ITV Hub To Stop Working On Some Freeview Devices [Updated]

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ITV Hub, the streaming app from ITV that offers catch-up and on-demand shows and box-sets, will stop working on a few older Freeview devices, from September 28, 2022.

This is due to ITV upgrading their content protection technology, and ahead of ITV Hub being replaced by ITVX, the new streaming service from ITV.

The upgrade, however, is incompatible with some devices, mostly older Smart TVs, from brands such as Hisense, TCL, Panasonic and more (see the full list below).

Last year, the same thing happened with a few older YouView boxes, when ITV Hub was no longer supported on them due to similar content protection upgrades.

Update: ITV Hub is also being removed from the Freesat Humax boxes, from many older Samsung TVs, and from two popular Humax Freeview recorders.

ITV Hub - box sets

ITV Hub is normally available on a large number of streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku, as well as on Freeview Play boxes and TVs, and connected Freesat set-top boxes.

The app relies on broadband, and you can use it to stream ITV’s live channels, or to watch programmes on demand.

Later this year (in November, most likely) ITV Hub will be replaced by a new streaming service – ITVX, which will include more than 15,000 hours of content (compared to 4,000 on ITV Hub), most for free (with adverts), as well as a premium tier that will add BritBox to the mix.

ITVX watching TV mockup

The plan is for the ITVX app to be available on every device that currently supports ITV Hub (as well as some new ones such as Sky Q), but devices that will stop supporting ITV Hub, will also not support ITVX when it launches.

ITV Hub Leaving Older TVs

This week, ITV announced that they’re “upgrading our technology to offer more content and better picture quality, and improve our overall app experience”.

Unfortunately, the technology is not supported by some device models and will no longer be compatible after September 28.

Until then, ITV Hub will continue to work – but after the cutoff date, it will either stop working on affected devices – or will continue to work for a while, but will no longer be supported or updated.

Those with affected devices should be seeing ITV Hub pop-ups on their screens, informing them of the upcoming change.

It’s important to note that the linear ITV Freeview channels – the ones you’re getting via an aerial – will not be affected by this change.

ITV Hub on TV - deposit - vantagedrones

The only thing that will stop working, on the mentioned devices, is the broadband-based ITV Hub app.

  • August 15 Update: Freeview expanded the list of models that will be affected.

The devices that will lose ITV Hub access on September 28 are:

Hisense MTK5657 / Hisense MTK5658 – Smart TV models from 2016.

TCL 6586 6 Series – Smart TVs from 2018.

Avtex – TVs and devices from 2016 onwards.

CTVE – TVs and devices from 2013 onwards.

Panasonic TV 2016 D MT5810
Panasonic TV 2015 C MT5595, Diga
Panasonic TV 2018 F HD MT5581

Sharp UMC MSD6486
Sharp UMC MS6586
Sharp UMC 6486X

How Can I Continue To Watch ITV Hub?

If you still own one of the aforementioned devices, and ITV Hub stops working for you, there are a few places you can continue to use ITV’s streaming app.

Fire TV 4K Max VS Roku Stick 4K VS Chromecast with Google TV hero
Streaming Devices

The app is currently compatible with many other streaming devices, including:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Sticks and Edition TVs)
  • Android TV: Sony Android and Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • Apple iPhones and iPads (OS v12 or later)
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • Chromecast devices
  • Freesat Boxes and TVs (Panasonic TVs 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, and first-generation Freesat boxes are no longer supported)
  • Freeview Play boxes (such as the Manhattan T3-R) and TVs
  • Android Mobiles (OS v5 and later)
  • Now Streaming Devices
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later)
  • Sky Glass
  • Virgin V6
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • YouView (BT & TalkTalk) (first-generation YouView boxes are not supported)
  • YouView Sony TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

Sky Q is unfortunately not supported, though it’s meant to support the upcoming ITVX app when it launches.

You can also access ITV Hub by going to its website directly on a computer browser.

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This article was first published on August 10, and was later updated with more additional information.

