How To Watch CNN Live In The UK: 2022 Guide

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Global news network CNN is still one of the most trusted sources for news around the world. Therefore, a lot of viewers in the UK want to know how to watch CNN live, preferably on their big-screen TV.

Unfortunately, ever since CNN’s removal from Freesat, Virgin Media and BT TV in 2021, it has become harder to watch CNN live in the UK – but there are still a few ways.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the options UK viewers currently have to watch CNN live: From a Sky subscription, to free watching on certain models of TVs and devices, as well as CNN’s own subscription-based live edition.


CNN was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner, as a 24/7 news network. It’s one of the most popular news networks in the US, at a time when news networks are losing viewership.

Globally, CNN operates via CNN International, with various international editions available worldwide, with viewers in more than 200 countries, often as part of premium pay-TV packages.

In the UK, CNN used to be available for free on Freesat, a free-to-air service that only requires a satellite dish, and a Freesat receiver/recorder.

However, in 2021, CNN started changing its focus towards subscription-based distribution, and the CNN channel was removed from Freesat (as well as from two pay-TV platforms – Virgin Media and BT TV).

CNN on phone
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Watching CNN Live In The UK

If you want to watch CNN live on your TV in the UK, there are a few options at the moment. Strangely, CNN’s own subscription-based service, only works on computer browsers and smartphones, and doesn’t have a TV app for now.

Here are the main options that currently exist in the UK to watch CNN:

1. CNN on Sky

Sky is the only pay-TV platform that still carries CNN in the UK, and you can watch it live if you’re subscribed to Sky (check Sky offers here).

CNN is available in HD, on Sky channel 506

Sky Q official
Sky Q

However, it’s important to note that CNN is only available on Sky Q and a few of the older devices – CNN is NOT currently available on Sky Glass, the new streaming TV from Sky.

2. CNN On Roku / Phones / PCs via Rakuten TV 

Rakuten TV’s free streaming platform offers a selection of live channels – including CNN. 

Until recently, the platform was only available on a few specific TV models (such as LG Smart TVs), but the free channels section was then added to Rakuten TV on more devices.

CNN on Rakuten Channels
Rakuten TV on Roku

Therefore, this is now the most widely available way to watch CNN for free in the UK, and is currently available on:

  • Rakuten TV’s Website
  • Roku streaming devices
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Pc and Mac computers
  • LG Smart TVs from 2013 onwards
  • Philips Smart TVs from 2019
  • Hisense Smart TVs
  • Panasonic Smart TVs from 2015 onwards
  • Sony Android TV 2014-2018

3. CNN On Samsung TVs And Phones

Samsung’s free (with adverts) live TV service, Samsung TV Plus, includes more than 90 live channels – including CNN.

Samsung TV Plus is currently available on Samsung TV models from 2016 onwards, as an app that usually comes pre-installed on the supported TVs.

Samsung TV Plus is also available on Samsung’s mobile phones from the Galaxy series, so you can watch CNN through that as well.

Samsung TV Plus live CNN
CNN On Samsung TV Plus

When you run the app on your Galaxy phone, you’ll get a “TV Guide” that lists the available channels, including CNN, with the show that’s currently airing. 

4. CNN Live Subscription (Browsers Only)

In June 2021, CNN introduced a streaming-based live subscription service in the UK with a live stream of CNN’s broadcast.

The service is ad-free, and costs £1.99/month or £19.90/year. 

If you’re not subscribed, you can watch the live broadcast as a “Preview”, for free – for up to 10 minutes each day.

Unfortunately, the only direct way to watch the CNN Live subscription is via a browser, either on your desktop/laptop or on a mobile phone.

There are no apps for any of the major streaming devices (such as Amazon Fire TV or Roku) in the UK.

We approached CNN to ask whether such apps are planned for the future, but they had no information to add at this point.

What’s CNN+?

Last year, CNN also announced “CNN+”, a ‘complementary’ streaming-only service that’s different from CNN Live. 

CNN+ runs alongside the ‘traditional’ CNN, with additional content and exclusive programmes – but is only be available in the US, at least at this point, for $5.99/month.

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4 thoughts on “How To Watch CNN Live In The UK: 2022 Guide”

  1. I watched CNN in the middle of the night when sleep evaded me but the subscription only went to my main TV not the one in my bedroom. Has anyone got idea how i can divert it, or get it on both. I dont want to get up and sit in cold room,,!!

  2. Isn’t it about time CNN, with their enormous profits, produced an app, so that the millions of us folk woldwide can once again watch a live streaming service. I personally, followed your broadcasts of news for many many years and feel let down by a service one could always rely on. I am 84 years old and unable to pay extra for what was once included in my TV broadcast plan.
    Shame on you CNN.


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