ITVX: Many Facing Errors And Crashes On ITV’S New App

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ITVX, the new streaming service from ITV that’s replacing ITV Hub, is already available on several devices – but many users are still suffering from early-day bugs, buffering and crashes.

Although the official launch of ITVX is set to December 8, a “soft roll-out” began on November 17, with the new ITVX app already available on quite a few streaming devices, such as Roku, Samsung Smart TVs and web browsers – with more being added every week.

Therefore, with ITV Hub no longer available on devices where ITVX is already live, many users are now using the new app, especially with World Cup matches already streaming on ITVX – but for some, ITVX is not working.

Therefore, many users have taken to social media in the past week, with multiple problems and issues – some just annoying, and some that prevent people from watching.

While it’s expected for a brand new service/app to have early-day bugs and teething problems, the timing – right along the 2022 World Cup – is proving problematic for those affected.

ITVX Main Screen trending


What Is ITVX?

ITV’s new streaming app, ITVX, is a free-to-watch (with adverts) service that’s replacing the ageing ITV Hub app.

ITVX is set to become much more than a “catch-up” service, and more of a streaming destination: it launched with more than 10,000 hours of on-demand content, including 35 flagship shows (that will be coming from December 8), 200+ series and 250+ films.

In addition to the on-demand content, when things work you can stream all of ITV’s live channels via the app, as well as several “themed” ad-supported live channels that are dedicated to a single series or theme.

While ITV is focusing heavily on the ad-supported free tier, ITVX also has a paid Premium tier, which removes all the adverts when you’re watching on-demand content.

ITVX Premium
ITVX Premium

Premium tier subscribers will also get access to the entire content library of BritBox (on ITVX – see more on that below), which includes more than 4,000 hours of classic British shows and films.

The Premium tier currently costs £5.99/month or £59.99/year.

But alongside the impressive new interface and bigger content library, the soft launch of ITVX has brought along some problems.

Here are some of the issues that I’ve either seen myself – or have been reported by others, on social media or to Cord Busters’ e-mail, in recent days, along with some solutions and workarounds for when ITVX is not working for you.

ITVX Is Not Out On All Devices Yet

ITVX’s official launch date is December 8 – but somewhat confusingly, a “soft launch” already started on November 17.

The early roll-out was possibly due to different devices having different app update cycles, along with the need to test things out gradually – but this now puts us in a place where some devices have the new app, while others are still stuck with ITV Hub.

Therefore, in the same household, people may see the new ITVX on their iPhone, for example – while their Smart TV is still showing ITV Hub. Or they may get ITVX on their PC’s browser, and ITV Hub on their Amazon Fire TV stick.

ITVX App on Roku
ITVX App on Roku

The good news is that this should be resolved within a couple of weeks, with ITV saying that all supported devices should be getting ITVX by December 8 (or earlier). 

You can follow ITVX’s official roll-out devices update list here

ITVX Is Not Available On Sky Yet

A lot of people are also wondering when ITVX will be coming to Sky’s devices – Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Sky Q never supported the full ITV Hub app (it only has ITV on-demand catch-up programmes), but ITV has long said that they’re hoping to bring ITVX to Sky Q at launch.

While there’s no definite word yet – it looks like that won’t be happening, and ITVX’s launch on Sky Q will get delayed – but hopefully not by much.

As for Sky Glass and Sky Stream, however, there’s some good news – according to Sky, ITVX is coming to those devices on November 28:

ITV Hub / ITVX Switching Back And Forth

Along with the gradual roll-out of the new ITVX app, some are facing a back-and-forth ITV Hub / ITVX switcheroo phenomenon. 

That is, you’ll get the ITVX app working on your device in the morning (sometimes with the app icon still showing as ITV Hub), and then come tea time, ITV Hub will be back on your device with no sign of ITVX ever being there.

ITV Hub on a TV

Possible Workaround: In some cases, this may be due to caching issues – you can try to restart your streaming device (as that sometimes deletes the cache), or even try to completely uninstall ITV Hub and then reinstall it from your device’s app store (at that point it may already show up as ITVX on the app store).

Keep in mind that if you delete and re-install the app, you’ll have to log back into it with your e-mail and password.

ITVX Not Coming At All To Some Devices

A couple of months ago, the ITV Hub app was removed from several older – albeit popular – devices, such as Humax’s Freesat (and some Freeview) boxes, older Samsung Smart TVs and more.

This was done due to software upgrades – some having to do with copy protection – but the unfortunate bottom line is that those devices won’t be getting ITVX either.