85 thoughts on “ITV Hub To Stop Working On Some Freeview Devices [Updated]”

  1. I’ve just checked and my 6 year old LG OLED has ITVX working fine. Like the article stated, the best bet would be to get a cheap streaming device.

  2. I bought a LG smart tv 2 years ago and it isn’t working. Cant believe it! how can someone does an app that doesn’t work with new appliances. And also I can’t connect my computer with airplay to the tv to watch ITV that way. a complete fiasco!!!!

    • We also bought a LG Smart TV 3 years ago. We went on holiday in October this year and when we got home from holiday, we also found that the ITV Hub wasn’t working. We’re just hoping that when ITVX launches on 8th December it will work on our TV, however we suspect it probably will not work. Incredible that in this day and age a company as big as ITV can’t get its television app to work on all Smart TVs!!

    • I purchased a LG smart TV in Dec 22 and now I cannot receive ITVX either. It’s an utter diabolical disgrace. So a Smart TV is not that smart. An utter waste of money in my opinion.

  3. Disgusted withITV. However anything I want to watch on catch up I now record on my recording box. That however does not cover programs streaming on the hub.As a pensioner I cannot afford another T V Shame on IT V

  4. Absolutely disgusted with itv,As a pensioner I can not afford to buy a new TV, My Hisence TV is only three years old and now I can not use the hub to catch up.

    • I agree! What a piggin disgrace. I’ve a good mind to throw the TV in the bin and go back to radio. Luckily I have BT Hub and I’m hoping that may pick up ITV Hub. It’s just a different initials isn’t it. Both hubs. Maybe you should try that. I know the ITV Hub is built into the TV but if BT Hub works then all is good. Now I just need to figure out free electricity and gas. O, and the price of food.

      • I don’t think it’s really be sold televisions on the basis that they will play a particular channel for the goalposts to then move and the feature you paid for removed and dismissed as your problem because you have ‘an older smart tv’. Mine is only two years old and I wasn’t forewarned and haven’t been recompensed. Surely the app needs to be compatible with devices or swapped for one that is. Cheek of it. Let’s just ignore that people who want to watch ITV have just had their expensive TV written off. What if every channel made their app incompatible with people’s tv? Should we all throw our tvs out and buy new during a cost of living crises each time a channel doesn’t make the effort to ensure compatible with devices of a reasonable age. Its not on. Effecting all my family….

  5. Like everyone else, I am disgusted that I cannot now get ITV Hub on my Panasonic 50″ TV.
    ITV obviously does not care about us viewers, so from now on I will be catching up on the other channels that do value us, and accept if I do not watch ITV live, then I just will not! Good bye ITV!!

    • Me too!
      Do they really want to reduce their viewers and thus their advertising market ?
      Sees odd, but my Panasonic is one of those cut off

    • Agreed. Shockingly bad behaviour from a PSB broadcaster. They have a duty of care to ensure those in need or less able, have access to PSB broadcast content that is easily accessible for all. Not remove options. Dear MP….

  6. We have had Panasonic buyers for many years , but no more. Our last purchase a 49 inch tv. Still under warranty, (and lots of problems) and now not compatible for itv hub. Samsung for us from now on . Panasonic told us they were informed too late about the hub removal on certain tv,s. Therefore unable to sort out software in time. As if?. A major company should have known .

    • Samsungs are also affected – I have one from 2012 in perfect working order. It’s such a bad idea for the environment to make these tvs less functional ☹️. Samsungs are ok if 2015/16 onwards I believe.

    • I too have Panasonic TV, 2 years old this Christmas. Surely we should have been made aware this was going to happen. I don’t believe new technology happens overnight. It would seem ITV were negligent in communicating developments with TV manufacturers.

      • I have a 50 inch smart tv & can’t get all freeview channels especially itvhub, should the company not sort this problem out. Or should Curry’s the retailer have advised us.?!

