Paramount+ On Sky: Some Users Are Still Facing Errors

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Sky users are reporting issues with the newly launched Paramount+ streaming service, days after its UK launch. While Sky Cinema members can get the service for free, some of them haven’t been able to sign up due to an ongoing problem.

Other Sky users, who did manage to sign up, can’t watch Paramount+ on their Sky Q and Sky Glass devices, and instead, they’re getting a blank screen with an endlessly spinning buffering symbol.

Sky told us these issues are due to “unprecedented demand”, and that they’re working on resolving them as quickly as they can (see their full response below).

Sky also issued an explanation pop-up on the official website, saying that the registration error is due to the “amazing response” to Paramount+, and urging users to “try again later”.

Since the free subscription can’t be added over the phone – the only option for customers is to, indeed, try again later – but many have taken to social media to protest these issues.

Paramount Plus Sky Error

Paramount+ launched in the UK on June 22, as a standalone streaming service/app, with 8,000 hours of content – hit TV shows (many of which were previously available on Sky), and blockbuster films from the Paramount archives.

Paramount+ normally costs £6.99/month or £69.90/year in the UK, with a free 7-day trial available to everyone.

However, Sky Cinema customers, who also have Sky Q or Sky Glass, can get Paramount+ for free, as a “bonus”.

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Sky+ and NOW customers can’t get Paramount+ for free – even if they’re subscribed to Sky Cinema – and will instead get limited content from Paramount that will remain available on Sky’s regular on-demand platform.

Paramount+ Error Message On Sky

In order to get Paramount+ for free, Sky Q / Sky Glass users need to first open the app on their Sky device, confirm their subscription, and then visit the activation page on Sky’s website and sign up on the Paramount+ website (see our full guide on how to get Paramount+ on Sky).

Sky Paramount Plus QR instructions

However, while many Sky customers were able to sign up and are already watching Paramount+, others seem to be stuck in one of the stages – either not being able to confirm the registration on their Sky device, or not being able to create a working account (via Sky) on Paramount+.

Customers have therefore taken to social media to voice their frustration:

Some got stuck on the very first step:

Others did manage to sign up – but now can’t watch anything:

Sky’s Response

A Sky spokesperson told us that they’ve “Had a phenomenal response to the launch of Paramount+ on Sky Cinema.

“With this unprecedented demand, there has unfortunately been a delay for some customers to add Paramount+ to their Sky Cinema bundle.

“We’re working on adding as many people as quickly as we can and are sorry for any inconvenience. Please bear with us”

Regarding the second issue of the blank screen that a few users are still facing, the spokesperson said that “This has been reported by a very small number of customers and we’re working to resolve it. We will continue to review the situation”.

56 thoughts on “Paramount+ On Sky: Some Users Are Still Facing Errors”

  1. Been trying sin June 2022 to get free Paramount+ on Sky Q & Sky cinema, either wants Paramount+ account & full payment of £6.99 a month, Sky saying its free, but no easy link connection to Sky Q or Sky cinema, this link is total rubbish, Paramount + wants to sign in, then wants sky customer to sign in again, again, again,
    If this was somewhere else, you would think your details are being stolen by hackers, come on sky your customers expect better from you, than this crap connection

    • You might have to sign in again like discovery plus. Every month discovery plus stops and then I discover that they log you out and make you log back in again to activate the account again.

  2. Also having the black screen and circle trying to view a film. Contacted sky, told me they cannot help so contact paramount through their website chat. Contacted them, agent disconnected. Chat again, agent could not help as UK is an international account. They have to pass on to another department. Sound like the usual run around. They cannot come on the chat, they cannot call but will send an email. When that will arrive is anybodies guess !,

  3. I’ve been trying for weeks to get Paramount+ on my SkyQ but keep getting’ invalid email and password’ error message. Thought it was me not putting correct details in so changed password several times but still no joy. Also getting error message on Sky app ‘unable to process ….’ I’ve given up now. Still, good to see I’m not the only one having problems!

