TNT Sports Becomes An Amazon Prime Video Channel

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In a significant move that expands the sports streaming landscape in the UK, TNT Sports is coming to Prime Video, thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Starting today, Prime Video UK customers can access Discovery+ Premium, which includes TNT Sports, Eurosport and Discovery’s entertainment content for an additional monthly fee of £29.99.

This collaboration aims to bring the rich line-up of both sports and entertainment content to Prime Video Channels, including every UEFA Champions League game and select Premier League matches (see full details below).

The subscription cost for Discovery+ Premium is identical whether you sign up directly or through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels.

However, subscribing via Prime Video offers the added benefit of watching TNT Sports on devices that may not be compatible with the Discovery+ app.

Discovery plus tnt sports amazon prime video join

But there’s one major caveat that people should be aware of – as with other Prime Video channels, the direct subscription and Prime Video subscription are separate.

This means that if you subscribe directly on Discovery+, you won’t be able to watch on Prime Video – AND vice versa – the logins are totally separate.

Amazon’s Prime Video Channels Explained

For those who might be new to the concept, Prime Video Channels are an add-on that allows Amazon Prime members to add additional paid streaming services to their existing Prime Video account.

Prime Video Channels offer 2023
Prime Video Channels

This means you can consolidate your streaming subscriptions into one place, making it easier to manage and navigate through your favourite content.

The service operates on an à la carte model, allowing users to pick and choose the channels they want without being tied into a long-term contract.

Channels range from well-known brands like Paramount+ and Lionsgate+ to more niche offerings. Once subscribed, you can access these channels directly through the Prime Video app on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

One of the major advantages of Prime Video Channels is the flexibility it offers. You can cancel any channel subscription at any time, giving you the freedom to tailor your streaming experience according to your preferences and needs.

This is particularly useful for sports fans who may only be interested in subscribing during specific seasons or tournaments.

Amazon Prime Video logo on Tablet
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You must have an Amazon Prime subscription first (or Prime Video), and then you can add the channels on top of that – which means these channels aren’t available to everyone (But you can get a free 30-days trial of Amazon Prime).

What Is TNT Sports?

TNT Sports, previously known as BT Sport, emerged from a merger between BT Sport and Eurosport, a well-established French sports TV network that is now owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

The rebranding aimed to consolidate the TV and streaming rights of both services under the umbrella of Discovery+, and it officially launched in July 2023.

TNT Sports presenters on TV

TNT Sports (now with Eurosport) holds the rights for a long list of sporting events – from the thrill of the UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches to the excitement of Premiership Rugby and Champions Cup.

Other global sports events like UFC, WWE, Boxing, Roland-Garros, the Tour de France, and the exclusive pay TV broadcast rights for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will also be part of the lineup.

The pricing model for TNT Sports has remained consistent with its predecessor, BT Sport, at £29.99/month for standalone subscribers (that is – without a pay-TV subscription like Sky or Virgin Media).

But those £29.99 now also include a Discovery+ subscription, so you get Discovery’s entertainment and lifestyle content, along with Eurosport and TNT Sports.

It’s worth mentioning that TNT Sports is often cheaper if you get it via the pay-TV companies, but then 0f course – you’re also signing a long-term contract for broadband and additional TV components.

Virgin Media recently removed TNT Sports from its bundles – which means it now costs more for new subscribers.

Discovery+ Joins Amazon’s Prime Video Channels

Discovery+ has long been available as an Amazon Prime Video channel – with both the Entertainment (£3.99/month) and Entertainmnt+Sports, which includes Eurosport (£6.99/month), plans.

Today, Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery have signed a UK agreement that will see the recently launched discovery+ Premium plan (which includes TNT Sports), available as a new Prime Video Channel.

Discovery Plus Premium on Prime Video

Since the Prime Video app is available on almost every streaming device in the UK, including Amazon’s own Fire TV sticks, Roku, Smart TVs and SOME Freeview boxes (such as the Humax Aura), this means that TNT Sports will now be accessible on even more devices.

Chris Bird, UK Country Director for Prime Video, expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, stating, “The addition of discovery+ Premium is a great complement to the Original series, movies, and live sport that we already offer on Prime Video.”

Andrew Georgiou, President and MD for Warner Bros. Discovery UK & Ireland and WBD Sports, Europe, also highlighted the importance of the partnership. He said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Prime Video, bringing more customers more access to our live sport and entertainment content in the UK.”

4 thoughts on “TNT Sports Becomes An Amazon Prime Video Channel”

  1. it’s a shame that TNT via Amazon Prime is REALLY clunky and the Replay options are often broken or incomplete. three times we’ve tried to watch replays of cricket matches and none have worked. Two stopped prematurely and the third didn’t include any coverage of the actual match.
    Plus it is nearly impossible to raise concerns about the programming with Amazon, who happily take your money – obviously.

  2. Does the Prime Video/TNT sports package offer for UEFA games include all competitions:
    Champions League plus
    Europa League?
    Europa Conference League?

  3. So Discovery+ is at last accessible on a BT TV Pro Box, albeit at the included additional cost of an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription?

    • They’ve finally added the Discovery+ app to the BT TV 4K Pro boxes recently – so you should be able to access it even without Amazon Prime (though that’s not the case with BT’s older TV boxes)


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