  7. Well, that’s saved me £3.99 a month. So, ITV can’t manage to work out how to make its app compatible with a top range Panasonic TV? What else can you expect from a company that broadcasts Good Morning Britain? Back to using the PVR and skipping through the ads for free, then, if I can even be bothered to look through their schedules. Disgusting behaviour.

    • No licence fee for itv, so no deductions available. It’s called moving with technology and keeping their clients safer from hackers. You would be less happy if some scammer got your details from The ITV hub data

  8. Some years ago we bought an expensive SONY smart tv with a separate PANASONIC [DMR-HWT150] box to record and they are both of little use now as they are not supported by the ITV HUB.
    What a rip-off ITV

  9. Forced to dig out my old fire stick to watch itv hub on my 3 year old Panasonic TV as ITV have made the hub redundant on it. I can’t justify the cost of a new tv at the whim of a big corporate organisation. Appalling

  10. What a absolute let down ITV … my smart tv is not that old and now not supported , so sick of these big companies pulling the rugs from under our feet …and to take subscriptions from people who didn’t know their TVs wouldn’t support tv hub is disgusting, these people need to be reimbursed… to many money grabbing greedy companies in this world right now .. !!!

    • I totally agree with you Lisa, Greed Greed, that’s how these companies go. If only everybody in the country stopped watching ITV for one week, look at all the revenue they would loss out on advertising!!!

    • Luckily I had a monthly subscription, now cancelled, but what a joke, the IT organisation of ITV just need to be replaced. They’re clearly putting technology ahead of the core business of providing content.
      Earlier this year I read “The UK commercial broadcaster released its financial results saying its content, data and technology investments are “already bearing fruit,” as evidenced by its digital ad revenue rising 20%. “Record levels” on the ITV Hub drove this.”

      I hope their share price crashes.

      At least they should have done something, like send some convertor, for their paying / regular subscribers who gave them this benefit. Clearly they don’t want that business, even if they fix it I won’t go back.

  11. I too am equally disappointed tha I can no longer receive ITV Hub on my Freesat devices, I recently paid for advert-free service which I can longer use. Thank you ITV!!!!

  12. I am appalled & furious at this decision. I bought a Panasonic SMART TV during Lockdown and was amazed & sorely disappointed with disbelief at this decision. Like many I cannot/will not replace a perfectly decent, 2-year old TV due to the greed of a corporate company who dismisses their long term, loyal customers. ITV should rectify this matter immediately.

  13. I agree with all previous comments. Our TV is only 18 months old and we have no intention of replacing it. We have a mobile phone and tablet but who wants to watch TV on such small screens!
    I am disgusted with ITV and hope to avoid watching it in the future. Perhaps we could all complain to OFCOM.

  14. I am totally disgusted about this. I am a care worker and pay for my ITV Hub so I can catch up on my favourite programs when I am off duty.
    I recently bought a Sharp smart TV and now the Pop up has appeared on my screen and notified me that my TV is no longer supported by ITV Hub.
    It’s totally unfair and I agree with all comments above. Many elderly love watching ITV and mostly don’t have laptops and other devices. The winter is coming, and now they can’t watch their favourite programs on catch up.
    It’s an insult and should be reconsidered. Don’t do this to us.

    • I absolutely agree, I can’t afford a new television either so I guess I won’t be using ITV Hub. I’m very disappointed that this apparent upgrade isn’t available for those of us that can’t just go and buy an all singing, all dancing suitable television, I would have thought in this day and age we would all be able to upgrade to the new ITV Hub if we have a Freeview box….

    • Amazon Firesticks receive ITVhub and they are quite cheap to buy. No monthly subscrptions and they fit into an HDMI socket on the back of the TV.

      • The only problem with the FIRESTICK is the physical size of the ‘stick’ and it cannot be inserted into some TV sets because of the shape of the rear panel.

  15. I purchased a sharp television because I could get itv hub
    I couldn’t possibly afford another television as I only bought
    this one 1 year ago and I am a pensioner I’m really very disappointed that you are allowed to do this.

