How To Watch BT Sport Online For Free: The Guide

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Up until some time ago, TV sports fans in the UK didn’t have a lot of options – your best bet would have been to sign a long contract with BT Sport (or Sky Sports), and keep paying as long as you wanted to keep watching. But now, there are better – and often cheaper (or even free!) – ways to watch BT Sport, online, on your tablet, or on your TV.

BT Sport launched in 2013 and is now a major competitor to Sky Sports. It broadcasts in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with around five million subscribers. BT Sport airs sporting events from all over the world – from exclusive rights to live Premier League games, to UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, ESPN and even cricket matches from Australia.

In the past, BT Sport was only available to BT Broadband customers or as an add-on to the “traditional” pay-TV subscriptions like Sky and Virgin Media – but not anymore. 

BT Sport will undergo a major change this year, following a deal with Discovery / Eurosport. At first, the two brands will remain separate, but later on, the plan is to create a new, single brand that will combine both BT Sport and Eurosport

For now, here are your best options for watching BT Sport, at a variety of price points – including free options.

BT Sports screens

BT Sport Monthly Pass

In 2019, BT Sport launched their contract-free, streaming-only “Monthly Pass” plan. 

The monthly pass costs £25/month, and lets you watch BT Sport on a variety of devices (but does require a broadband connection) – it’s not just on your phone, but also on your telly, as long as you have one of the supported streaming devices.

There are no long-term contracts, and you can start and cancel month-to-month.

With this pass, you get all the regular BT Sport channels, including:

  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • BT Sport ESPN
  • BT Sport Extra channels
  • BT Sport Ultimate (on supported 4K devices).

Monthly pass subscribers will be able to enjoy BT Sport Ultimate at no extra cost: BT Sport Ultimate broadcasts selected programming in 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) via supported devices.

BT Sport Monthly Pass can be watched on a variety of devices, including:

  • Smartphones (Android and iPhones)
  • Online via your browser
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2018 and onwards)
  • XBOX One
  • Playstation 4
  • Chromecast
  • NOW Stick/box

You can subscribe to the BT Monthly Pass via this link.

Can You Get A Day Pass For BT Sport?

No. Unlike NOW’s Sky Sports Day Pass (and their now-retired Weekly Pass), you can only get BT Sport for 30 days – so you can’t subscribe just for one event.

But beyond those 30 days, you can cancel anytime.

Get BT Sport Free With BT Mobile (Existing Customers)

BT Mobile subscribers can get BT Sport for free (as part of their monthly plan), as long as your contract with them is above £20/month (or £15/month if you’re also a BT Broadband customer).

However, BT Mobile no longer accepts new customers – instead, BT customers are being directed to EE Mobile, which is owned by the same company.

Get BT Sport Free With EE Mobile

If you’re an EE mobile subscriber, or you’re in the market for a new mobile contract, you can get the BT Sport app for FREE, for three months.

You can get it either by texting SPORT to 150, or by logging in to the EE website/app, and going to Menu > Plans, Swappables & add-ons, choosing add-ons, and following the steps from there. (You can find detailed instructions on this EE page).

Another option is to get BT Sport for free as an EE “Swappable Benefit” – but these are only available if you’re on an EE “Smart Plan”.

Do note that these Smart Plans are not necessarily the cheapest mobile plans – so always check and compare when you’re switching plans.

You can check out EE’s Smart Plans and prices here.

Alternatively, if you’re an EE customer and you want to add BT Sport as a paid add-on, it’ll cost you:

  • £10/month for the mobile/tablet only version
  • £15/month for the full, big-screen version
  • £20/month for BT Sport Ultimate, with 4K broadcasts.

BT Sport with BT Broadband or BT TV

Some of BT’s broadband and TV packages include BT Sport for “free” (as part of the package).

Do note that for the broadband packages, this refers to the BT Sport App – which means you would still need to stream it via broadband on a supported device (such as your phone, Chromecast, NOW TV stick, etc’).

If you already have a BT Broadband package, you can add the BT Sport app for £16/month. But if you want a new package that includes BT Sport, look at their current deals here.

Then there’s the BT TV option, which is a package that you add to your BT Broadband contract. Some of these packages include BT Sport, and some even have the Sky Sports channels.

In most cases, it would be more cost-effective to become a cord cutter and get BT Sport independently, but if you want to get everything in the simplest way possible – one of these packages might still suit you.

Free BT Sport Matches On YouTube

Finally, there’s the BT Sport free YouTube channel, where you can see clips and highlights from almost every type of sports – from football to boxing.

BT Sport screenshot

Bottom Line: What’s The Cheapest Way To Get BT Sport?

Gone are the days when an expensive cable/satellite contract was the only way to watch BT Sport – but, for some, all these options are a bit confusing.

First, for most of the options mentioned here, remember that you need a broadband connection AND a supported streaming device. Then –

If EE Mobile is a good option for you, then getting BT Sport through it would probably be the cheapest option (but just for BT Sport – you might still find better mobile deals elsewhere).

Otherwise, the smartest option would be to cut the TV cord (as we always recommend), get out of those expensive 12-month contracts, and just sign up to BT Sport independently, thanks to the BT Sport Monthly Pass option.

At £25/month, it’s NOT as cheap as some of the cable-TV-addon options – but if you factor in the savings you’re going to make overall, it’s still more cost-effective for many of you.

Plus, with a flexible monthly plan, you can cancel whenever you want – when you’re on holiday, for example, or if there are no sporting events that interest you in the coming months.

6 thoughts on “How To Watch BT Sport Online For Free: The Guide”

  1. You can also get BT Sport with Plusnet for £17 a month if you’re a Plusnet customer 🙂

    Of course they are part of BT in some way but they are really good are Plusnet to be honest 🙂

  2. Just read you useful site on the BT Sports Pass and appropriate ways to watch it on. One thing I’m confused about is do you only have to buy one Chromecast to watch on all tvs within your home or do you have to buy a Chromecast for each tv?

    • You need a streaming device (that supports BT Sport) on every TV in the house where you want to watch BT Sport. Some Smart TVs already have a BT Sport app, so you won’t need another device in that case… but if not, then yes – you need a Chromecast (or a different streamer) in every room


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