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What is a TV cord cutter?

Basically, it’s someone who stops paying expensive cable TV bills, and moves to a streaming model – that is, TV that you get mainly via the internet, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, NOW TV, etc’.

It’s not just about saving money,  however – it’s also about watching everything on demand, be it on a TV, a smartphone or a tablet. You don’t have to wait for the cable company’s channel programming – you fire up your favorite streaming service, and watch at your own pace.

For a complete beginner’s guide to cord cutting, start here: “How To Cut The Cord And Watch TV Without Cable”

What is Cord Busters and Who am I?

My name is Or Goren, and I’ve been a cord cutter since 2014. I watch a lot of TV, and have been a cable TV subscriber for many years – until, one day, I decided to give Netflix a try. One month later I cancelled my cable subscription, added Amazon Instant Video (and eventually NOW TV as well) – and haven’t looked back ever since.

Or Goren editor of Cord Busters

Since I’m also a writer and news editor (based in London), I decided to launch Cord Busters, and help other people cut the cord.

While there are several other cord cutting websites out there, most of them are US focused – Cord Busters won’t bother you with news about services you can’t even get in the UK. Instead, you’ll find guides, reviews and news about cord cutting – all aimed at UK readers.

Cord Busters has been featured in The Sun, and has been nominated as a finalist in the 2018 UK Money Bloggers Award

(And if you’re interested in personal finance – and/or London – check out my other blog, Savvy Londoner)

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