ITV Hub Is Being Removed From Freesat Humax Boxes

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ITV Hub, the streaming app from ITV that offers catch-up and on-demand shows and box-sets, will stop working on Humax’s Freesat boxes, from the end of September 2022.

The affected Freesat boxes were manufactured between the years 2012-2018, and include models such as the Humax HB1000s, Hdr1010s and more (see the full list below).

This is a major blow for a lot of Freesat viewers, as although the Humax boxes are older and are no longer being manufactured, they were quite popular at the time, and are still present in many households around the country.

Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box 500
Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box

ITV Hub’s removal is due to ITV upgrading their content protection technology, and ahead of ITV Hub being replaced by ITVX, the new streaming service from ITV. 

According to Freesat, the upgrade will bring “improvements to the app such as more content, better picture quality, and content protection.”

However, the upgrade is incompatible with some devices, as the technology required to carry out these improvements is not supported by some of the older boxes.

At the same time, several older Freeview TVs and devices will be losing access to ITV Hub as well, as we reported last week.

And last year, the same thing happened with a few older YouView boxes, when ITV Hub was no longer supported on them due to similar content protection upgrades.

ITV Hub And ITVX On Freesat

Freesat has been around since 2007, offering more than 200 free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, all transmitted via digital satellite. 

Last year, a big shakeup was announced, when Freesat and Freeview came under the roof of a single company, Digital UK, which is owned jointly by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Watching Freesat living room 1200
Photo: Freesat

To watch Freesat, you need a dish outside your house and a Freesat receiver (see our recommended Freesat boxes here).

Until 2020, Humax ruled the Freesat world – but eventually, they stopped making Freesat boxes. At that point, Freesat launched a new set of boxes from Commscope (formerly Arris) – both regular and recording boxes that also support 4K.

ITV Hub is normally available on a large number of streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku, as well as on connected Freesat set-top boxes – such as the Humax ones and the newer 4K boxes.

The app relies on broadband, and you can use it to stream ITV’s live channels, or to watch programmes on demand.

ITV Hub on a TV

Later this year, ITV Hub will be replaced by a new streaming service – ITVX, which will include more than 15,000 hours of content (compared to 4,000 on ITV Hub), most for free (with adverts), as well as a premium tier that will add BritBox to the mix.

The plan is for the ITVX app to be available on every device that currently supports ITV Hub (as well as some new ones such as Sky Q).

ITV Hub Leaving Humax’s Freesat Devices

By the end of September, ITV Hub will stop working on these Humax Freesat G2 devices:

  • Humax Hb1000s
  • Humax Hdr1000s
  • Humax Hdr1010s
  • Humax Hdr1100s
  • Humax Hb1100s

In addition, Panasonic TVs from 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, as well as first-generation Freesat boxes, also don’t support ITV Hub.

It’s important to note that Freesat users with the affected Humax boxes won’t be losing access to ITV’s linear channels, and those will continue to air as they do now on your device. But the streaming app, ITV Hub, will no longer work.

However, the removal of ITV Hub will not affect the newer 4K Freesat Boxes.

Freesat 4K TV Boxes
The newer Freesat 4K TV Boxes

Humax’s Response

A Humax spokesperson confirmed to us the announcement regarding ITV Hub being removed from their Freesat devices:

“Customers are currently being advised through email and their set-top boxes. If customers have any questions regarding their specific Humax device, our customer support team will be happy to help on 0344 318 8800.”

How Can I Continue To Watch ITV Hub?

If you still own one of the aforementioned Humax devices, and ITV Hub stops working for you, there are a few places you can continue to use ITV’s streaming app.

Fire TV 4K Max VS Roku Stick 4K VS Chromecast with Google TV hero
Streaming Devices

You can of course upgrade to the newer 4K Freesat boxes. But if you wish to continue using your Humax box for Freesat, you certainly can – and watch ITV Hub on a different device.

The app is currently compatible with many other streaming devices (and Smart TVs), including:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Sticks and Edition TVs)
  • Android TV: Sony Android and Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • Apple iPhones and iPads (OS v12 or later)
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • Chromecast devices
  • Freesat 4K Boxes and TVs (Panasonic TVs 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, first-generation Freesat boxes and now the second-generation Humax boxes are no longer supported)
  • Freeview Play boxes (such as the Manhattan T3-R) and TVs
  • Android Mobiles (OS v5 and later)
  • Now Streaming Devices
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later)
  • Sky Glass
  • Virgin V6
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • YouView (BT & TalkTalk) (first-generation YouView boxes are not supported)
  • YouView Sony TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

Sky Q is unfortunately not supported, though it’s meant to support the upcoming ITVX app when it launches.

You can also access ITV Hub by going to its website directly on a computer or mobile browser.

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  1. Buyer beware, Humax satellite boxes (i.e. freesat, tv via a dish) are still available to buy on certain websites, however because of updates to isp (internet provided services) no longer supported by Humax these boxes are not fully functional. Indeed I currently own a Humax 1100s on which I am able to record any of the broadcast channels via the dish which can be handy if you want to either view or record an HD channel not currently available on free view (tv via an aerial) itv2 HD or Quest HD just to name just two for example, and that works fine. However if I try to watch a catch-up service it will depend on if that service is still supported, no access to it x, but still having access to bbc I player is one example of this.

  2. Yet again the end user is left feeling completely dismayed and out of pocket by having to upgrade a product because a company has ceased to supply what was originally purchased.

  3. Looks like I am, yet again, a victim of this “brave” new sharky world that we now live in. Oh! for the much happier times of the past.


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