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Christmas Gift Guide for UK TV Lovers 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for UK TV Lovers 2018

Believe it or not, Christmas is coming – and the TV lovers in your life deserve a festive gift or two, don’t they? But with so many Christmas Gift Guides around the web, I sometimes find it difficult to find presents specifically for TV (and, let’s face it tech), lovers.

So I’ve prepared this roundup of products – from the best streaming devices out there, to show-specific novelties (Game of Thrones anyone?) and even a massage chair, because watching TV should be as convenient as possible.

Being a UK money blogger, I do urge you to only buy within your means – that’s why I’ve divided the recommendations into three price groups – Low-Priced, Mid-Priced and High-Priced.

Keep in mind, though – with all the deals and special offers, prices change almost daily – so what I list as High-Priced might suddenly become Mid-Priced or even Low-Priced for a couple of days…

So without further ado – let’s start with the gifting. (Oh, and if you buy any of these gifts for yourself – that’s OK too, I won’t tell!)

Low-Priced Gifts for TV Lovers

Low-priced doesn’t have to look and feel cheap. In fact, in TV and Fan territory, it really is the thought that counts in many cases.

VonShef Vintage Popcorn Maker

Sure, most of us use a microwave to pop popcorn these days – but taking popcorn out of a nuked bag will never feel – and smell – the same as freshly hot-air popped corn kernels. (Plus, it’s much cheaper this way – raw kernels cost next to nothing…)

What I love about the VonShef popcorn maker is the vintage look, with colours right out of a retro cinema. And it even comes with 6 cinema-style popcorn boxes for that extra flair. Get it here.

Sofa TV Remote Control Organiser – With Cup Tray

If there’s one thing binge watchers who sit down to watch 6 episodes of Game of Thrones in a row hate, it’s to have to get up from the sofa in order to find the remote. Or to get their drink.

Well, they’re going to have their happiest Christmas ever – with this armrest remote control organiser.

It’s stylish and durable, comes in different colours to match anyone’s sofa, it has multiple pockets for remote controls, and even a tray that can hold a drink, a bag of crisps, your phone… you get the idea. Get it here.

100 Box Sets Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

Do you know those travel scratch-off posters, where you scratch off every country you’ve been to? Well, forget countries – it’s a lot more fun to scratch off TV programmes you’ve watched.

This binge-watcher’s dream will show off all the programmes you’ve watched – from Homeland to Friends, from Black Mirror to Blackadder – it will give any TV lover a sense of true purpose in life.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Doctor Who Pendant

There’s no point in trying to understand Doctor Who’s time travel – so the best explanation, of course, is that it’s all just a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.

Well, why not have this brilliant piece of science on you at all times? With this necklace, you can – and it even comes in a gift box, perfect for any Doctor Who fan. Get it here.

Doctor Who Christmas Jumper

You can’t celebrate Christmas without Christmas jumpers now can you? Help your TV-loving friends and family celebrate in geeky style, with these Doctor Who jumpers.

You can get a snowy Dalek one, then there’s one inspired by the Weeping Angels, and even a Cyberman who wants to delete Christmas. Oh no!

Mr Bean Solar Dancing Pal

I can’t begin to tell you how many smiles and laughs this simple Mr Bean solar bobble head doll got out of my mother. You stick it on your car’s dashboard (though your window at home is also OK), and it starts dancing.

Or at least, what Mr Bean would call dancing. It really is quite amusing for such a cheap gift. Get it here.

Grey’s Anatomy Don’t Disturb Socks

If you have any Grey’s Anatomy fans in your life (or if you are one yourself), you’ll know that when the show is on – everything else must stop.

So, what better way to let everyone in the house know that, than to wear your “Grey’s Anatomy Is On” socks?

They’re unisex, they come in multiple colours, and even Meredith Grey would wear them. I think. Get them here.

Game of Thrones Heat-Change Westeros Map Mug

Heat-changing mugs were all the rage back in the 80’s, but they’re still with us today. And what better way to use them, than with a Game of Thrones quote and map?

When cold (Winter is coming!), the mug displays the infamous GoT saying “All Men Must Serve”. But when you pour hot tea into it – you see the map of Westeros. Get it here.

NOW TV Gift Cards

NOW TV Is Sky’s answer to Netflix – a streaming TV service, with most of the programmes, movies and sports available on Sky – without any contracts.

NOW TV Smart StickThe person you’re buying these for WILL need a TV streamer that supports NOW TV (check out the NOW TV Stick), but if they do, NOW TV gift cards are a great idea. (To learn more about NOW TV, read my full review here.)

