Fox Channel Shutting Down, ‘Walking Dead’ Moving To Disney+

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The Fox Channel, which has been operating in the UK for more than 15 years, is shutting down next month, with many of its popular shows – The Walking Dead being one of them – moving to Disney+. 

Fox launched in the UK back in 2004, first as FX Channel, changing its name to Fox nine years later. When Disney bought the Fox Networks Group in 2019, they also inherited the ownership of the Fox channel in the UK.

Fox is a premium pay-TV channel, therefore it’s not available on Freeview – instead, you can get it with a subscription on Sky, NOW (formerly NOW TV), Virgin Media, TalkTalk and TVPlayer.

Fox Channe logo

Some of the popular shows that aired on Fox in the UK over the years were American Horror Story, The Mentalist, Dexter, NCIS and many others, with The Walking Dead being one of its biggest hits in recent years, airing episodes shortly after their US airdate.

Today, according to Broadcast, Disney announced that Fox will shut down on June 30, and will stop broadcasting on Sky, NOW and all the others.

Many of the shows that were previously available on Fox, will move over to “Star”, the adult-oriented category of Disney+.

Disney Plus Star live

Star launched in the UK last February, as a separate category on Disney+, the subscription-based streaming service from Disney (see our full Disney+ with Star review).

While the rest of the content on Disney+ was very family-friendly, the content on Star is geared towards a more mature audience.

With the launch of Star, many FX shows – which previously aired on Fox in the UK – popped up on Star, such as Atlanta, American Dad and others.

Atlanta fx
Atlanta (Photo: FX)

At that point, shows also started disappearing from the Fox channel, with many popular titles slowly ending their run on the channel’s on-demand version on Sky’s streaming service, NOW.

While we couldn’t get any official statements from Disney at the time – the writing was on the wall, and the closure comes as no surprise at this point.

Since the Disney+ app is available on Sky Q and NOW devices, their users will still be technically able to reach Fox’ shows on Star – but will of course need a Disney+ subscription.

A Disney spokeswoman told Broadcast: “On 30th June the FOX channel in the UK will close. Many titles will become available on Star on Disney+ and will be announced in the near future. We appreciate the support of our UK fans and can’t wait to keep sharing the best stories with you.”

The closure of Fox comes less than a year after Disney shut down “The Disney Channel”, which was another popular pay-TV channel in the UK.

The Disney Channel on Disney Plus

Similarly, most of its content moved over to Disney+.

What Will Happen To The Walking Dead In The UK?

The next season of The Walking Dead, Season 11, is set to be the show’s last, and will launch in the US on August 22, 2021. It will then be divided into three parts, with breaks between them.

In the US, TWD airs on AMC. In the UK, new episodes of The Walking Dead aired on the Fox Channel, and were therefore available on Sky and NOW, almost concurrently with their US broadcast.

The Walking Dead season 7 andrew lincoln and Jeffrey dean morgan
The Walking Dead [Photo: Gene Page/AMC]
Past seasons of The Walking Dead are also available elsewhere – such as on Amazon Prime Video.

Now, the series is expected to jump over to Disney+. However, other shows that are still running – such as Grey’s Anatomy – only get their past seasons on Disney+, with the newest episodes first airing on Sky and NOW.

It remains to be seen whether we’ll get weekly new episodes of The Walking Dead on Disney+ and Star.

What About NCIS?

Many have been asking about NCIS, the long-running crime drama that also aired on Fox. 

The good news is that you can stream the first 15 seasons for “free”, as part of an Amazon Prime Video membership. 

Seasons 16 and 17, however, are only available as a separate purchase for now. And the most recent season – 18 – isn’t available at all on Prime Video, but will probably become available in the near future.

19 thoughts on “Fox Channel Shutting Down, ‘Walking Dead’ Moving To Disney+”

  1. It’s disgusting that shows we have been watching for years aren’t available to us anymore. I am agoraphobic and tv is a huge part of my life as I am cut off from the outside world for the most part. Sky is expensive enough and I certainly can’t afford another subscription. I am a huge fan of NCIS, Walking Dead and other Fox shows. Everything is about money and exploitation. These big companies and networks have absolutely no consideration for people who simply can’t afford to keep up with their grubby money making. I am cancelling Sky when my contract ends. Unless people say “no” this will keep happening. Disney are meant to be family friendly, but just a money grabbing organisation. Maybe if enough people boycott them they will learn to act with more decency and respect in the future.

  2. I too am missing my programmes, have watched ever episode of the walking dead & now looks like that over.
    I refuse to pay extra on continually increased services that keep decreasing – how about these services pay our fees for star, Disney+ for our loss? I suppose that would be a “no” but would be happy to increase prices again!!!

  3. Gutted. I loved watching Bones, Bull, NCIS and The Walking Dead on Fox. It was my main channel on Sky. Bad enough that I pay for a subscription to have a load of channels I do not watch. Now I can’t even get the ones I do (did) watch. Will not be subscribing to Disney+. Obviously care more about profits than it’s customers

  4. I am upset I love NCIS and I know you can watch previous episodes on 5usa but not the latest series when it’s released also what about Bull or The Mentalist I will not be paying for subscription to Disney for one thing I can’t afford it

  5. I’m actually really upset and annoyed by this news that I only found out today. I am seriously thinking of cancelling my SKY subscription. Fox was definitely one of the best channels. Not happy!

  6. There are other good series on Fox e.g Gang Related and Rush these programs have only been running a few weeks and now we are just cut off with no information on how we can carry on watching them. This is a sorry state of affairs and Virgin Media are not helping with the lack of interest shown to us customers. It’s not the first channel to go and I’m sure it won’t be the last. As long as we pay our monthly bills why should they care.

    • NCIS is on 5USA if you get that channel but not sure what seasons they are on as they show different episodes from loads of the series every day.

    • It looks like it’s moving to Star which is part of Disney + I hope this information is right, because thankfully I’ve got that. It’s a good job I kept up to date watching the new series, or I might have missed the ending of the Season 18. I’d have been even more miffed then.

      • NCIS is not moving to Disney+/Star, at least for the time being (though many other Fox programmes are). Some of the NCIS seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video and My5.

  7. I shall miss the final ever season of the walking dead after having watched every episode. UK viewers obviously mean nothing to fox tv.

  8. Typical American approach, especially the money grubbers at Disney!
    Let’s make anyone who actually qualifies as a ‘loyal fan’ pay through the nose to watch a series available on a system they already pay for and start up another channel they have to pay for! I for one will NOT bother with the final series of The Walking Dead as it is NOT worth spending more money on, it has become very PC and samey, goodbye and good riddance, no Disney+ for me!

  9. Those of us who can’t afford pay channels have to make do..I have been watching Walking Dead on Amazon Prime and have been waiting to see season 10..Now I suppose I’ll have to miss it..

    • Wait, am I on crack, or am I to understand that there is no confirmation when or if we will be able to watch new weekly episodes of Walking Dead Season 11, even if we subscribe to Disney+?

      “Now, the series is expected to jump over to Disney+. However, other shows that are still running – such as Grey’s Anatomy – only get their past seasons on Disney+, with the newest episodes first airing on Sky and NOW.

      It remains to be seen whether we’ll get weekly new episodes of The Walking Dead on Disney+ and Star.

      We approached Disney for comment, and will update this article with more information once it becomes available.”

      TV SUCKS!!!


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