NOW’s Sky Sports Mobile Pass Returns: 12 Months for £12

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Sky’s NOW, the streaming platform formerly known as NOW TV, has just dropped (again) a tempting deal that’s set to make waves in the world of sports streaming.

Imagine having a full year of streaming sports content for less than the monthly price of most streaming sports platforms.

That’s exactly what NOW is offering with the return of its Sky Sports Mobile Pass, available for a one-off payment of just £11.98 (in a kind of roundabout way).

But there are two major catches – this deal is strictly for mobile devices, and you only get a limited number of Sky Sports channels, including the Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Arena (see the full list below).

Watching football on smartphone phone

This limited-time deal is like a chameleon, constantly changing its form. It keeps reappearing, each time with a different duration – but this 12-month offer is the most generous we’ve seen so far.

We first saw the 12-month offer back in July – then it changed to 6 months – but now it’s back again.

So, if you’re a sports fan who loves to catch all the action on the go, this could be a game-changer – read ahead on what you can get – and how to get it.

What Is The NOW Sky Sports Mobile Pass?

The Sky Sports Mobile Pass is a unique offering from NOW, the streaming TV platform owned by Sky.

It’s a specialized version of NOW’s sports subscription service designed for sports enthusiasts who prefer to watch their favourite sports events on the go, using their mobile devices (while paying less).

NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile

Introduced initially in 2018, the Mobile Pass was designed as a cost-effective alternative to the regular Sky Sports Pass on NOW, which is quite expensive at £34.99/month.

The mobile pass was officially discontinued for a while – but then it was reintroduced, via a workaround – by signing up for a Day Pass, and getting the Mobile Pass as a “bonus” – which, as of this writing, will last for a full year.

The Mobile Pass is exclusively designed for mobile phone usage. This means the pass can only be used to watch content on a smartphone and is incompatible with other devices such as tablets, computers, or TVs.

At the moment, the Mobile Pass also doesn’t support foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold – but Sky is saying support for these types of phones should be added in the near future.

And, if you’re thinking about watching your MOBILE pass on your TV – the pass does not support casting to a TV using Apple’s AirPlay or Chromecast.

Football on mobile phone 1200

One of the key features of the Mobile Pass is its channel offering – which is limited.

While the regular Sky Sports Pass on NOW provides access to 11 channels, the Mobile Pass offers five specific channels – and no on-demand content.

The live channels include, as of this writing:

Sky Sports Premier League: This channel is the home of live Premier League games, offering comprehensive coverage of one of the world’s most popular football leagues.

Premier League logo
Photo: Deposit Photo / Rafapress

Sky Sports Action: This channel is dedicated to a variety of sports, including rugby, the NFL, and the NBA. It’s a great choice for fans of these sports.

Sky Sports Arena: This channel offers more general sports content, including Super League, darts, and boxing.

Sky Sports Racing: This channel is dedicated to horse racing, providing extensive coverage of races from around the world.

Sky Sports News: A 24-hour sports news channel that covers all sports, with a particular focus on football.

It’s important to note that the Mobile Pass does not support “Box-Office” sporting events.

This means that while you can watch live events on the included channels, you won’t be able to purchase and watch any premium on-demand sporting events.

Furthermore, while you can register the Mobile Pass on up to six separate devices (smartphones), you can only watch on one phone at a time.

This is also true for the regular NOW memberships. However, if you sign up for NOW Boost with other memberships, you can watch on up to three devices simultaneously.

NOW Boost on desktop computer
NOW Boost – Not For The Mobile Pass

Unfortunately, the Boost option isn’t available for the Mobile Pass – and, as we recently reported – you also won’t get Full HD (1080p) video resolutions on mobile phones with any of NOW’s memberships – even if you have NOW Boost.

How To Get NOW’s Sky Sports Mobile For £11.98 – For A Year

Since its official closure in 2020, the Sky Sports Mobile Pass kept popping up here and there as part of special promotions and offers. 

So, to get it – you have to sign up for… the One Day membership.

The Sports Day Membership offer gives you one day of the FULL NOW Sky Sports membership (so you can watch all the sports channels on NOW, on a regular TV, for one day), PLUS a “bonus” of the Sky Sports Mobile Pass – currently for 12 whole months.

NOW TV Sports Membership

Considering the original Mobile Pass used to cost £5.99/month, this looks like a great deal – IF you’re OK with just watching on your phone, and with the limited number of channels.

Once you sign up, you will receive your Mobile Month Membership within 10 working days – so don’t expect to get it right away. 

And, once the “bonus” months are up – your Mobile Pass will be cancelled automatically (as it doesn’t currently “exist” for direct purchase) – though, you will likely be able to get it again with a similar offer in the future.

This offer is available for new AND existing customers, as long as you don’t have an active NOW Sky Sports membership of any kind.

Note: This article was first published on July 29, 2023 – and has been updated when the deal returned.

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  1. Only wanted to watch rugby league grand final & had to pay about £12 just for a couple of hours of the day. Giving me sky mobile free is pointless as doesn’t include hardly any any channels that give me live British football & those that do is once in a blue moon. About time they thought about value of pricing & quality of service. Value for money please & sadly long over due


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