BBC iPlayer Stops Working On Some Humax Freesat Boxes

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Many Freesat users with Humax boxes have been reporting problems with the BBC iPlayer app, facing an error message when trying to stream on-demand programmes.

According to Freesat and the BBC’s iPlayer team, the affected Humax models include HDR1100S, HDR1010S, HDR1000s, HB1100S, and HB1000S.

The affected users are seeing Error Message 02001 when they try to watch on-demand content on the BBC iPlayer app, on their Freesat box.

Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box 500
Humax HDR-1100S

Judging by complaints on social media and Humax community boards, it appears not all the customers with the aforementioned models are suffering from this issue – but many are.

Freesat has acknowledged the issue, with the BBC and Humax working on a fix (Update: We’ve added Humax’s response below).

Meanwhile, affected Freesat users will have to use workarounds if they want to watch BBC iPlayer (see below).

It’s important to note that, as far as we know, no other Freesat boxes have been affected by this issue, including the newer 4K Freesat recorders (however, there’s also an ongoing issue with BBC iPlayer on Amazon’s Fire TV sticks).

Watching freesat in living room
(Photo: Freesat)

Freesat was established back in 2007, offering more than 200 free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, all transmitted via digital satellite. 

Last year, a big shakeup was announced, when Freesat and Freeview came under the roof of a single company, Digital UK, which is owned jointly by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

To watch Freesat, you need a dish outside your house and a Freesat receiver (see our recommended Freesat boxes here).

Until 2020, Humax was the king of the Freesat world – until they stopped making Freesat boxes. At that point, Freesat launched a new set of boxes from Commscope (formerly Arris) – both regular and recording boxes that also support 4K.

Freesat 4K TV Boxes
The newer Freesat 4K TV Boxes

However, although the old Humax Freesat boxes are no longer being manufactured, many people in the UK still own and use them.

Therefore, the BBC iPlayer problem is affecting many households.

Two months ago, Freesat viewers with Humax boxes suffered from another major technical issue, when scheduled recordings stopped working. That issue was fixed after a few days.

BBC iPlayer Not Working On Humax Freesat Boxes

Freesat users started reporting this new BBC iPlayer issue on social media and on Freesat and Humax online communities.

It seems the issue started popping up on Monday, April 4, and has been going on since.

While the BBC iPlayer app on the affected Humax boxes does run – it can’t play any programmes, giving out an error message on the screen:

Something went wrong loading this programme.

This is usually a temporary problem. If it’s a programme that’s just finished on TV, then try again shortly or try a different programme.

Error code: 02001

Other catch-up apps on the Humax box, such as All4 and ITV Hub, are working fine for the affected users.

April 14 Update: Humax sent us this statement:

“We are aware of an issue with BBC iPlayer on some Humax Freesat set-top boxes and we are working to resolve this.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will post on our social media channels as soon as we have an update.”

Earlier, Freesat and the BBC have both commented on the issue as well:

“Some customers with Freesat Humax boxes may be experiencing problems watching TV via the BBC iPlayer on demand app”, Freesat’s notice says. “Our teams are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible”.

The BBC iPlayer team set up a dedicated status page for this, which was (as of this writing) last updated on April 6:

We’re aware that some viewers are seeing a 02001 error message when attempting to watch programmes on iPlayer via a Humax/Freesat device.

This is currently being investigated and we will update this page with any new information.

Where Can I Still Watch BBC iPlayer?

While there doesn’t seem to be a direct solution for Freesat viewers with the affected Humax boxes – until a fix is implemented – you can still watch BBC iPlayer on several other platforms.

If you have a Smart TV, with streaming apps, it most likely has the BBC iPlayer app as well – so look for it, and as long as your TV is connected to broadband, it should work fine.

BBC iplayer on ipad

You can also watch BBC iPlayer directly on your browser, on any desktop PC/MAC or laptop.

BBC iPlayer also has an app for smartphones (both Android and iOS) and tablets.

You can also buy a cheap streaming device, such as the Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast, and connect it to your TV – as they all have a BBC iPlayer app (as well as apps for many other streaming services).

We will update once the issue is resolved. Until then, make sure you Subscribe to our free newsletter.

