVs and devices from 2016 onwards.

CTVE – TVs and devices from 2013 onwards.

Panasonic TV 2016 D MT5810
Panasonic TV 2015 C MT5595, Diga
Panasonic TV 2018 F HD MT5581

Sharp UMC MSD6486
Sharp UMC MS6586
Sharp UMC 6486X

How Can I Watch ITVX?

If you still own one of the aforementioned devices, ITVX will likely not work on them. However, there are other devices you can use to watch ITV’s new streaming app.

The updated ITVX app should be compatible with many other streaming devices (once it finishes rolling out), including:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Sticks and Edition TVs)
  • Android TV: Sony Android and Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • Apple iPhones and iPads (OS v12 or later)
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • Chromecast devices
  • Freesat Boxes and TVs (Except Panasonic TVs from 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, and G2 Freesat boxes)
  • Freeview Play boxes (such as the Manhattan T3-R or Humax Aura) and TVs
  • Android Mobiles (OS v5 and later)
  • NOW Streaming Devices
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later)
  • Sky Glass
  • Sky Stream
  • Virgin V6
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • YouView (BT & TalkTalk) (first-generation YouView boxes are not supported)
  • YouView Sony TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

With this being a brand new version of the app, please remember that last-minute changes may occur – with devices being added, or removed from this list.

What About ITVX On Sky Q?

The full version of ITV Hub was never available on Sky Q. ITV was aiming to make ITVX available on Sky Q at launch, it looks like there’s been a delay.

However, even though ITVX isn’t available on Sky Q yet – we understand there are certainly plans to make it available there shortly – the only question is when, exactly.

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51 thoughts on “ITVX: ITV’s New App Won’t Work On Many Older Devices”

  1. Stop buggering about with TV reception in the UK just as an excuse to squeeze more money out of consumers aren’t you rich enough,where viewer’s not gullible cash cow’s.The main significant advances in TV was 625 transmission BBC2 Colour TV Led and Stereo sound and more channels with slightly different content and angles very few original Idea’s, I speak as a retired TV engineer and proffesional actor so I know the industry from both sides Art and Technology, Michael Mawby.

  2. “This was due to software upgrades (specifically relating to copy protection) that were no longer compatible with some older devices.”

    It’s not because they can’t provide the app on your device. They don’t want to. It’s being denied to devices that can record – (copyright concerns). They don’t want you having your own library because they want to charge you for steaming .

  3. Have a samsung smart tv six years old, no itvx, phoned Samsung was told tv too old and should buy new. asked how long tvs should last max seven years, does this include top of the range qled models costing almost £2,000 yes they said. I have now bought amazon tv fire stick only works when it wants to so am sending it back can’t win.

    • Same here with Panasonic cost 1400 7 years old, as pensioners on pension credit can’t afford new years TV.
      Maybe ITV should consider how fair, they think the post office scandal was and how it’s turned to bite them on their backsides, then think of their customers who been loyally watching ITV for years.

  4. How sad. I am unable to watch ITV now on my smart TV as not supported and when I try to watch it on my ipad, it just buffers and whilst it may play sometimes it is very unreliable and some times freezers the picture and just delivers sound.

    I will have to cancel subscription as I am paying for a service I am not receiving. This doesn’t feel like advancement of technology!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    The answer to these problems is actually on another CORDBUSTERS forum, but I’ll copy it to here.

    STV player – available for all OS’s & most devices that are Android based.

    Basically it’s the Scottish version of ITV, but they haven’t gone for ITVX app & haopefully won’t any time soon.
    None of the problems with ITVX & the “ad free” version is £3.99 a month the same as ITV. Cancelled our ITV premium yesterday & am now a paid up STV viewer.

    Isn’t technology wonderfull? That is until some idiot programmers get hold of a perfectly good working app. & screw it up to the maximum extent of their abilities.

      • Hi,
        Tbh, it’s the “suck it” solution, don’t know what Bbox gives in relation to ITVX or STV, all I can say is that it works, unluck ITVX.
        My ONLY downside to STV is that even if you sign up to the £3.99 a month you still get ads, mainly (what they would call) “public information shite”, but it’s still ads.
        But, unlike ITVX, it does give problem free access to most on demand stuff.

  6. I am trying to watch without sin on my iPad. I click on it as I can clearly see it and it comes up with ‘channel not available’ yet I can watch it on my phone no problem. Very bizarre indeed.

  7. I have an LG smart TV which still supports ITV hub, but not ITVX.
    I have contacted ITV on countless occasions and only occasionally acknowledged, with vague assurances that ths new platform will upgrade “at some point” or “eventually”.
    Which simply isn’t good enough.
    Surely ITV have some idea of how long all of ghis is likely to take.
    An upgrade date ( even approximate ) isn’t too much to ask for!

    • I can stream ITVX perfectly on my (2014) iPad and can download programs. On my ASUS Windows 11 (2017) I can stream but there is no option to download. The Apple TV 4 app works fine with a 2004 Sony Bravia other than streaming is not as good as on the iPad or the laptop .. it seems strange a dedicated media player does not stream as well as a laptop, but maybe it is the age of the tv.