  16. Disgusting!! Another big company looking after big profits rather than their customers. I purchased a large Smart TV to watch tele……if I miss a program then on ITV hub!@ What I don’t want is for the family to crowd round my 12″ tablet to watch catch up! I will just stop watching ITV….as I have done with BBC!!

  17. ITV should be stripped of its license. It’s no longer worthy of a terrestrial slot. It repeatedly broadcasts old Bond movies at prime time! Now it’s crippling Freeview+ catchup functionality on many of the nation’s devices (they do put out some good stuff).

  18. Just found out about that I won’t be able to get ITV hub on my 55″ TV ,well thanks for that, i will not be able to buy a new one and why should I, so I’ll just go over to BBC iPlayer.
    Absolutely disgusting when everyone is struggling, shame on you.
    So bye bye ITV

  19. Absolutely scandalous, I won’t be changing our perfectly good Samsung tv as much as we do use itv hub.
    I have more important things to spend my money on on like heating and food etc
    Are the companies in league by any chance, makes you wonder

  20. I don’t have anything much to add as agree with those previous comments.. diabolical timing and obviously fat cats thinking about profit! There is “them that have it and those that don’t”. What’s new.! Well, we will be pushed so far and then stop and face those who have no idea how the other half will be living! No money, no heat/fuel, food gone up and now pleasure is being denied us! I don’t watch BBC much, stopped listening to news! ITV more! Or less now .. at 88 years, still paying TV licence ..for WHAT?

  21. So I purchase a large tv to then be told to watch catch up TV on my phone or pc. Or ipad???? Why the assumption everyone has these options and would want to watch TV on a small screen…. Disgraceful 😡

  22. I purchased a brand new Samsung Smart TV on Thursday and on Saturday got an email from ITV Hub saying it would no longer work because the TV runs Tizen 2.3 Can this be correct as surely Samsung are one of biggest companies in Smart TV market. I also cannot easily establish what version of Tizen other Samsung Smart TV use. I have 2 identical TVs that I believe are running Tizen 2.3

        • As far as I can see online, this is supposed to be a 2020 model (note that it’s T5300 and not J5300) with Tizen 5.5, so shouldn’t be affected by this in theory.
          In addition to the email, are you also seeing a pop-up notification on the TV itself, when you try to run ITV Hub?

          • Or, thanks for your helpful reply. What confuses me is that when I look at the version of Tizen shown on my Samsung it shows this number.
            Software Version: T-KTS2DEUC-2303.1
            Now 2303.1 suggests that it’s on Tizen 2.3, although as you suggest using the relevant parts of the model number indicates a more recent version that will continue to be ITV Hub compatible. I now believe mine is compatible as I don’t get the pop-up message, although I still get emails from ITV Hub saying it won’t be. Right old mess by ITV in my opinion.

  23. I am shocked by this short sighted and rather cruel decision. I cannot afford a new Tv – especially given the rise in energy bills. I am totally disgusted with this decision on environmental grounds as well as more personally. Goodbye ITV

    • I purchased a brand new Samsung Smart TV on Thursday and on Saturday got an e-mail from Samsung saying ITV Hub saying will no longer work from late September because the Smart TV runs on Tizen 2.3, despite this being one of the current Samsung range.

  24. This is outrageous! I have a perfectly good Samsung TV that will go on for years, thus reducing disposal of perfectly good electronic items just because ITV refuse to continue the upgrades. Will stop watching ITV. Will not be purchasing new equipment.

  25. Cant believe it first my Samsung looses 4 now its itv hub probably be BBC i player next. Some of us can’t afford to buy new tvs especially in the current climate.

    • Happened to us a few year ago. Bought a nice new sony TV. then told 6 months later Iplayer and Amazon were no longer supported platforms on the TV. TV still works, so now I connect a laptop via and HDMI cable. Not idea but still cheaper than a new TV.

  26. Every body stop using ITV until they sort this mess out,if they stop getting revenue from advertising because no one is watching they will soon start screaming.

  27. Cannot believe this appalling move by ITV. I use a Samsung smart TV and an old Freesat box. I cannot afford to buy something new and why should I. ? Can we get some concerted action organised to put pressure on ITV. ?