26 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Stops Working On Some Humax Freesat Boxes”

  1. Is there dialogue between the BBC and Humax? It’s irresponsible to infer that people should throw away working equipment and buy new because of software incompatibility.
    If there is work being done, then we should be updated on progress.

  2. I can’t access BBC iPlayer now the site has been updated, looking a bit different but not working is no improvement. Why don’t they ask ITV, they don’t seem to have the same problem.
    I’m thoroughly fed up Humax amend the BBC.

  3. This is very disappointing. My elderly aunt now can’t get to the iPlayer due to this fault. I sincerely hope that the BBC & Humax are working to correct this.

    As licence fee payers, we should be able to utilise these services.

  4. I have a Humax HDR1100S box and have been unable to get programmes via I-player for several days on my Smart tv. I get the message about it beinh error code 02001. Hope it can be fixed soon. I can record & playback but cant not use I-player. It allows you to search for a programme & you think you have got it but pink dot just goes round & round in circles & nothing happens.

  5. I thought that I had done something wrong. I’ve tried watching iplayer and the error message has kept coming up.
    I’m on my second freesat box, they are very expensive and if this is going to be a recurring problem……
    Whose fault is it humax or the BBC? Can anyone recommend a new system hopefully not too expensive.

    • The freesat box options are only really humax or Manhattan.

      Really you don’t want to rely on your freesat box for streaming they have never been reliable, it’s a pain to have more boxes but a firestick from amazon or a roku tv stick are very reliable and very cheap for streaming.

        • I have a 4k box and the Netflix app has only worked twice.

          The 4k boxes aren’t any faster I don’t think they have SSD hard drive which you would have hoped for. If they do have SSD drive then it’s just bad programming.

          The 4k box has option to reboot itself every night, they know themselves they aren’t that reliable without rebooting often.

          iplayer works ok on 4k mostly, but the amazon / roku streamers are so cheap and reliable, always good for backup solution.

  6. Really disappointed with humax and bbc, surely it’s not rocket science.
    Why can’t you just own up who’s to blame and put us out of our misery.
    Give us something to look forward to

  7. We have also had the problem of catch up with BBC since early April 2022. Our model is Humax HDR-1100. Please fix as soon as possible.

  8. I don’t think they intend to fix the problem, It has been down days now and Easter is on us still no BBC iplayer , They must have a idea what the problem is they caused it because it worked fine no problems before. I think they want people to buy another box well if they do things like this to make you buy the latest one i give up.

  9. When will this be fixed? It’s likely that something has been changed to cause this infuriating problem
    Come on Humax; it’s been too long already!

  10. So frustrating, I don’t have another way to use iPlayer that I would enjoy watching things on. Mine also has not been working for ages, same code, also My5 and ITV Hub work fine. As already said, just the BBC as usual.

    C’mon BBC, sort it out!

  11. They don’t give a monkies – buy different next time.
    Huge con and total disrespect to customers.
    How much more can we screw out of customers?

  12. I have a Humax HDR-FOX-T2 and I haven’t accessed BBC iPlayer for a few weeks. Today 13th April 2022 it totally doesn’t work and just crashes out of Humax when I click on the IPlayer on screen from Humax. No code just a Humax auto reboot. Tried 3 times and it always crashes.

    My HDR-FOX-T2 has worked ever since you provided a superb fix up after the BBC iPlayer crash after their upgrade in 2021.

    Incidentally, my Polaroid Model 3-40-LED-14 TV is still working on iPlayer in my same home. I just watched it.

  13. Hello

    It is the Meta version of the iplayer installed on Humax boxes that needs updating. I have tried the iplayer on my smart TV and that did not work either. I deleted it and reinstalled it and it still didn’t work.

    Catch up and play from start are not working on BBC channels.



  14. I have been unable to use BBC iPlayer for several weeks. The issue is the same as reported by other users on Humax. There seems to be a “fix” promised but there has been no progress on this it seems, When is this going to be implemented or this a rouse to make the boxes obsolete and have to be replaced?

  15. Still cannot sign in to iPlayer and the code given to put into space on iPhone isn’t any good as there isn’t anywhere to put it in!
    We have a human box.

  16. I am fed up with this problem, why can’t they fit it . I have a Humax HDR 1100s box. I have had this problem from APRIL 2nd why so long.


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