TNT Sports: Sky And Roku Users Still Missing Out

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Since its much-anticipated launch earlier this week, TNT Sports is quickly becoming the go-to sports hub for fans across the UK – but it’s already running into challenges.

Viewers keen to immerse themselves in a plethora of live sports on their Roku, NOW TV and Sky devices have been left sidelined. The issue? TNT Sports is conspicuously absent from the Discovery+ apps on these platforms.

TNT Sports, the brainchild of a merger between BT Sport and Discovery+/Eurosport, offers live sports, experienced presenters and a subscriber-friendly price of £29.99/month when signing up directly.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. A number of sports enthusiasts who rely on Roku’s streaming devices have found themselves without a direct way to watch TNT Sports, as they wait for it to arrive on the Roku version of the Discovery+ app.

Roku home screen apps Discovery

TNT Sports subscribers on Sky are also at a disadvantage, as TNT Sports is also not available on the Sky version of the Discovery+ app (but the live channels are available, if you subscribe to them).

Furthermore, those who subscribe via Sky don’t get access to TNT Sports on ANY other platform, except for Sky’s own TNT Sports linear channels – for now.

But wait, there’s more – as currently, the Discovery+ app is also not available (at all) on Virgin Media’s boxes or on BT TV’s Pro 4K Box – although it’s expected to be added soon (and subscribers can at least access Discovery+ Premium on other devices, if they’re subscribed).

What Is TNT Sports?

TNT Sports is a brand-new sports broadcasting platform that made its debut in the UK this week. It emerged from the merger between BT Sport and Discovery+/Eurosport, two notable players in the sports and entertainment industry.

Its aim? To become the leading hub for sports fans looking for live sports coverage across the UK.

The platform brings together an impressive variety of sports content, drawing from a multitude of disciplines.

TNT Sports collage

Whether you’re into football, tennis, rugby, or any other sport, TNT Sports aims to offer something for every sports enthusiast.

Moreover, TNT Sports doesn’t just rely on sports coverage to attract its audience. A roster of experienced presenters, like Laura Woods, Carl Frampton and many others, adds a human touch and expert commentary to the sporting action.

Where watching TNT Sports is concerned, the service has been incorporated into the existing Discovery+ streaming platform.

Discovery plus on tv remote

Discovery+ subscribers, who were previously able to watch content from Discovery channels and Eurosport, can now also access TNT Sports content if they subscribe to the ‘Entertainment + Sport’ Premium package, at £29.99/month.

As for pay-TV subscribers, customers of Sky, Virgin Media and BT TV can sign up for TNT Sports via those companies (or keep their current BT Sport subscription, which has been transformed into TNT Sports).

They will then have access to the live versions (and some on-demand content) of TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3, and TNT Sports 4, as well as TNT Sports Ultimate which adds 4K content.

Want To Stream TNT Sports? Not On Roku

The Discovery+ app is available on a long list of streaming devices and Smart TVs in the UK, including on Roku’s popular streaming sticks, such as the Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

Roku Home screen apps with Roku remote

Therefore, Roku device owners have been eagerly waiting to access the new sports service through their Discovery+ app.

But TNT Sports remains conspicuously absent on the current app version, leaving fans feeling side-lined and disappointed, with some taking to social media to voice their concerns.

Roku does have an old BT Sport app that still works – but you can only use it if you’ve had (and still have) the old BT Sport subscription. If you sign up via Discovery+ Premium (on another device) – the BT Sport app won’t help you at this point.

The Discovery+ app does run on Roku – and it does have the Sports section which includes Eurosport content – but it doesn’t have the TNT Sports content, which is otherwise available on Discovery+ on other devices – such as on the Amazon Fire TV sticks:

TNT Sports on DiscoveryPlus on Fire TV
TNT Sports on Fire TV’s Discovery+ App

So, even if you subscribe to TNT Sports via other platforms (on your phone, or your browser, for example) – most of TNT Sports’ events won’t show up on the Roku version of Discovery+.

This is also true for NOW TV’s old streaming boxes and sticks – as they’re also based on Roku’s hardware and OS.

NOW TV Stick
The NOW Streaming Stick – Also Doesn’t Support TNT Sports Yet

The news is particularly bitter as there’s no clear timeframe for when this addition will be made, leaving Roku users in limbo (although it’s safe to assume an update will be coming soon).

We’ve reached out to Roku and TNT Sports, and will update this article with their response.

Sky Customers Missing Out On Discovery+ Premium

The story is somewhat similar for Sky customers.

TNT Sports IS available as a set of linear channels on Sky, and its customers can record and stream live events on Sky Glass, Sky Stream, or on Sky Q device’s hard drive (assuming they have the correct subscription, of course).

And, the Discovery+ app is also available on Sky’s devices (and some Sky subscribers can even get Discovery+, without the Premium add-on, for free).

Discovery plus on Sky Glass

However, the Discovery+ app on these platforms remains without a TNT Sports section.

Furthermore, if you’re subscribed to TNT Sports on any of the other platforms – you get access to Discovery+ Premium on all supported devices – but that’s not the case with Sky, for now – as a TNT Sports subscription via Sky won’t let you access TNT Sports on other platforms.

The good news? Sky and TNT Sports have provided a glimmer of hope in their statement:

“Coming soon, Sky TV customers who subscribe to TNT Sports will also be able to access the Premium plan on Discovery+, which will enable them to enjoy TNT Sports via the Discovery+ app on Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q.”

However, the lack of a concrete timeline is cause for frustration among fans who were eager to enjoy the complete Discovery+/TNT Sports app experience from the get-go.

With no clarity on when the service will become available on both Roku and Sky’s Discovery+ app, and with the app not compatible with some of the other pay-TV boxes – some fans are left waiting on the bench – for now.

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5 thoughts on “TNT Sports: Sky And Roku Users Still Missing Out”

  1. Typical British stupidity. Customer service should learn what is “TV Everywhere” in USA and offer same authorization solution in UK. How hard can this be?

  2. “go-to sports hub for fans”
    The Ashes cricket, the Open Golf, and the F1 are on Sky Sports so what are people watching on TNT.
    “a subscriber-friendly price of £29.99/month”
    I am only paying £20pm for Sky Sports!
    This reads like a press release from TNT.

  3. Hi Or. TNT sports channels definitely appeared on the discovery plus app on my Roku streambar on launch day, but I checked yesterday to find it had disappeared. Very strange indeed.

    • Yes, that’s a partial solution for some. But as far as I’m aware, it only works if you have the old BT Sports (now TNT Sports) subscription, not the new Discovery+ Premium


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