  4. I still have a SkyHD+ box. On day one of the Paramount+ launch I was able to find its content in search. I downloaded a number of Star Trek New Worlds and Star Trek Discovery episodes to my Sky Box. This stopped within a day or so.
    Sky appear to have changed it’s intent – before the problems, they said the full Paramount+ content would be available to SkyHD+ users through Sky Cinema, but now it says limited content. I can’t find any Paramount productions content that wasn’t available before the Paramount+ launch. I think this is misleading customers and they should fess up that they didn’t invest enough in infrastructure and Paramount+ isn’t available to legacy users.

    • Further to my last comment: After seeing this Youtube “” and because of Black Friday offers, I contacted Sky Customer Services about Paramount+ on Sky+HD devices. My box has the old version of the Sky menu (with the horizontal split) unlike the Youtube. After testing they confirmed my Pace box is too old to accept the updated menu with entries for Paramount+. They offered a SkyQ upgrade deal with which I am happy. They didn’t refer to Sky Stream at all which surprised me.

  5. Weeks on from my original comment above, I have still been unable to watch through SkyQ… BUT I have been able to download the Paramount+ app on my Samsung TV, and sign into it with my Sky details. IT WORKS!!!

  6. 16th July still can’t watch anything on paramount plus on sky q box. My kids have seen things they want to watch on the menu and then I have to tell them sorry kids still not working Good job it is free because this is ridiculous.

  7. Can we have somebody on here that has actually been able to view Paramount+, tell us if we are missing anything good then we can decide whether to continue trying to connect or just leave it?.


    • Same here. It’s definitely the app on sky glass. I have a work around to get started again… Go to a normal channel on TV and then back .. works for a while then same again

  8. It’s about time Sky compensated us for the loss of Paramount. I have better things to do than keep on trying as they tell me. A useless service and they need to tell us more on what’s happening soon or they are going to lose customers, we can take so much, enough is enough!!!

  9. Today (4th July) I finally managed to sign in to Patamount+ on sky after 2 billion attempts. I excitedly pressed play on a show, only to get a circle on the screen followed by “Error code – 9999”. I’m not happy.

  10. I am still unable to get Paramount plus just the black screen with spinning white circle extremely frustrating Sky says only a small amount of people that is a laugh come on Sky get your act togetherI am still unable to get Paramount plus just the black screen with spinning white circle extremely frustrating Sky says only a small amount of people that is a laugh come on Sky get your act together

    • I was told yesterday by a sky technician that it would be up and running today for definite… what a joke still got black screen and loading circle

  11. Not a happy bunny I have spent 2 days messing around with this nonsense initially thinking that it was my ineptitude why did Sky not issue a bulletin so that customers did not waste their time.As usual the paying customer is least important except when Sky issue the regular price increases

    • Now July 12th after innumerable attempts and calling Sky still getting revolving circle why don’t Sky cancel it and stop advertising Paramount plus which is just irritating those many customers who cannot access it and are getting no help

  12. 1st of July and still getting the buffering circle sky what the —— is going on . It’s a free service what they don’t tell u is u can never watch it ha giving up now don’t care keep ur parashitmount 😡

  13. Hi. So I have asked around and even tried box reboot( full power lead out ) re downloading sky software, as well as connecting to a network cable instead of via Wi-Fi.
    So all of the stupid stuff that sky support normally tell you to do which as usual did nothing but raised my blood pressure.
    Sky diamond vip what a flaming joke, get a grip and get paramountplus sorted
    I work in IT and if I did this kind of shit job I wouldn’t have one. Test new prior to use ever heard of that
    GET A GRIP SkY!!!!

  14. Yeah same here, black screen white buffering circle, you would think that the sky tech team would have all the creases ironed out by now day 6 after the launch of paramount +

  15. Was really looking forward to watching the new Star Trek series. All signed in to be met by the black screen and white circle of death. Sky you are a joke. Increase after increase in price, year after year.
    Absolutely zero information coming from you, except the standard bull. Honestly, cardboard cutouts could do better.
    As you can tell, I’m well cheesed off!

