ITV Hub Is Being Removed From Many Samsung TVs

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ITV Hub, the streaming app from ITV that offers catch-up and on-demand shows and box-sets, will stop working on a lot of devices soon – and now a large number of Samsung TVs have been added to that growing list.

And while these are older Samsung TV models (see the full list of affected versions below), with Samsung being such a popular brand in the UK, these Smart TVs are bound to still be present in many households.

As we’ve been reporting these past few weeks, ITV is upgrading the content protection technology on its streaming platform, ahead of ITV Hub being replaced by ITVX, the new streaming service from ITV.

The upgrade, however, is incompatible with some older devices – including Smart TVs from brands such as Hisense and Panasonic, as well as Humax Freesat boxes.

This week, Samsung’s 2015 (and earlier) models have been added to this list, and ITV Hub will stop working on them from September 28, 2022.

ITV Hub on a TV

ITV Hub is normally available on a large number of streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku, as well as on Freeview Play boxes and TVs, and connected Freesat set-top boxes (but only the newer 4K ones, as of September).

The app relies on broadband, and you can use it to stream ITV’s live channels (on certain devices) or to watch programmes on demand.

In November, ITV Hub will be replaced by a new streaming service – ITVX, which will include more than 15,000 hours of content (compared to 4,000 on ITV Hub), most free (with adverts). There will also be a premium tier that will add BritBox to the mix.

ITVX on TV mockup

The plan is for the ITVX app to be available on every device that currently supports ITV Hub (as well as some new ones, such as Sky Q), but devices that are now losing access to ITV Hub, will most likely not support ITVX either.

ITV Hub Leaving Samsung TVs

In the past few weeks, viewers with affected devices have been getting pop-up notifications on their screens, telling them that ITV Hub will stop working on their devices after September 28.

It’s important to note that the linear ITV Freeview/Freesat channels – the ones you’re getting via an aerial (or satellite) – will not be affected by this change.

The only part that will stop working, on the affected devices, is the broadband-based ITV Hub app, which is mainly used to stream catch-up content and box-sets.

ITV Hub app

Samsung was not initially included in the list of affected devices – but was added this week.

The affected models are Samsung TVs from 2015 and earlier: Those from 2014 and earlier that are running Samsung’s Orsay (Linux) OS, and Samsung’s 2015 models that are running Tizen OS 2.3.

Tizen is Samsung’s OS for Smart TVs (as well as some other devices from Samsung). It’s being used on newer models as well (2022 models are running Tizen 6.5), but the only affected OS version that will lose ITV Hub is Tizen 2.3.

The best way to know whether your Samsung TV is affected by this change is to look for the pop-up message on the TV itself. 

TV error broken man angry

But, for your convenience, here’s the full list of Samsung TV models from 2015 that are running Tizen 2.3.

Note – Some of these models were not sold in the UK, but I’m including the full list for easier reference.

Also note that the version numbers presented here usually make the last part of the actual TV model, since most versions/series were sold under several available TV sizes. 

So, for example, JS9000 could have been sold as UE55JS9000T (for the UltraHD European 55″ model), UE48JS9000T (for the UltraHD European 48″ model), etc.

Samsung TV Models Running Tizen OS 2.3:

Premium Series: JS9900, JS9800, JS9500, JS9000, JS9100

Standard Series: JU5900, JU5910, JU5920, JU8000, JU7800, JU7500, JU7000, JS8500, JS8000, JU6900, JU6410, JU6400, JU6300, JS6900, JU6390, JU6000, JU6100, US9A, JU6800, JU6740, JU6700, JU6600, JU6510, JU6500, JS8600, JS6700, JU7090, J6400, JS6000, J6330, J6300, J6240, J6200, J5520, J5510, J5500, J5300, TE390S

Entry Series: K5200, J6203, J5373, J5370, J5303, J5300, J5290, J5278, J5270, J5248, J5205, J5202, J5201, J5200,  J5190, J4700,UJ4600, J4570, J4500, J4303, J4300, J4290, J4200,  H4501

As mentioned, newer Samsung TVs (from 2016 onwards, with Tizen 2.4 and up) are not affected by this.