  8. Anyone who really wants to make a comment, try Googling
    “ITV Environmental Management Policy.”
    It’s great when companies talk a lot but don’t actually understand what they are saying. Extract 1 –
    Our aim is to achieve environmental sustainability, which requires us to make responsible decisions that will manage any negative impact on the environment.
    Extract 2 –
    Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst customers and suppliers;
    Extract 3 –
    Work with our key suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to develop and identify opportunities to improve environmental performance;

    All becomes just words if they aren’t taking any notice of their own policy!

    • Buy a Firestick for £25-£45 and attach it to your TV, ITVX is available on Firestick. You don’t say which tv you have, but if it’s only a year old it will have a usb socket so it’s easy.

      • WRONG!!!!
        We have 2 new Amazon Firesticks, attached to 2 TV’s, both have the same problems described elsewhere with refusing to fast forward, unable to pause playback as it reverts to the begining again (read in conjunction with no fast forward, do you see a problem???), constant pausing, stutters, useless crap.
        ITV hub worked no problems.
        Currently we have 78meg. broadband which is happy supporting 2 x 4k streams with no problems, but ITVX…………………

    • Quite agree, both my Panasonic smart tv and Freesat box are only just over 2 years old – will not be replacing either just for ITV X – the excuse is they are implementing this as to prevent ‘content protection technology’ – that’s laughable considering the amount of Torrent sites available.

  9. Is there anyway to cast from iPad to an older Samsung to that has screen mirroring.

    All cast app no longer available and smart things app doesn’t find tv

  10. I find it incredible that ITV can release a streaming service not fit for purpose at the same time as the newspapers are reporting that all TV will be online only by about 5years time.
    Still, with any luck if the service isn’t available to most of the public then their advertising revenue will go down & they then might realise that the viewing public are their Customers & they should listen to them.
    They must realise that they have problems as, when cancelling my ITV Premium subscription last week, I was immediately confronted by “3months for £1.99 a month” offer.
    I took advantage & will review again in February.

  11. I own a WebOS v. 5.5 LG TV (2008) model and no sign of ITVX. ITV Hub is still floating around on it.
    I’ve tried updating the software on the telly…no updates and the LG app store on shows ITV hub.

    What am I missing?

  12. Good to see we’re still going full speed towards a future in which we’ll need to update our TVs every year or so. And that will further support the business model whereby the average citizen owns nothing at all and just has the pleasure of forking out most of their income every week to various service providers. Better be sure not to lose your job though…

  13. Distinctly unimpressed with the assumption by ITV that it’s ok to no longer support a perfectly good Panasonic tv because I can watch it on my mobile. Just a slight difference in screen size and convenience. Maybe their board of directors would like to try this for a few days?

  14. How can itv say itvx won’t work on older tv’s I have a 4 year old panasonic whereby I lost itv hub.for itvx which then said won’t work on this device to me 4 years is nearly new as an OAP I enjoy my tele itv have stuck 2 fingers at us thank goodness for I Player etc

    • We’ve got it, but wish we hadn’t.
      Doesn’t like fast forward, loses position, constantly stops, loses place, constant “problem ….Wait or Cancel” messages. Loses track when switching from one firestick to another (different rooms).
      Several emails to ITV, just the “we’ve got your email & we’ll answer you in 24hours” reply (total shit!!!).
      Cancelling ITV premium if nothing sorted by this weekend.

  15. I have the Humax Aura and it’s installed but won’t play… I also have a Sony Bravia 4K TV, and it’s not even finding the app in play store

    • I am having same problem with my Sony Bravia Oled also searched for it in web browser it appears for about 5 seconds then disappears . I have Sky Q so hoping it will appear on there soon . In meantime have downloaded it onto my Samsung phone and Chromecast it to TV

  16. Annoys me I pay the ITV subscription and now find I can’t actually watch ITV anymore as the the only way I ever do it is via mirroring from my iPad (screen’s too small for my elderly eyes) on to our bedroom Philips 55” non smart TV. No thank you ITV – I neither wish to dump a perfectly working TV and add more to landfill nor will I continue to pay for your Premium subscription when it no longer works. Bloody cheeky bastards assuming Jo/E public will just carry on paying their subs now with much less flexibility or that we’ll chuck out our perfectly good TV to buy one that suits ITV! Dream on. Too many other channels to pick from these days ITV that can allow you the luxury of loyalty when you give us zilch back.

    • Hi I just had same problem on win 11 if username and password are saved or filled in ,clear them and retype in don,t think it likes saved passwords works on firefox and chrome.

  17. I have an old smart Samsung tv (ku6000) and ITVX doesn’t play on it! When I click on the app, I get a blank blue screen with sponsored by Dominoes appearing.

    However I have found a way around it.
    1) highlight the ITVX app
    2) wait until some programs appear along the bottom of the ITVX app screen
    3) click on one of these
    4) let it play 2 or 3 secs then click the return button on your remote control
    5) it will ask whether you want to leave or return to home.
    6) click on the home option
    You will then have the full menu page of ITVX and can watch what you want.

  18. It’s odd that I can get all episodes and series of Grace on my computer and mobile – but on my Now tv black box only episode 1 of series 1 is available. Is this likely to change?

  19. For Freesat, have just decided to record what I want and ditch ITV online completely. Its a little bit arrogant to expect a huge amount of the UK population to upgrade their hardware to suit ITV. I see it as also a last ditch attempt to save the doomed BritBox.


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