  28. Hi ITV,

    I feel this is extremely bad timing. 
    A new TV is unfortunately not something we can afford at the moment given the rising cost of living and energy bills set to increase. People are already having to choose between heating and eating. 
    We use the ITV hub alot with having a young family it is convenient for us to watch programmes on catch up. We do not have sky or Amazon etc and rely on both the BBC iPlayer and ITV hub for entertainment.
    We are extremely disappointed with this decision and will not be throwing our perfectly good TV away for no reason. We need to all think of the environmental impact of this! It is families like ours who are worried about the cost of living increasing who have older TVs. You are simply making people have even more things to worry about.

  29. Dear ITV on September 2022 I and my friends will be boycotting all of the products advertised by companies on your channels. This is due to an incompatibility between my moral compass on recycling and your ability to make technology work effectively. I will also be using the money needed to replace 3 tvs to pay for my heating instead.

  30. I would strongly recommend you rethink this decision. The impact on the older and less well off will result in their loss as viewers of your programmes and your adverts and therefore a loss of worth to your advertisers. Good luck expecting everyone to go out and buy new tvs before September 2022. You need to lift up you heads and look around at what’s going on in the UK and consider the environmental cost of this. Life is hard at the moment and it’s not being driven by some small minded idiots at ITV who can’t make tech work.

    • Absolutely diabolical behaviour from ITV. Adding to the mountain of electrical appliances etc in landfill that are discarded due to so called technological advances! What about the impact on the planet and also the pockets of pensioners and families struggling financially? I’ll be boycotting itv along with thousands of others!

  31. Appalling customer service from ITV. The vast majority of people can’t afford to change their TV every time one of these services is withdrawn – and why should we? Surely the technology is there to enable hard-up people to use the catch-up service on all channels, no matter how old their TV set is? This is not the right time to make life even more difficult for ordinary people. Please think again.

  32. ITV is my preferred channel of choice but I will now be moving to BBC.
    I will not be disposing two perfectly good television because your update is not compatible.
    This is wasteful and bad for the environment. I hope you are proud of yourselves!!
    Bye bye ITV.

  33. Well if I’ve got to ditch my 5 year old 65″ expensive smart TV, I at least can try and fight this, remember, licences are granted by the government who we vote for, so we could complain to our MP, write to ofcom, and of course boycott all itv channels, I have found that using online petitions also can work.
    Itv shame on you!

    • licence fees are used to fund BBC not ITV and there in lies the problem. There are no consequences to ITV for doing this as the advertising revenue is from the main ITV programming schedule not the streaming provided by the hub. I share your sentiments.

  34. I thought we were moving to a more sustainable country and here we are again being held to ransom over “updates”. What do they want us to do? Ditch perfectly working TV’s and freesat boxes, sending them to landfill and purchasing new equipment at exorbitant prices? I despair of this country!!

  35. This is ten times worse than smart TVs slowly losing their functionality. Everybody is telling me that I can still access ITV Hub by other means, but that’s not the point. The WHOLE POINT of Freeview Play is its simplicity. You just go back in time in the EPG and it launches the appropriate catch-up service. This change completely breaks that functionality. Freeview Play should be regarded as a standard, and any changes MUST be compatible with older devices. I’m frankly amazed that your article seems even-handed and doesn’t point out how utterly disgraceful this change is.

    • I agree; the Freeview Play functionality must be preserved across all certified devices. I see no valid reason why the -7 day EPG can’t continue to be supported as it is the core offering; the ITVx service should be treated as a separate commercial service. As ITV is a member of the Freeview consortium I believe OFCOM should compel them to reinstate the previous ITV VOD functionality. Remember ITV are at the mercy of OFCOM’s ability to award a broadcasting license and Freeview multiplexer slots

  36. When tv is the sole entertainment available for many people who are effected by current price increases and inflation WHY does ITV make accessible choice even scarcer for those who cannot afford to buy more modern equipment?


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