Eurosport Player Being Phased Out, Moving To Discovery+

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The standalone subscription-based version of Eurosport Player, the streaming service that airs content from the popular Eurosport channel, will be gone soon, as it becomes a part of Discovery+.

The change is happening both on the “direct” version of Eurosport Player, and on Amazon, where it was available as a Prime Video Channel, until now.

Amazon confirmed to us that existing subscribers will be able to keep watching the same Eurosport Player channel they’ve been using – for now, at least – but new customers will have to move over to the Discovery+ plan that includes sports.

This new content package is better for some users, as for the same original price of Eurosport Player (£6.99/month), you can now get “Discovery+ With Sports”, which also includes lifestyle and nature content from Discovery’s channels.

However, those who were paying £39.99 for the annual plan (directly with Eurosport and not via Amazon) – will now have to pay £59.99 for the annual “Discvoery+ With Sport” plan (see the full details below).

Pablo Carreno australian open 2019 tennis
Australian Open (Photo: Deposit Photos / Zhukovsky)

Eurosport Player is the streaming version of Eurosport, and includes coverage of a variety of sporting events – both live and on-demand.

It offers up to 18 LIVE channels, from tennis (such as The Australian Open) to cycling, boxing, football and more.

The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will also be a part of the Eurosport Player / Discovery+ plan.

Streaming customers used to be able to subscribe to Eurosport Player in two ways – either directly via the standalone app, or via Amazon’s Prime Video Channels.

Prime Video Channels are only available as an add-on to Amazon Prime subscribers (but you can get a free 30-days trial of Amazon Prime).

The service lets viewers in the United Kingdom pick and choose different channels of content, from a variety of providers – for an additional monthly fee.

You can then watch those channels on any streaming device that supports Prime Video.

Either way, there was no need for a cable/satellite subscription (such as Sky or Virgin Media).

Eurosport Player Moving To Discovery+

Discovery+ is a streaming service that launched late last year, replacing Discovery’s Dplay service (which was totally free), with a combined offering of both free and “premium” channels.

discovery plus devices jpg
Discovery Plus

The free tier on Discovery+ includes several Freeview channels, such as Quest, Really, HGTV and others – with some of their content also being available to stream on-demand.

The paid tier of Discovery+, adds several additional “live” premium channels, along with their on-demand content – Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and more.

Furthermore, the paid tier has TWO separate plans: Entertainment (£4.99/month) and Entertainment + Sports (£6.99/month) – which now also includes the content that used to reside on Eurosport Player.

Discovery Plus with Sports on Prime
Discovery+ with Sports on Prime Video

As with Eurosport Player, customers can subscribe to Discovery+ either directly, or via Amazon’s Prime Video Channels, which also come in those two flavours (along with a 7-day free trial) –

7 thoughts on “Eurosport Player Being Phased Out, Moving To Discovery+”

  1. Totally rubbish service for watching Eurosport! We watch winter sports and especially biathlon every year – this year we can’t find it anywhere except brief highlights. I cannot believe how bad this service is. We used to be able to find all races on the recently ended but this year we can’t find any of them and what is there is such a mess and totally disorganised. Total waste of money!!

  2. Oh my God, this is terrible what you did Eurosport player! I want to buy Eurosport player here in Switzerland and I have found out that it will work only in Switzerland, not in another countries. I am travelling a lot and I want to watch it anywhere like before, when I was in Spain, in Ireland, in Slovakia, in France. Eurosport player wake up, this is so wrong!

  3. I now subscribe to Discovery plus and get Eurosport2 am looking forward to WSB andBSB l don’t want to watch it live Is there any way l can record the races or is there a “catch up “ facility so l can watch them at my convenience l have got aYou View box but it only records actual channel numbers and as Discovery plus is an “app” the box won’t record. Help please

    • I have the same question, although it looks as though you can look at the catalogue of (recent) broadcasts and fast forward through them – useful for whizzing through the SSP 300 races that I don’t have time to watch. Let’s see.

      Also, it’s supposed to be HD, but looks a bit blurry to me!


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