Plex Launches Free Live TV Channels In The UK

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Plex, which started its life as a media streaming solution, is growing once again – this time by adding a free live TV service, which is available in the UK and worldwide.

The channels, which include IGN TV, Nosey, Cooking Panda, music video channels and many more (the complete list of channels is down below), are already available on most versions of the Plex app.

Plex is a popular media management and streaming platform (see our full Plex review), that lets you organise your locally-stored media files, and stream them to a multitude of other devices. 

Last year, Plex entered the content game, when it launched a free on-demand streaming service that features TV programmes, movies and documentaries.

While free is always nice, Plex’ on-demand service in the UK consists mostly of old programmes and movies you’ve never heard of – though there are a few gems here and there.

This week, Plex announced the launch of their new live TV offer. As with the on-demand content, the live TV channels are all free, but ad-supported, with advert-breaks during the shows.

Plex live channels on tv

The live channels appear as a grid (similar to the Freeview EPG), where you can see all the programmes that are “airing” at the moment, as well as upcoming ones.

With the channels being live, you can’t pause, fast forward or record anything – these are truly old-school live channels, so you can only watch what’s on RIGHT NOW.

“Two of the most important factors for an enjoyable streaming experience”, said Keith Valory, CEO of Plex, “are easily being able to find something of interest to watch, and being able to watch it from any device you choose.

“Plex offers consumers across the globe a simple yet powerful platform for access to all types of content that can be streamed from all types of devices.”

Where Can I Watch Plex Live TV?

Plex itself is available on almost every smart device in existence, from phones to streaming devices and even some Freeview boxes – but the Live TV part isn’t available on all of these devices yet.

For now, Plex Live TV is available on these devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV (v8.3.1 or newer)
  • Android mobile (v8.3.1 or newer)
  • Android TV (v8.3.1 or newer)
  • Apple TV (v7.3.1 or newer)
  • Chromecast
  • iOS (v7.3.1 or newer)
  • Plex Web App (v4.38.2 or newer)
  • Roku (v6.6.5 or newer)

With the new feature still rolling out, you might not see it on your device just yet. On my Android phone, I had to log out of Plex and then log back in for the Live TV tab to appear – so you can try that out.

Plex live channels on the app

Also, note that while Plex offers a premium “Plex Pass” tier – it is not needed for the Live TV channels feature.

You can find out more about Plex Live TV here.

What Can I Watch On Plex Live TV?

In the US, Plex are offering 80+ channels, with more coming soon – and many of them are in HD.

Plex live channels UK guide on tv

In the UK (and worldwide), only around 72 channels are currently available (as always, due to rights issues). Some of the highlights include:

  • Reuters: With news from around the world.
  • EDGEsport: The latest updates from the home of live-action sports.
  • Yahoo Finance: With live financial news and reports.
  • Toon Goggles: Animated and live-action programmes for children.
  • IGN: Video reviews, entertainment news and live events from the popular gaming and entertainment channel
  • Nosey: The ultimate destination for lovers of trashy talkshows, and those who missed Jerry Springer
  • Revry: With news, documentaries and drama on LGBTQ+ topics.

Plex live tv channels official

Don’t expect to find any blockbusters or new, talked-about shows – but it’s a nice option to have when you’re bored and want to kill some time, or if you miss that feeling of flipping between channels. 

As is sometimes the case with ad-supported services, some channels don’t have a lot of adverts to show at the moment (at least in the UK), but they STILL cut for advert breaks – so you might see the same channel promo again and again.

Here is the complete list of channels which are available in the UK (and worldwide) –

  • RetroCrush
  • GN TV
  • AFV Family
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Reuters
  • AFV Español
  • ESRevolution
  • Tankee
  • Made In Hollywood
  • TV Classics
  • Law & Crime
  • Game Show Central
  • Hollywire
  • Popstar! TV
  • So…Real
  • Nosey
  • Real Nosey
  • Revry
  • Revry2
  • RevryNow


  • Love Destination
  • Glewed.TV
  • PlayWorks
  • Kidoodle TV
  • Monster Kids
  • Surf Now TV
  • SportsGrid
  • DrinkTV
  • Cooking Panda
  • The Design Network
  • Hometalk TV
  • The Boat Show
  • Choppertown
  • Wu Tang Collection
  • Channel Fight
  • Midnight Pulp
  • Hollywood Classics
  • Maverick Black Cinema
  • The Film Detective
  • DarkMatter TV
  • Gravitas Movies


  • The Archive
  • Unidentified
  • KMTV
  • AsianCrush
  • 80s Party
  • Beast Mode
  • Bedroom Beats
  • Friday Feels
  • Hip Hop Bangers
  • Hot R&B
  • Hottest of the Hot
  • Latin x Pop
  • Like Yesterday
  • Neural Focused
  • Only 90s Kids Will Und
  • Texas-Sized Hits
  • That 70s Channel
  • That’s Hot
  • Trending
  • Unwind
  • Yacht Rock
  • Electro Anthems
  • Party
  • EDGEsport

These channels are available in the UK with their Global version (which is sometimes different from the US version) –

  • Toon Goggles
  • The Pet Collective
  • FailArmy
  • SQAD
  • People are Awesome
  • TG Junior
  • WeatherSpy
  • party tyme karaoke

In addition, there are channels (like “The Bob Ross Channel”, “Tastemade”, “Comedy Dynamics” and more) which are currently only available in the US or Canada.

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    • As far as I know, I don’t think the Plex app is available on the new Freesat boxes (or the old Humax ones). But it is available on SOME Freeview boxes – so maybe they’ll add it to the Freesat box as well at some point…


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