BritBox UK Is Now Free For 90 Days – But Only For Samsung TV Owners

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If you haven’t tried BritBox yet, the new streaming service from ITV and the BBC, you can now give it a go for 90 days, for free – but ONLY if you have a Samsung TV. And one that was made after 2016. Not one of the lucky ones? Then you can still get a free trial – but only for 30 days.

BritBox UK (not to be confused with its US counterpart, which has been around longer and isn’t available to viewers in the UK), is a subscription service that brings a variety of past and current British TV programmes, as well as classic British films. It normally costs £5.99/month.

At launch, BritBox includes content from ITV, the BBC and Channel 5, and will add content from Channel 4 in 2020.

On Boxing Day, Doctor Who fans are going to get a special treat, as more than 600 classic Doctor Who episodes will be added to the service (but without any of the 2005+ incarnations, at least for now). 

BritBox UK Grid

As a Black Friday surprise, Samsung TV owners (with models from 2016 onwards) can now get a free BritBox trial for 90 days – instead of the usual 30 days.

Once the trial is up, though, you WILL get charged the regular £5.99/month, unless you cancel – here’s how to cancel BritBox.

Also note that this special offer is only for NEW BritBox subscribers – so if you’ve already taken the free trial (with or without a Samsung TV), you won’t be able to get the prolonged one. You have to redeem the offer here by 10 December 2019.

To get the free 90 days BritBox trial, you first need to find the BritBox app on your Samsung TV app store (if you have a new TV, it’s possible the app is already pre-installed).

Once you run it, you have to register with BritBox on your PC/smartphone, and enter the promo code seen on your TV. 

At that point, you pair the TV and your BritBox account – and you’re good to go for 90 days.

If you don’t have a Samsung TV and are not eligible for the 90 days trial, don’t feel too bad – as you have almost no other way to watch BritBox on your TV, anyway.

For now, BritBox is only available on 2016+ Samsung TVs and Apple TV devices. Plus, on smartphones and desktop browsers.

In the near future, the BritBox app is supposed to be added to Amazon’s Fire TV as well as FreeviewPlay devices like that Manhattan T3-R – but there’s no set date yet. For now, there are also no known plans to add a BritBox app for Roku devices.

12 thoughts on “BritBox UK Is Now Free For 90 Days – But Only For Samsung TV Owners”

  1. Like other users I got the Britbox app on my new Samsung so-called Smart TV. It gave me code but the page at https:// does not exist! I can watch Britbox on my iPhone or my MacBook therefore but not my TV!! I only wanted to watch it on my TV so I have cancelled my account! They need to get this sorted out! Only BBC could make such a mess-up!

    • I think that “code” url doesn’t work on mobiles for some reason. I’ll check with them – but try it on a desktop computer and it should work

  2. Experiencing similar problems. Samsung TV that doesn’t support the app but does all Britboxes other main rivals (Netflix,Amazon Prime ) love to catch The classic Dr Who’s but not enough to shell out for the pleasure of only being able to watch it on a phone . Cancelling after Trial period .

  3. I am not interested in watching on the phone. I want to access britbox on my tv. The tv is giving me a code number. What the hell am i supposed to do with it????

  4. really annoyed at the fact I can not log in to watch on the tv as it asked me to visit the to activate it to be able to then screen it on telly but each time I do there is no where on the login page once logged in to put a code
    I am going to delete my account and carry on using the networks that I use to watch what I need this is a load of me ass if am being truthful

    • This is what I’m getting
      I’ve already a user so I cant get the code but it doesnt let you just log in with your email password like all the other streaming services

  5. Bought Samsung tv with 90 day britbox trial but they wouldn’t honour it as apparently though tv arrived on day trial began because I ordered 2 days before was no good

  6. Also cancelled before trial expired, as there was no way to watch this on actual TV, since I can’t cast to TV – and no way to install the app on either my LG or Samsung 4k TV’s (which are both less than 3 year old)

    You really need to get this sorted if you want to get people engaged, majority of people watch TV on TV, not on a tablet or phone (imo).

  7. Is this the beginning of the end Or? lol, from what I’ve been reading online its not even worth a trial.
    On a lighter note I hear the US versions quite good.

    • I think it’s too early to tell at this state – which is part of the problem. With only a couple of devices supported, no subtitles, a lot of content missing – it feels like a glorified beta test at this point

  8. I’ve had to cancel Britbox UK as the awful app was driving me mad. It too often caused programmes to freeze or not play at all. Britbox need to get it sorted.


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