Sky TNT Sports Subscribers Get Free Discovery+ Upgrade

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In a move that has been eagerly awaited by many, Sky has finally extended its offering to include Discovery+ Premium for customers who are already subscribed to TNT Sports.

Earlier this year, Sky customers were given access to Discovery+ at no additional charge, a move that was widely appreciated.

However, the introduction of TNT Sports into the new “Discovery+ Premium” tier left Sky subscribers in a bit of a quandary.

Now, it seems that the wait is over, as last week Sky made amends by starting to offer Discovery+ Premium to TNT Sports subscribers at no extra cost – though, of course, there are a few caveats (see full instructions below).

This change comes amidst a month full of changes related to TNT Sports – first, Virgin Media dropped TNT Sports from all its bundles (for new subscribers).

TNT Sports on DiscoveryPlus on Fire TV
TNT Sports

Then, this week, Discovery+ Premium with TNT Sports became an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Discovery+ On Sky: The Journey So Far

Earlier this year, Sky TV subscribers (check deals) were offered a “bonus” in the form of a subscription to Discovery+, which included its sports category, at no extra cost.

The Discovery+ service, which launched in 2020, replaced Discovery’s Dplay streaming service and offers a range of lifestyle, factual, and sports content.

Discovery plus on Sky Glass

Back then, the service had two paid tiers: Entertainment at £3.99/month and Entertainment + Sports at £6.99/month – and both tiers also include advert breaks.

Eligible Sky customers – those with Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream – could sign up for Discovery+ Entertainment + Sport as part of their monthly Sky TV subscription, saving them £6.99/month.

However, the landscape changed when TNT Sports was launched. This new sports broadcasting platform emerged from the merger between BT Sport and Discovery+/Eurosport.

It aimed to become the leading hub for sports fans in the UK, offering a variety of sports content and experienced presenters. TNT Sports, along with Eurosport, holds the rights for a long list of sporting events – from the UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches to Premiership Rugby and Champions Cup.

Other global sports events like UFC, WWE, Boxing, Roland-Garros, the Tour de France, and the exclusive pay TV broadcast rights for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will also be part of the lineup.

When TNT Sports launched, it was incorporated into the existing Discovery+ streaming platform, adding a third tier – Discovery+ Premium, at £29.99/month.

Discovery Plus tiers with TNT Sports Premium
Discovery+ Standalone Tiers

However, TNT Sports was conspicuously absent from the Discovery+ apps on Sky (and Roku, which has also been fixed since) platforms.

Sky subscribers could access TNT Sports only through Sky’s own linear channels, and they didn’t get access to TNT Sports on any other platform.

Sky customers who were excited about the launch of TNT Sports found themselves in a difficult position. While TNT Sports was available as a set of linear channels on Sky, it was not available on the Discovery+ app on these platforms.

This meant that if you were a Sky customer subscribed to TNT Sports, you couldn’t access Discovery+ Premium on any of the supported devices. 

This meant that TNT Sports subscribers on Sky, were only able to watch it on Sky’s devices (and potentially via Sky Go), without the ability to stream live and on-demand TNT Sports content on other devices that feature the Discovery+ app.

Discovery+ Premium Now Available For Sky Customers

Last week, Sky and Discovery finally addressed this issue. Sky customers who are subscribed to TNT Sports have now been upgraded to Discovery+ Premium at no extra cost.

TNT Sports on TV mockup

This means they can now enjoy all the features of Discovery+ Premium, including the ability to pause and rewind live events and access to UHD content.

According to Sky, the app will also be updated soon to bring even more action-packed features related to TNT Sports.

How To Get Discovery+ Premium On Sky

Sky TV subscribers are eligible to either the Discovery+ Entertainment+Sports plan at no extra cost, or – if they’re subscribed to TNT Sports (via Sky) – they can get Discovery+ Premium at no extra cost, as long as they have either:

Customers with Sky Q Essentials, Sky Q Lite, and Sky+ (and Sky HD+) can’t get Discovery+ at no extra cost. 

Of course, your access to Discovery+ depends on you being an active Sky subscriber.

If you cancel your Sky subscription, your Discovery+ subscription will also end (but you can always sign up for Discovery+ directly), and if you cancel TNT Sports, your access to the Premium tier will end.

How Do I Activate The Discovery+ Offer?

First, open the Sky Marketplace on your Sky device, by either pressing Home, and selecting My Sky at the bottom of the screen, or saying “Go to My Sky”.

Then, Select Sky Shop and Discovery+.

If you’re eligible for Discovery+ at no extra cost as part of your Sky subscription, the price will show as £0.

Select Confirm (or View T&Cs if you want to read the terms and conditions).

At that point, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code, or go to you’ll sign in with your Sky account and get redirected to the Discovery+ website to activate the offer.

Discovery plus on sky activate

Now, Go to the Discovery+ app on your Sky device.

You can then either sign in with an existing account or create a new one. If you sign in with a new account – and you’re already subscribed to Discovery+ independently of Sky – you’ll need to remember to cancel your paid subscription.

You’ll then see an activation code on your screen. Go to and enter the code to activate your account.

Once you sign up (or sign in) and connect your Sky account, you’ll be able to access and use your full Discovery+ subscription on every streaming device that supports the Discovery+ app – Amazon Fire TV sticks, Roku, smartphones, Smart TVs and more (and not just on your Sky device).

The tier you get access to (Entertainment + Sports VS Premium) depends on whether or not you have an active TNT Sports subscription on Sky.

3 thoughts on “Sky TNT Sports Subscribers Get Free Discovery+ Upgrade”

  1. I did upgrade discovery plus but they only gave me standard subscription not premium
    I have sky Q with movies and sports including TNT sports
    I thought you would like to know from an old age pensioner,

  2. “Back then, the service had two paid tiers: Entertainment at £3.99/month and Entertainment + Sports at £6.99/month – and both tiers also include advert breaks.”

    They don’t have ad breaks when subscribing via Roku etc. Why do Sky customers put up with such a poor service?


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