You’ll need to decide whether you want to buy a card for the Entertainment Pass, the Cinema Pass or the Sports Pass. Get them here.

Mid-Priced Gifts for TV Lovers

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K

The latest incarnation of Amazon’s streaming stick – and the best streamer out there, in my opinion, when considering both features and price.

The Fire TV streaming stick has most of the major UK streaming apps (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and countless others – no NOW TV though – for that you’ll need the cheaper NOW TV Stick), and the Alexa Voice Remote, which lets you control the device with your voice. (It’s also a limited Alexa hub – so you can ask simple questions, ask to see the weather, etc’).

If you’re looking to buy someone a TV streamer (or for yourself!), this is the one to get this Christmas. Get it here.

Panasonic Wireless Headphones With Surround Sound

I’m one of those strange people who often wake up at 5am. But starting to work when the sun hasn’t even come out yet is awful – so instead, I sit down with the cat to watch some TV.

Ah, but how am I going to watch without waking everybody up, including the neighbours? Wireless headphones that connect to your telly are the answer.

These Panasonic headphones connect to a standard headphone jack on your TV (or any other device), and even offer Surround Sound. And you don’t have to worry about batteries – because they come with a cradle that also serves as a battery recharger.

Portable DVD Player – DBPOWER 10.5″ 

Sure, streaming TV is all the rage these days – but some people still watch DVDs. And that’s especially true when you’re in your car, or on holiday, where the internet connection might be wobbly. The solution? A portable DVD player. (See my full portable DVDs review roundup here)

This player has a large swivelling screen, it supports most of the major video formats, and lasts 5 hours on a full charge (but also comes with a car charger). Get it here.

Game of Thrones – Season 1-7 DVD / BluRay

With the last season of Game of Thrones (Season 8) coming in early 2019, now’s the perfect time to catch up.

You can, of course, buy all the seasons as streaming video on Amazon, but if you want to buy them as a gift, you can get all the seasons (1-7) on DVD or on BluRay.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Board Game

Speaking of Game of Thrones, matching it up with Monopoly sounds like a match made in heaven. (Though if you prefer, there’s also a Game of Thrones Risk board game)

With tokens shaped like Dire Wolves, the Three-Eyed Raven and even the Iron Throne, you’ll have a lot of fun trying to capture (as in – buy or rent) Winterfell, Castle Black and King’s Landing. Get it here.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Board Game
1,562 Reviews

Doctor Who Cluedo Board Game

Forget Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room – In this special edition of Doctor Who Cluedo, the killer might be a Cyberman or even a Dalek!

Locations range from Coal Hill School to The Bank of Karabraxos, and the weapons… don’t even get me started. Get it here. (And if you prefer, there’s also a Sherlock Cluedo version!)

Doctor Who Cluedo Mystery Board Game
421 Reviews

Higher-Priced Gifts For TV Lovers

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control

If there’s one thing TV lovers hate – it’s all those remotes that start taking space on the living room table. Your telly has a remote, and the soundbar has one, and the streamer, and… you get the picture.

So instead, get One Remote Control To Rule Them All – the Logitech Harmony Ultimate has both physical buttons and a colour touchscreen, and it can control more than just your TV equipment – think about your gaming consoles, and even the Philips Hue Lights. Get it here.

Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heat

Buying a full-sized TV chair for someone else isn’t very practical (and quite expensive) – but this is the next best thing. A massage pad that sits ON TOP of your favourite TV chair! (or in your car, or in your office…)

This model is equipped with 12 massage balls for your back and neck with different intensity levels of vibrations. And best of all – it can heat up, which is perfect around Christmas time… Get it here.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet With Alexa Hands-Free

Let’s face it – a lot of people don’t even TV on their TV these days. We either watch it on our mobile phones, or – even better – on tablets. And while Apple’s iPad is a great choice, it’s pretty expensive – so there’s another, cheaper solution.

Amazon’s Fire HD tablet comes with a 10.1″ Full HD screen, a Quad Core processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. Internal storage is available at either 32 or 64 GB, and most importantly – it has all sorts of streaming apps, from Netflix to Prime Video and most of the major UK catch-up apps.

It’s cheaper thanks to “Special Offers” (as in – adverts) that show up on your screen when it’s in sleep mode. Check out the full spec here.

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Writer and news editor based in London, I cut the TV cord back in 2014 and never looked back. I watch A LOT of TV, and thankfully I can choose whatever I want to watch without depending on archaic channels.

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