Sky Glass TV: Full List Of Streaming Apps Revealed

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The streaming-based TV from Sky, “Sky Glass” was unveiled this week with a long list of features. In addition to Sky’s channels and the Freeview channels, it also includes streaming apps and services – much like other streaming devices.

While the list is not as comprehensive as dedicated streaming devices (like the Fire TV or Roku), most of the major UK streaming services are there – but not all.

As we were able to confirm with Sky the full list of apps that will be available at launch – we can now share that list with you.

Apps on Sky Glass

It’s interesting to note that the list is not identical to Sky Q – so some apps that were long missing from Sky Q, are now available on Sky Glass. Remember though that some of these services require an additional paid subscription.

If you want to learn more about Sky Glass, make sure you read our full review.

Sky Glass Streaming Apps

This list is correct as of this writing – Sky will surely add more streaming apps as time goes by. Also note that some content partners won’t show up as “apps”, but instead require a direct subscription via Sky – BT Sport is one such example.

Content apps on Sky Glass official

BBC iPlayer – The catch-up and streaming app from the BBC, with thousands of back-catalogue programmes, and the ability to stream live channels.

ITV Hub – The catch-up and box-sets streaming app from ITV Hub. A full ITV Hub app is still notably missing from Sky Q – though it’s supposed to launch in 2022. Sky Glass customers should get the full version at launch.

All 4 – The catch-up and streaming app from Channel 4, where you can watch live streaming of the channels, as well as thousands of box-sets from the past.

STV – The on-demand video streaming service of the popular Scottish broadcaster, with box-sets and exclusive programmes.

Netflix – Surely, Netflix needs no introductions at this point. Since Sky Glass comes with a mandatory subscription to the Sky Ultimate package, it already includes the basic tier of Netflix (but you can upgrade for HD or 4K).

Amazon Prime Video – Amazon’s streaming video service, with programmes and films (see our Prime Video review). Most of the content requires a paid Prime Video membership (you can get a 30-days free trial), except for the recently-launched IMDb TV, where the content is free (with adverts).

Disney+ – The popular streaming subscription service from Disney, with content from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, as well as more “mature” content on its Star category (see our Disney+ review).

DisneyPlus with Star wandavision

Discovery+ – The streaming service that replaced Discovery’s Dplay (which was totally free), with a combined offering of both free and “premium” channels. Sky Q customers get a free year of Discovery+, and it remains to be seen whether the offer will extend to new Sky Glass customers.

YouTube – Google’s massive videos site.

YouTube Kids – The curated child-focused version of YouTube, that only holds age-appropriate content.

Spotify – The popular music streaming service, with more than 60 million songs – there’s a free tier (with adverts) and a Premium paid tier.

BBC Sounds – The BBC radio app, which includes both live versions of BBC’s radio channels, as well as a rich library of podcasts and radio dramas.

BBC Sounds app official

RadioPlayer – Stream live radio stations.

Global Player – Capital Radio’s streaming app, with live radio stations and thousands of podcasts.

XITE – A free music videos app that offers a “personalised video experience”, where you can build playlists catered to you.

Vevo – The ultimate place to watch official music videos and live performances – with some being exclusive to the service.

Peloton – A subscription-based workout and fitness app, where you can watch (and take part in) studio-style workouts.

Sky Kids Games – While normally used to watch kids shows and play simple games on tablets and phones, we’re waiting to see what this will offer on the Sky Glass.

PlayWorks – Games that you can play directly on your TV screen, by using the Sky Glass remote. The games include classics like Tetris, Solitaire and Mah Jongg, as well as mobile hits like Doodle Jump and Crossy Road.

GolfPass – A subscription-based service that brings you golf tuition from the world’s best players and coaches as well as exclusive shows, Golf Channel films, programming, original content and live feeds.

Tastemade – Tastemade is home to award-winning food, travel, and home & design shows from around the world – from groundbreaking originals to classic series and documentaries, all free.

Highbrow – a children’s subscription video-on-demand service with educational videos.

What Apps Are Missing From Sky Glass?

Although many of the major streaming services will be available from the get-go, some big ones are still missing:

Apple TV+ – Apple’s subscription streaming service had a rocky start, but now includes some critically acclaimed programmes such as Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, the brand new Foundation, and more. It’s been around since 2019 – but it’s still not available on either Sky Q, or Sky Glass (Update: Apple TV+ will be coming to Sky Glass in 2022).

Apple TV Plus main screen 1000
Apple TV Plus

BritBox – The subscription-based streaming service from ITV and the BBC (see our BritBox review). Although it’s available on most streaming devices in the UK, BritBox is still not available on Sky Q – and won’t be on Sky Glass either, at least for now. (There’s a workaround, though – BritBox is also available as a Prime Video channel).

My 5 – Since there’s no specific mention of Channel 5’s streaming app, we assume Sky Glass will included the more limited catch-up version that’s available on Sky Q today.

The Roku Channel – A free (with adverts) streaming service from Roku, that includes back-catalogue programmes as well as some original shows. The Roku Channel is available on Sky Q, but is curiously not mentioned for Sky Glass – so maybe it’ll be added at a later date.

Plex – The popular personal media streamer (see our Plex review) lets you stream video files from your own computer, to the TV. It’s available on almost every streaming device out there – and if Glass wants to become a grownup streaming device – it would need to consider adding Plex at some point.

plex media library
Photo: Plex

Pluto TV – A service that offers 40+ free streaming “live channels”, which you can flip through with an on-screen TV guide, as well as some on-demand content. Even though Sky was an early investor in Pluto, and the app was available on NOW TV’s streaming devices – it’s won’t be found on Sky Glass.

Twitch – Amazon’s live-streaming service that focuses on gameplay videos (though it’s much more than that these days).

NOW (Formerly NOW TV) – Yes, it might sound strange to be looking for Sky’s streaming service, NOW, on Sky Glass – as Sky’s TV is all about streaming directly from Sky. But if you buy the TV, and then stop your Sky subscription at some point – you might want the cheaper option to watch some of Sky’s content. Well, that’s not possible (also see our full comparison of Sky Glass VS NOW).

As for TV channels – it turns out a lot of popular Freeview, Sports and News channels will be missing at launch – see the Sky Glass missing channels list here.

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