  16. Every time sky launch an app they have problems i have been trying for 5 days now to get the paramount + app on my skyQ system still no joy come on sky sort it out or give your sky vip customers compensation for this uterly useless service

  17. Still a week on trying to get Paramount , and o luck this is not on for Sky they take enough money from us , could get Yellowstone on USA 5 now othing it’s all very frustrating used to be able to speak to someone on sky and they would talk you through now nothing, at the moment I feel like cancelling the lot , a very unhappy customer . Have they cut down on staff like everyone else

  18. I set up an account via paramount+ and stopped there.

    Went back onto SkyQ and logged into the Paramount+ App.

    Apprehensively I thought wow when I was able to login.

    However when I tried to watch a programme you still get the buffering icon.

    Now Sky have been plugging this for weeks. Considering they have a big Sky Cinema base from a customer base of 12.7 million in 2019.

    How can Sky say this was unprecedented? Expect the unexpected if you are going to flog a free app to your customers. Did no one think to say let’s get all accounts ready for our Sky customers who have cinema so when they log in they don’t actually have to do anything other than press the Paramount+ app on your SkyQ box. It’s similar to the issues I had earlier in the year when discovery+ stopped being “free”. Trying to set your self up for that required the minimum of at least time travel.

    Sky get your act together. If you are going to launch something at least test it before roll out. At that at least have passive affirmation where the client can access the app but you have to say on your box Yes I Do want Disney Plus or I don’t want Disney Plus.

    • Interestingly one day I was actually able to log on to my account via the internet. I then logged out of paramount from my tab and then went via the QR code as I had previously. This time I was able to activate my sly account with paramount +. Got an email from both to say activated. Went back to the the paramount app and signed in. I suspect, because I was prompted by an email from Sky about paramount plus that I thought I’d give it a go. I suspect what has happened is that Sky has been gradually rolling out paramount+ across the U.K. When the accounts were frozen it was because it wasn’t your turn. When the account became unfrozen it was your turn to sign up.

  19. As usual sky customer service is rubbish they’ve said only a small amount of customers have got this blank screen after 2 days of trying to download movies or TV shows on paramount+ but everyone I know and clearly most of their other customers are having the same problems why don’t they just admit the truth, after all if I’m late paying my bill even by 10 minutes after 12 they charge me £10 late payment fee maybe they should be compensating us £5 every day this service they promised doesn’t work… Well after all there’s only a small amount if us who are having these issues apparently so I’m sure they can afford it

  20. Same here black screen and spinning circle of doom after a very frustrating time getting signed up. Come on sky pay enough for your service sort it out

    • Same here, it’s like Groundhog Day, I am so frustrated, keep having to change my Sky password to try and log in on my Samsung TV., but nothing works to activate FREE Paramount+ (as a Sky cinema subscriber). As you say, all Paramount does is send to the payment page, (monthly or annually), desperate to get our card number etc……..typical, all about money money money. Sky should make this easier, but getting hold of them is a nightmare, and the chatbot is useless. It’s not as if we don’t pay a fortune to them anyway.

  21. Hi

    I thought it was just me that had the same issues as mentioned about Sky paramount plus – initial issue could not sign up, kept on getting error messages and now black screen with the white wheel going round and round. When are sky sorting this out?

    • Exactly the same as your problem I tried and tried to sign in and got error then when I finally managed to sign in and got the full screen program through the sky q box when I tried to watch the series I wanted to watch like you all I got on my tv screen was a black screen with a white buffing circle. What’s going on with sky? Should’ve been sorted out by now,
      you would have a better chance in seeing a UFO than getting paramount + on the q box.

  22. Same problem here. I cannot stream any Paramount+ content. All I get is a blank screen with the “loading” circle, which just sits there for hours.

  23. I’ve been trying since the 22nd to connect to paramount through sky but getting nowhere either so annoying, still nothing today just the same messages and blank screen!!!!


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