Samsung TV Plus Comes To UK Mobiles With 94 Free Channels

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Samsung TV Plus, the free live TV service from Samsung Electronics, is coming to select mobile phones in the UK, bringing with it 94 live channels you can watch for free (with adverts) – from CNN and Bloomberg to Teletubbies and a unique comedy channel.

Until now, Samsung TV Plus has been an app that came pre-installed on Samsung TVs (2016 and onwards models), with a long list of totally free to watch channels.

Last year, Samsung brought its TV Plus service to mobile phones – but only in the US. This week, the service is coming to Galaxy phones and tablets in the UK and Germany (with more European countries coming later in the year).

Samsung TV plus official

Keep in mind that TV Plus on mobile is only available on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, with Android 8.0 or higher – so if you have a particularly old Galaxy phone, it might not be compatible. 

You can find the TV Plus mobile app on the Galaxy store, or on the Google Play Store (but only if you have a Galaxy device).

And, from April 28, Samsung will launch a brand new ‘Samsung Free’ page on their Galaxy phones. With a single swipe right, users will be able to read news, play games and now watch TV Plus highlights straight from the home screen.

Phones that upgrade to R OS or any Samsung phone model from 2021 will offer Samsung Free preloaded, while other users can choose Samsung Free from the Galaxy Store.

What Can I Watch on Samsung TV Plus?

TV Plus, both on TVs and now on mobile, offers 94 free live channels, which don’t even require a registration – but do get ready for advert breaks.

When you run the app, you’ll get a “TV Guide” that lists the available channels, with the show that’s currently airing. It’s easy to switch between the different channels, and the videos start almost instantly.

Samsung TV Plus live CNN

Keep in mind, though, those channels are all live, and there’s no on-demand content for now.

Many of the channels are also available on other free live streaming services, such as Pluto TV and Plex Live Channels – but some are unique to TV Plus.

Some of the big names you can find on TV Plus include CNN, Bloomberg TV+, Vevo Pop, Teletubbies channel, Rakuten TV’s Action Movies and Drama movies, Kidoodle TV and more (you can find the full list in this PDF file from Samsung).

Samsung TV Plus channels

Samsung TV Plus also has its very own exclusive channel, ‘Comedy’, which hosts an array of UK and US favourites such as Hot in Cleveland, Russell Howard’s Good News and Taskmaster Best Bits

Gus Grimaldi, Head of Product Services, Samsung Europe said: “The launch of Samsung TV Plus on mobile and tablets across the UK and Europe will allow us to deliver premium content to viewers on-the-go, on their terms.

“Audiences should have the flexibility to consume shows they enjoy in whatever way suits them. This app will ensure people have access to high-quality shows and blockbusters for free whenever they want them – whether that’s at home or outside on the go as we start to enjoy places and services opening up again.”

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