See the full list of devices that WON’T be getting ITVX here.

ITVX Devices not supported collage

Workaround: There isn’t much you can do if your device is on the list of those that won’t be getting ITVX, other than to get a new streaming device (such as a cheap streaming stick) that does support ITVX.

Can’t Log In To ITVX / E-Mail Verification Not Working

People who are signing up to ITVX for the first time, have to set up an account with an e-mail address and password – and then verify their e-mail address by receiving an automatic e-mail from ITVX.

People who already had an account with ITV Hub can use those same credentials – but, if they don’t remember their password – they’ll have to reset it – also via e-mail.

The trouble seems to be that some people aren’t getting ITVX’s e-mail verification messages for some reason. Of course, this may be down to simple reasons – such as ITVX’s e-mail going to your spam folder. 

But, according to ITV, there’s a specific issue with Microsoft email addresses. Those can be both and, and the two are quite popular – so it’s hard to say how many people are facing this problem.

And then there are people who swear they know their login details and their passwords – and yet they also can’t sign in for some reason.

ITVX Problems On Chromecast And Nvidia Shield

Although users across the entire range of devices are experiencing buffering issues and crashes, apparently there are particular issues on Google’s Chromecast streaming devices as well as on the Nvidia Shield (which is also based on Android TV).

Chromecast With Google TV HD official
Chromecast With Google TV HD official

According to ITV’s official help pages, casting ITVX’s content to a Chromecast device should be working, and there’s also an app for the updated Google TV OS.

Nevertheless, users with those devices have been reporting problems – from constant buffering to crashes – on Nvidia Shield devices…

…And on Google’s Chromecast:

Somewhat confusingly, Google’s official “Made by Google” account tweeted this week that “ITVX/ITV Hub isn’t supported on Chromecast”.

Eventually, ITVX’s official “Help” account acknowledged the problems people were having on these devices – saying that “Our technical team are working on it”.

ITVX’s Live Panel Is Too Small

Users have been complaining that, on the desktop browser version of ITVX, the Live video window is too small – primarily because there’s a ginormous list of channels to pick from on the left.

ITVX Live Player
ITVX Live Player

You can, of course, switch to a full-screen video player with those arrows on the bottom right – but then you lose your browser controls and the other tabs or windows, which is an issue for people who want to keep an eye on other windows while they’re watching, for example.

What people really want is a way to collapse/hide the channel picker on the left, thus making the video player expand into most of the browser tab.

Instead, ITV tried to help by publishing a workaround video that showed people how to… make their browser window smaller (which will indeed make the channel picker disappear – but will also reduce the size of the video player).

Hopefully, this is a UI issue that will be improved in the near future.

Live Broadcast Lagging on ITVX

In ITV’s defence, this is an issue that plagues all live streaming services, including BBC iPlayer and Sky Stream – there are delays, sometimes of 30 seconds, sometimes of up to a minute or two, between the “real” world and what you see on live streaming, including on ITVX.

The trouble is that on streaming, these delays are longer than on TV services like Freeview, Freesat and Sky. 

angry friends watching football on TV

Therefore, if your neighbours are watching a World Cup game via a Freeview aerial, for example, – there’s a good chance you’ll hear them screaming and cheering long before the goal reaches your live ITVX feed.

And, as one Twitter user noticed – it can get even worse:

Video Buffering On ITVX

There are a lot of issues that can cause buffering on a streaming video platform.

What is Buffering?

Streaming TV is being downloaded to your device in real-time. In order to prevent disruption in the middle of the programme/movie/game you’re watching, a small portion of it will be preloaded into your device.

Then, while you’re already watching, the device will keep downloading the next chunk and the one after that, with you still watching the previous chunk that was already downloaded.

If, for whatever reason, the streaming device can’t keep up – you will ‘finish’ watching the preloaded part before the next one has enough time to download, and your programme will STOP, until the device can fill the buffer again – i.e., download the next chunk.

There are plenty of potential reasons for buffering: often it’s because your broadband connection isn’t fast enough (or several people at home are using it to stream at the same time), or perhaps your WiFi connection isn’t strong enough (a WiFi range booster might help).

Then again, with a new app like ITVX – and with so many people streaming World Cup matches at the same time – there’s always the possibility some of the buffering is caused by either an issue with the app, or with ITV’s live stream not being able to handle those big numbers.

