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“Amazon Channels” Added To Amazon Prime’s TV Streaming Service: Is It Worth The Money?

“Amazon Channels” Added To Amazon Prime’s TV Streaming Service: Is It Worth The Money?

Many months after it’s début in the United States, Amazon announced this week that it will be adding “Amazon Channels” to its Amazon Prime video streaming service in the UK (along with Germany and Austria).

The service, which is only available to existing (or new) Amazon Prime subscribers, will enable viewers in the United Kingdom (Cord Cutters in particular) to pick and choose different channels of content, from a variety of providers – for an additional monthly fee.

At the moment, there are over 40 channels to choose from, among them:

  • The Discovery Channel (£4.99/Month), with programmes such as Gold Rush, Marooned and Idris Elba Figher.
  • Eurosport Player (£6.99/Month), with up to 18 LIVE channels of sporting events, from tennis to football.
  • hayu (£3.99/Month), with reality TV programmes such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Orange County and Hollywood Medium.
  • MGM (£4.49/Month), with many of the studio’s movies such as The Hobbit, Terminator and 21 Jump Street.
  • ITV Hub+ (£3.99/Month), with ad-free version of ITV’s shows, such as Britain’s Got TalentA Touch of Frost, Cupcake Wars and Love Your Garden.

All of these channels offer a free trial, ranging from 7 days to a full month. Keep in mind that these prices are above what you’re already paying for an Amazon Prime subscription (£79 per year), so if you subscribe to several of these channels, the prices do add up.

Once you add any of these channels to your Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to watch their shows via the regular Amazon Prime Instant Video apps, which are available on phones, tablets, PCs and TV streaming devices (or smart TVs).

Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming devices

Is Amazon Channels Worth It – My Take

In general, Amazon Channels is a blessing – any way to add to the content available for cord cutters is good.

The selection, however, leaves a lot to be desired – in the United States, Amazon’s channels include premium services such as HBO and Showtime. In the United Kingdom, most of the offerings are very niche-oriented – reality TV, horror movies, etc’, with ITV+ being the most geared towards general audiences. Then again, the inclusion of Eurosport is important, because UK cord cutters who love sports have very little options.

The ability to easily subscribe and unsubscribe every month is wonderful, and is exactly the point of being a cord cutter. In the mood for some Kardashians this month, and Discovery’s nature shows the next month? No problem, you can change your choices every month.

But the service won’t be a major offering until Amazon can add premium channels, as it does in the US. With Sky (and Now TV) holding the rights for most of HBO and Showtime’s shows, this doesn’t seem very likely at the moment.

Still, as an added, flexible option for existing Amazon Prime subscribers – this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Writer and news editor based in London, I cut the TV cord back in 2014 and never looked back. I watch A LOT of TV, and thankfully I can choose whatever I want to watch without depending on archaic channels.

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