BritBox Will Be Available On FreeviewPlay, Samsung TVs And More Devices

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BritBox, the upcoming joint streaming service from ITV and the BBC, is right around the corner, and this week we learn how and where it will be available to stream. Samsung TVs, FreeviewPlay devices, iOS and Android phones – are some of the devices that will support the new service.

BritBox is a new streaming subscription service created by the BBC and ITV, that will bring past, present and future British programming from a variety of British broadcasters. BritBox is set to launch this autumn and is currently priced at £5.99/month for HD streaming on multiple devices.

Yesterday, ITV confirmed several deals with distribution partners for BritBox, that will include the BritBox app on their devices:

  • Samsung Smart TVs (2016 and onwards models)
  • FreeviewPlay devices (so plenty of Freeview boxes and TVs that support Freeview’s apps ecosystem)
  • YouView devices (A service that combines Freeview channels with streaming apps, and works with several TV models and YouView set-top boxes)
  • iOS Phones and Tablets
  • Android Phones and Tablets

(Update: Until December 10, you can get BritBox for free, for 90 days – only on Samsung TVs).

Owen Jenkinson, Freeview Marketing Director, said:

“Our viewers love great British TV, so BritBox is a fantastic addition to the Freeview line up, providing extra options to top up on the best of free TV they already enjoy via the nation’s biggest TV platform.”

Some popular streaming devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, are currently missing from this list. But according to Reemah Sakaan, group launch director for ITV SVOD, additional distribution deals will be announced in the future.

BritBox site screenshot

As for content, last week BritBox announced a partnership with Channel 5 and Comedy Central, which will see “Hundreds of additional hours of both channels’ best British content available on Britbox from launch.”

As with content from ITV and BBC iPlayer, Channel 5’s programmes will first be available on their own catch-up streaming service, MY5, and then (after 30 days in this case) will move to BritBox.

At this point, we’re hearing mostly about catch-up shows and archive-content that will be available on BritBox, which might not be as enticing in this age of original productions. However, BritBox have confirmed in the past that the service will also include new, exclusive productions – so we’re waiting to hear more on those.

15 thoughts on “BritBox Will Be Available On FreeviewPlay, Samsung TVs And More Devices”

  1. I have an LG TV which doesn’t seem to support Britbox, I have to get it through the web browser. I do, however, have a new Humax FVP 5000 with Freeview Play but that doesn’t seem to have it either. I have already signed up but don’t want to have to go through the web browser every time. Any advice please?

    • BritBox have been promising FreeviewPlay support for a while now – but it’s still not available, unfortunately. So I’m afraid the only other solution – for now – is one of the other supported devices, like the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, etc’.

  2. I took out the free 30 days trial for Britbox. There is no chromescast not it is avaible on my UHD samsung Tv (2015) App.
    It is very diappointing that a major competitor network from BBC/ITV do not offer this as an app on all smart tv or mobile phones to chromecast.
    To be successful and actually enjoy viewing is the best via app on any smart tv.
    Therefore, i have decided not to take out the membership and cancelled next day.

  3. Where do I pick this up on my Samsung smart TV? No Britbox icon anywhere. I’ve only just signed up – does it take time?

    • Your Samsung TV must be a model from 2016 or later. If it is, then you need to go to the TV’s “App Store” and search for the BritBox app there (then you can move it to the main bar)

        • I am having the same problem! My son bought me a years subscription to BritBox for my birthday April 2019. I had the app on my Roku TV which died now I don’t have the app on my brand new 55 inch Samsung smart TV! How can it be older than a 2016 model? Just bought it in September!

          • Cheryl, I think you’re talking about the US version of BritBox? It’s a bit different (this article is about the UK version), though I assume the apps are similar.

    • No official word yet. But since the ITV Hub is available on Roku – and it’s a similar app – BritBox will probably show up there as well, eventually.

    • I’m guessing it will be available via Freetime (the Freesat equivalent to YouView and FreeviewPlay), but there’s no official word yet, as far as I know


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