Eurosport Player Being Phased Out, Moving To Discovery+

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The standalone subscription-based version of Eurosport Player, the streaming service that airs content from the popular Eurosport channel, will be gone soon, as it becomes a part of Discovery+.

The change is happening both on the “direct” version of Eurosport Player, and on Amazon, where it was available as a Prime Video Channel, until now.

Amazon confirmed to us that existing subscribers will be able to keep watching the same Eurosport Player channel they’ve been using – for now, at least – but new customers will have to move over to the Discovery+ plan that includes sports.

This new content package is better for some users, as for the same original price of Eurosport Player (£6.99/month), you can now get “Discovery+ With Sports”, which also includes lifestyle and nature content from Discovery’s channels.

However, those who were paying £39.99 for the annual plan (directly with Eurosport and not via Amazon) – will now have to pay £59.99 for the annual “Discvoery+ With Sport” plan (see the full details below).

Pablo Carreno australian open 2019 tennis
Australian Open (Photo: Deposit Photos / Zhukovsky)

Eurosport Player is the streaming version of Eurosport, and includes coverage of a variety of sporting events – both live and on-demand.

It offers up to 18 LIVE channels, from tennis (such as The Australian Open) to cycling, boxing, football and more.

The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will also be a part of the Eurosport Player / Discovery+ plan.

Streaming customers used to be able to subscribe to Eurosport Player in two ways – either directly via the standalone app, or via Amazon’s Prime Video Channels.

Prime Video Channels are only available as an add-on to Amazon Prime subscribers (but you can get a free 30-days trial of Amazon Prime).

The service lets viewers in the United Kingdom pick and choose different channels of content, from a variety of providers – for an additional monthly fee.

You can then watch those channels on any streaming device that supports Prime Video.

Either way, there was no need for a cable/satellite subscription (such as Sky or Virgin Media).

Eurosport Player Moving To Discovery+

Discovery+ is a streaming service that launched late last year, replacing Discovery’s Dplay service (which was totally free), with a combined offering of both free and “premium” channels.

discovery plus devices jpg
Discovery Plus

The free tier on Discovery+ includes several Freeview channels, such as Quest, Really, HGTV and others – with some of their content also being available to stream on-demand.

The paid tier of Discovery+, adds several additional “live” premium channels, along with their on-demand content – Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and more.

Furthermore, the paid tier has TWO separate plans: Entertainment (£4.99/month) and Entertainment + Sports (£6.99/month) – which now also includes the content that used to reside on Eurosport Player.

Discovery Plus with Sports on Prime
Discovery+ with Sports on Prime Video

As with Eurosport Player, customers can subscribe to Discovery+ either directly, or via Amazon’s Prime Video Channels, which also come in those two flavours (along with a 7-day free trial) –

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