Possible Workarounds: First, make sure the issue isn’t with your broadband speed or WiFi connection. If everything is fine there, ITV suggests you try to:

  • Restart your router (unplug it/power it off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on).
  • Clear app data/restart your device if you are viewing on a mobile or tablet.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies if you are viewing on the ITVX website.

Frankly, as someone who’s been around tech for many, many years – restarting and clearing cookies rarely helps in these cases. But you can try.

Can’t Log In To BritBox With ITV Hub Premium (and vice versa)

This isn’t really a bug – it’s a feature (at least for now).

ITVX has a paid Premium tier that includes all the content from BritBox as part of the same subscription.

Therefore, for a long time, people assumed (myself included) that existing BritBox subscribers will be “ported over” to ITVX in some fashion.

However, that’s not the case – the two subscriptions are completely separate. Therefore, you can’t access ITVX Premium with your BritBox account details, and you can’t access BritBox (the standalone app/website) with your ITVX account details.

ITVX and BritBox collage

Instead, BritBox’s content has been added to ITVX’s Premium section, and the original BritBox continues to operate alongside ITVX as a standalone app/service.

According to ITV, BritBox subscribers who wish to get access to ITVX, can cancel their existing BritBox subscription – and take out a new ITVX Premium subscription.

If you’re on the annual BritBox subscription, ITV also confirmed to us that you can contact BritBox’s customer support directly, and will be given a refund which you can then use to subscribe to ITVX Premium.

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69 thoughts on “ITVX: Many Facing Errors And Crashes On ITV’S New App”

  1. same here, kept crashing and buffering. Neflix works fine, so it’s not my internet connection. Glad I’m only on the free version.

      • ITVx love to blame your internet/fire stick or even your tv. Will not take responsibility for an extremely poor app. In the past it has taken over an hour for it to load and then buffers and shoots back to the beginning of whatever I’ve been watching. About time they got it sorted out….none of this problem when it was itv/hub

  2. Problems still with ITVx. Keeps stopping and then tells me there is an error so please refresh. That’s a waste of time. Seems to be at an ad break, Watching Vera using a laptop with chrome and it stopped three times at the same place in the program. Sometimes refreshing the browser restarted it, sometimes not. The ITV hub somtimes suffered from the same issue but this is much worse.

    • I keep.having the same issue as dies my sister. There doesn’t seem to be any way to resolve this and I am wondering if ITV are really bothered.

      • Hello Edith, I am having very similar problems with ITVX. I am finding the actual programme will not start after the multitude of adverts have finished. ITVX/ITV do not seem to be at all concerned about it, after all the fuss they are making about it. Pretty disgusted with ITV as I have quite a few times to get help, but no one cares. Shameful of them

    • I agree ours crashes several times its super annoying and really gets no better 😒 no matter what you do, I would like to think itv would have rectified this but seem as though they are advertising it alot and no fixing any problems it’s so frustrating I’m just going to boycott it

  3. Was able to watch when it first launched, but now when I try I just get a message saying to check connections, as the TV needs to be tuned in! I can watch everything else. So annoying. Unable to open the app at all.

  4. When on itvx on my tv, choose programme and it shows the adverts then the screen is just blank.
    Frustrating the life out of me. It’s not my Internet because Netflix works

  5. I got totally fed up with ITVX crashing part way through a show on Firestick so I tried STV Player on my Humax Freesat box – perfect! Just need to login with a Scottish poscode. Not everything available but at least it works, and for some reason, no ads either.

    • My hero!!!!
      Well done, never thought of there being parrallel services with almost the same content, but it’s the answer to save me from the constant earbashing when ” ‘er indoors” can’t catch up with Corrie & Emmerdale. Looks like they may have some good other stuff too.
      The “no ads bit” I can only surmise is their VIP service, which I’ll change mine to later today.
      Once again, bloody brilliant!!!!

  6. So, question now is, who deleted my post regarding ITV/ITVX & their green credentials, with quotes from their environmental policy?
    Are Cordbusters or Akismet uninterested in environment protection, or are they protecting ITV.
    Given the USA were bigtime climate change deniers, I know where I’d put my money!!!

  7. I’ve restarted 2 live programmes on ITVX, both James Bond films and on both occasions the film stopped, maybe 3/4 of the way through. Unable to continue, content no longer available?

  8. Having bought a new smart tv 6 months ago to learn my new TV is not compatible with ITVX, I think we have been sold down the river, judging by some of the comments with similar issues. If I knew when purchasing the TV it wouldn’t be compatible with ITVX. I bought TV from Currys , they must have known at the time about ITVX compatibility. Was I sold a dud TV.?