To see more TV models (from other manufacturers) that will be losing ITV Hub, see our previous article on this issue.

How Can I Continue To Watch ITV Hub?

If you own one of the affected Samsung tellies, and ITV Hub stops working for you, there are a few devices where you can continue to use ITV’s streaming app.

Fire TV Sticks Close comparison
Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks

The app is currently compatible with many other streaming devices (and Smart TVs), including:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Sticks and Edition TVs)
  • Android TV: Sony Android and Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • Apple iPhones and iPads (OS v12 or later)
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • Chromecast devices
  • Freesat 4K Boxes and TVs (Panasonic TVs 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, first-generation Freesat boxes and the second-generation Humax boxes are no longer supported)
  • Freeview Play boxes (such as the Manhattan T3-R) and TVs
  • Android Mobiles (OS v5 and later)
  • NOW Streaming Devices
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Sky Glass
  • Virgin V6
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • YouView (BT & TalkTalk) (first-generation YouView boxes are not supported)
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later – mostly 2016 and up)
  • YouView Sony TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

Sky Q does not have the full ITV Hub app, but it’s meant to support the upcoming ITVX app when the new service launches.

You can also access ITV Hub by going to its website directly on a computer browser.

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28 thoughts on “ITV Hub Is Being Removed From Many Samsung TVs”

  1. Unless you buy a new TV every couple of years you are, apparently, not making content providers enough money. I can’t even watch ITVx on my FireSick because its ‘too old’. I would just like to watch a series which started last week on ITV but apparently I can’t because I seem to have missed a ‘retail opportunity’. Why do I need a device with ‘improved security’ to view a free to air broadcast – if only Id been tuned in in time to catch the first episode?
    I’m pretty tech savvy but I am getting thoroughly fed up with the constant need to update perfectly functional tech because content providers have overcommitted themselves financially. More electro waste and environmental disaster.

  2. I really don’t understand the logic behind pulling the plug on older OS..
    If Sony can continue to make games compatible with updates on a 9yr old device like the PS4, then it’s certainly no problem for ITV to engineer their app to cover various OS.
    Unless ITV are in bed with Samsung on a deal to lead the public into buying new TV’s, then this makes no sense from a marketing perspective.

  3. I wonder if their buyers of advertising space know how many viewers have been arbitrarily cut off and so their expensive advertisements are useless?

    I expect ITV downplayed that one. It’s called dishonestly.

  4. I feel that itv have no right to move itv hub away from order Samsung smart TV when working fine when before the change it was working and making people buy newer model just to get itvhub and money with a struggle it’s a disgrace

  5. An absolute Scandal. Boycott Samsung televisions. Buy a Decca, Baird or a Bush!!!!! Can’t do better than British. And get Boris Johnson to sort the mess out.

  6. We’ve a 5year old Panasonic smart tv & a 18 month old Samsung smart tv, neither of which can access itv hub.
    A complete disgrace!!!!
    ITV will have lost a lot of viewers due to this. Advertising is sure to drop if viewers can’t access & thus will be the channels loss.

  7. If Amazon sticks can work, why can’t Samsung build in similar soft and hardware?
    I had to get stick as couldn’t get certain players on the TV, notably Discovery+.

  8. Bought a f8000 series Samsung 65″ smart tv five years ago, flagship of its day in 2013, now obsolete. ITV hub gone at the end of Sept, Amazon Prime stopped working last month. What a farce. So what’s the point now of spending thousands on the latest all singing all dancing tv when it becomes obsolete shortly after unpacking it???

    Looks like I’ll be getting a fire stick.

  9. How to get rid of a large percentage of your customers with one simple software upgrade. No backward compatability? I wonder who thought that would be a good idea? Just imagine if say Apple brought out an upgrade that overnight made all its older phones unable to make phone calls? We have 4 TVs, 2 are less than 5 years old, none of which are compatible. Sounds like commercial suicide to me.

