BBC iPlayer Bug On Humax Freesat Boxes Finally Fixed

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A lot of Freesat users were left without access to BBC iPlayer for more than two weeks, when the app stopped working on several Humax boxes. Today, Humax confirmed to us that the bug has finally been fixed.

Affected users should automatically get an update on their Humax box – see below for Humax’s full response.

The whole issue started around April 4, when many Freesat users were facing an error notification – “Error Message 02001” – when trying to stream on-demand programmes on BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s streaming and catch-up app.

The affected Humax models were HDR1100S, HDR1010S, HDR1000s, HB1100S, and HB1000S.

Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Box 500
Humax HDR-1100S

Freesat, Humax and the BBC were all quick to acknowledge the issue, and were working together on a fix, but many users took to social media to voice their frustration with the long wait.

It’s worth noting that no other Freesat boxes were affected by this issue, including the newer 4K Freesat recorders which were released in 2020 (and are not made by Humax).

Two months ago, Freesat viewers with Humax boxes suffered from another major technical issue, when scheduled recordings stopped working. That issue was fixed after a few days.

BBC iPlayer Resumes Working On Humax Boxes

Today (Thursday), the ongoing bug has finally been fixed.

According to Humax, BBC iPlayer should now be working correctly on all the affected boxes.

BBC iPlayer loading on TV

Although there’s a new version involved, the update should happen automatically on the affected boxes (though if it doesn’t, I always recommend a restart of the box, just to be safe).

A Humax spokesperson said:

“Customers with the affected Freesat models should find that BBC iPlayer is now working.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue and we thank everyone for their patience.”

Humax is urging anyone who is still facing this issue, despite the update, to contact their support team (and also, let us know here in the comments if things are working well for you now).

BBC iPlayer Alternatives

If you don’t want to be left with only one device that can run BBC iPlayer – there are several alternatives out there.

If you have a Smart TV that has streaming apps, it most likely has the BBC iPlayer app as well – so look for it, and as long as your TV is connected to broadband, it should work fine.

BBC iPlayer new look 2021
BBC iPlayer

You can also watch BBC iPlayer directly on your browser, on any desktop PC/MAC or laptop.

BBC iPlayer also has an app for smartphones (both Android and iOS) and tablets.

And last but not least, you can also buy a cheap streaming device, such as the Amazon Fire TVRoku or Chromecast, and connect it to your TV – as they all have a BBC iPlayer app (as well as apps for many other streaming services).

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17 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Bug On Humax Freesat Boxes Finally Fixed”

  1. My frees at box yesterday stopped BBC iplayer and Youtube stopped working. Netfix still works.
    It checking Internet and tells me to connect now. I say yes and returns to setting. But it dose not let me watch any steming service

  2. Very disappointed it took Humax so long to fix this, and the previous bug affecting recordings. I guess this is going to be the way of it now since Humax no longer manufacture Freesat boxes and so have little interest in support. Shame when they topped the lists for so long. We bought 2 boxes on the strength of the reviews they had, now seems a bad move.

  3. HDR 2000t has experienced the same problem with iPlayer – don’t get any error number it just won’t load even though it was working just before the Easter weekend. It is still not working after the update mentioned above – please advise

  4. Just tried accessing iPlayer via my Humax, out of curiosity, only to find that it’s now finally working. I note that the BBC website still shows the issue as being under investigation though.

    • Brilliant piece of kit I love my humax hdr-1000 .had it repaired once via( digi repairs ) Ireland .still working so well.and at a great price. Don’t throw them away have them repaired .


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