Cheap NOW Sky Sports Mobile Pass Is Back [Updated]

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The Sky Sports Mobile Pass, NOW’s low-cost (but restricted) mobile-only streaming pass which was cancelled two years ago is available to purchase again – but only as part of a limited-time deal.

Update: We originally published this article in January 2022 – the offer has since changed a couple of times, but the Mobile Pass is here yet again – so we’ve updated this article with the latest details.

The Mobile Pass can only be watched on a smartphone (and not on a TV), and only includes five channels: Sky Sports Premier League, Action/NFL, Arena, Racing and News (see full details about the mobile pass below).

The good news is that you can currently get the Mobile Pass for eight months, for just £11.98 (that’s a single one-off payment), right along with one day of the full Sky Sports Day Membership.

The deal is available for both new NOW customers AND existing ones – as long as you don’t currently have an active Sky Sports membership on NOW.

NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile

While this is a limited-time deal, it’s been on and off – in some form – for several months now (each time with a different number of months – eight is the highest we’ve seen so far).

What Is The NOW Sky Sports Mobile Pass?

NOW (formerly known as NOW TV) is Sky’s streaming TV platform: it works via broadband, and is generally cheaper than a full Sky subscription.

The content is divided into “Memberships” (Entertainment & Kids, Movies and Sports), and there are no long-term contracts (See our full NOW TV guide and review here).

The Sky Sports Mobile Pass was first introduced in 2018, and at £5.99/month was a cheap alternative to the regular Sky Sports Pass on NOW, which normally costs £33.99/month, or £11.98 for a Day Pass.

The Mobile Pass can only be watched on a mobile phone – so not on your TV, or even on a tablet or computer, and you can’t use Apple’s AirPlay or the Chromecast to cast it to a TV.

And, the Mobile Pass is limited to only 5 Sky Sports channels, out of the 11 that are available on the full membership:

  • Sky Sports Premier League – The home of live Premier League games.
  • Sky Sports Action – Dedicated to rugby, the NFL, the NBA and other general sports.
  • Sky Sports Arena – More general sports including Super League, darts and boxing.
  • Sky Sports Racing – Dedicated to horse racing.
  • Sky Sports News – A 24-hour sports news channel that covers all sports, with a focus on football.

angry soccer fans watching tv 1200

With the Mobile Pass, you can’t purchase and watch any on-demand sporting events.

Furthermore, although you can register the Mobile Pass on up to 6 separate devices (smartphones), you can only watch on one phone at a time.

This is also true for the regular NOW memberships – but if you sign up for NOW Boost, you can watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously. However, Boost isn’t available for the Mobile Pass.

How To Get NOW’s Sky Sports Mobile For £11.98

Since its official closure in 2020, the Sky Sports Mobile Pass kept popping up here and there as part of special promotions and offers. 

The Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership offer gives you one day of the FULL NOW Sky Sports membership (so you can watch all the sports channels on NOW, on a regular TV, for one day), PLUS a “bonus” of the Sky Sports Mobile Pass – for eight months.

Considering the original Mobile Pass used to cost £5.99/month, this looks like a decent deal – IF you’re OK with just watching on your phone.

Once you sign up, you will receive your Mobile Month Membership within 10 working days – so don’t expect to get it right away. 

And, once the “bonus” months are up – your Mobile Pass will be cancelled automatically (as it doesn’t currently “exist” for direct purchase) – though, hopefully, we might see it again in the future.

This offer is currently available until September 29, 2022, and as mentioned, it is available for new AND existing customers, as long as you don’t have an active NOW Sky Sports membership of any kind.

Streaming Sports Alternatives

In addition to Sky Sports on NOW, there are several other streaming sports alternatives for TV cord cutters in the UK:

For more deals, see our How To Get Cheap NOW TV Deals guide.

7 thoughts on “Cheap NOW Sky Sports Mobile Pass Is Back [Updated]”

  1. Looks like it’s gone again, as of 9th March 2023. The link to the deal above still works, but the page it reaches now offers only Monthly and Day, no Mobile add-on.

  2. The sky sports mobile pass option appears to have now been cancelled again… not great that they keep cancelling and restarting it again, presumably to get people interested in the product and then force them into buying the regular sky sports package at a much higher cost. Textbook approach of underhand dealers supplying at-risk addicts.

  3. As of 31 March Now Sky sports mobile membership is increasing from £5.99 to £9.99.
    66% increase that’s just greedy!
    When your being fleeced for trying to watch you football team play, no wonder people look at alternatives…


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