  10. This is a very bad case of built in obsolescence…who is inspired to spend lots of money on an all singing/dancing tv only to find it doesn’t work as described in a relatively short time…and what when the media streamer does the same thing???

  11. How can we research whether a tv is expected to be software updated for ten years from date of purchase?
    Those from the originator’s comment on this thread – who is the onus on at point of sale… the vendor or the customer… Before purchase should the customer have carried out immense research?
    Also, this would rule out buying TVs in the sales.

  12. I thought that all TV’s had to be supported for at least 10years after production, that would be 2025? I have two TV’s and why should we have to put them in to landfill just for a change of the app? Scandalous!!

    • Totally agree, itv should supply free of charge a Firestick or at least give a years free hub subscription to those affected.
      They won,t even give a refund because I paid for my itv hub+ via Apple and itv have told me to get refund from them. It is not apple’s fault so I am sure they will say it is down to itv. So once again we are the losers and big companies wash their hands of the customers.

  13. Not good news for the itv broadcaster or the tv manufacturer that do not update their tv’s once you have bought them. Built in obsolescence, so they don’t work, after a few years.
    They are not cheap to buy!
    I won’t be watching itv, the adverts, or buying a Samsung tv after Sept 2022. How good is that for marketing?
    Long live the BBC (subject to government interfering) and the tv manufacturers who keep their tv’s up to-date.

  14. We have a Samsung LED TV UE48H6400 which is a few years old but still works well . We get the pop ups saying the ITV Hub will not be available to from the end Sept 2022 .
    What to do ?
    It would appear the Amazon Fire stick might provide the solution but has anybody else tried this out ? Will the new ITV hub ( ITVX ) work via the Amazon fire stick will I be able to still record programmes on on FreeSat Humax box ??
    Regards Bruce

    • ITV Hub works on my old Firestick. Had to sign in, which only took couple of seconds.
      I’m well pissed as that’s three Samsung TVs and a Humax that are stuffed!
      We should still be able to record anything coming via arial.

    • In case you’ve taken no action to date, don’t. Don’t do anything unless your TV actually stops being able to connect to the ITV iPlayer.



      • ITV has disappeared completely from my Samsung tv which is old but little used as I am unwell and disabled and spend most of my time in bed, so high days and holidays. My top box in my bedroom still has itv but it will rarely play catch-up. I don’t know where they expect people to get money from and also I hate to bow to this type of manipulation

  15. I’m concerned as to whether my Samsung TV UE40KU6400UXXU bought in Sept 2016 will still be able to receive ITV HUB/Catchup after Sept 28th 2022 if I upgrade my existing Humax Box to one capable of receiving 4000g via Freesat.

  16. I purchased a brand new Samsung Smart TV on Thursday and on Saturday got an email from ITV Hub saying it would no longer work because the TV runs Tizen 2.3 Can this be correct as surely Samsung are one of biggest companies in Smart TV market. I also cannot easily establish what version of Tizen other Samsung Smart TV use. I have 2 identical TVs that I believe are running Tizen 2.3. The Samsung TV is listed on you article as one of the Standard Series J5300 and is still on sale at numerous UK outlets including John Lewis.

    • I have been in a similar position to you before back in 2014 when Samsung all of a sudden changed the OS that they be using on their TVs, meaning the new TV that I just brought no longer receive any major updates.

      The issue with smart TVs. As with most ‘smart tech’ you need to do some research before you buy, I learnt this very quickly after being burnt once. I do agree that it is very naughty that UK retail outlets are still selling models that are this old.

      The most important thing you need to try and find out before you buy a TV is what year did the particular model you are looking at, appear on sale? If it turns out to be more than a couple of years old. Do not buy it. I recommend buying TVs online rather than buying in-store. As online stores often have lots of extra information listed, which is difficult to find, in store


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