  9. Itvx absolute crap. Keeps crashing. Can’t get back to where it buffered/stopped. Have to start from beginning. If you try to fast forward to where it stopped it still goes back to beginning. So extremely frustrating. Bring back ITV Hub never had any issues with that 😤

  10. I have managed to get ITVX working on my iPad but can’t cast it to my TV. The casting icon doesn’t appear on any of the programmes I have tried.

  11. When watching ITVX the time bar never disappears and the bottom 3rd of screen is always darker than rest of picture Windows 11 any browser , all same .???

  12. New ITV X Keeps dropping out of the on demand programme I’m watching. Usually at the advert break. “Continue watching” doesn’t work and keeps restarting the whole programme from the beginning. Completely unable to watch. Total waste of time.

    • Many users reporting this problem. The remedies so far from ITVX support are laughable (switch off and on again, clear cache, switch networks (go figure!)). Plain as anything ther is a latency/race condition and the app isn’t tolerent enough to cope with wide ranging configurations. Needs a proper design rework.

  13. ITVX is no different to ITV via my Amazon firestick and IKEA smart TV. Buffering, stopping and dumping you same as before no change. Wiffi signal 150 Fibre?

    This is a disgrace they promised all the above would be sorted when they Launched the X app not sure why they have bothered.

    No problems with Sky, BBC etal?

  14. Everything I thought would happen is. The whole thing has been rushed out and is only ( it seems ) on one platform. Everyone else is expected to by new TV’s or equipment because of the selfishness of the channel, it’s totally ruined my viewing experience and hasn’t, as promised, switched automatically and seamlessly. Big advertising boasts, little or no results and content, verdict 21st century crap.

  15. trying to watch programmes on itvx using my Mac book air with all the recommended requirements, and it is not possible. it streams for some time and then after an ad break will recommence at the beginning of the episode. the progress bar will then only show 2 mins at time. this problem was already present with itv hub….. so no improvement.
    what to do?anysuggestions?

    • I had this as well, when trying to watch “A spy amongst friends”. Happens after every ad break. If you just keep clicking at the right hand end of the scroll bar you can get back to where you were before the ads. But it took forever, and I won’t be watching anything else until they fix it.

  16. The big deal seems to be Content Protection yet no mention of what it does or does not do. Not happy since most of my devices have been trashed by ITVX. On my latest device Chromecast with Google playing blank screen with audio. Not good enough, service is not free as viewers have to sit though endless trashy ads, or pay extortionate 5.99 p/m. We have been had!

  17. When you download some programmes to mobile device, you can’t watch them, just get a message saying ‘sorry something went wrong. Had loads downloaded ready to watch while travelling, and not able to watch anything. Not impressed

  18. To get rid of the channel picker:
    Step 1. Hover over the top ‘no watching’ section and right-click
    Step 2. Left-click ‘Inspect’ from the menu that pops up
    Step 3. A new window will open with loads of code. On the left hand side, hover the mouse pointer over the line that says and right-click
    Step 4. Left-click ‘Delete Node’ in the menu that pops up.

    Steps 1-3 same as Firefox
    Step 4. Left-click ‘Delete Element’ in the menu that pops up.

  19. Keeps kicking me out while watching and reverting to main menu of channel choices 😡 usually at a vital point of the programme I am watching

    • even though its on XBOX it refuses to play certain programmes, I can’t watch The NFL show, La Liga or FA CUP football, I get a pop saying there is an error at their end, its been like this for weeks on the old ITV Hub app and its the same on ITVX, I was hoping the update would sort it out but no such luck

  20. My issue is that it that on my cellular enabled iPad it refuses to stream ITV1 as it thinks I’m not in the UK. I’m currently in Surrey, so is my IP geolocation, and my postcode in my account is also set to my Surrey home. So no ITV World Cup matches for me while I’m stuck in the local hospital. Thanks ITV, once again doubling down on the truism that International matches are always better on BBC

  21. Good info about ITVX, I have been using it on Roku Box for a few days now and have not experienced any problems except for the fact that there are no subtitles available (I am partially deaf) so I am wondering if any future updates will resolve this problem.

    • I too have been playing back on a Roku (and web browser) with no issues but I did manage to get subtitles on Roku – it wasn’t obvious. I had to turn then on in the Roku settings, no in the ITV app. Home > Settings > Subtitles > Subtitles Mode changed to On Always. Not obvious but they seem to work for the live channels anyway. Might be worth trying to see if that works on your Roku?


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