Amazon’s Prime Video UK Is Getting A Major Overhaul

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Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video, is rolling out its biggest redesign to date, within the Prime Video app on streaming devices, with easier navigation, an enhanced Live section, better search and more.

The updated experience will be coming to the UK (and the rest of the world) starting this week, depending on the device you’re using.

Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, Android devices, Apple TV and Smart TVs will be getting the new Prime Video experience first (by mid-to-late August), with iOS devices, and Prime Video’s web version, getting the redesign later this year.

Prime Video existing interface
Prime Video’s “Old” Interface

Prime Video (see our full review of it), the streaming service from Amazon, has a big library of on-demand movies, TV programmes and original productions, competing head to head with Netflix (and the other major streaming services) in the UK and around the world.

You can watch Prime Video on almost every streaming device (such as Roku and Amazon’s own Fire TV), Smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Prime Video membership can be had by either getting an annual Amazon Prime subscription (which currently costs £79/year) or with a stand-alone, monthly subscription.

If you’re not a member yet, you can get a free trial for 30 days, either to the full Amazon Prime service, or just for Prime Video.

Prime Video’s New Look

Although Amazon’s Fire TV devices had a redesign done a couple of years ago, Prime Video – which is a separate app inside Fire TV and on many other devices – was due for a fresh coat of paint.

The new Prime Video update includes:

A More User-friendly Navigation Menu

The app is getting a redesigned, simplified main navigation menu that is easily accessible. This helps customers browse Prime Video’s selection – including movies, TV shows, sports, and premium Prime Video channels – and find what they’re looking for quickly.

For Prime Video’s living room apps, the new navigation menu has been relocated to the side of the screen for “improved access”.

Navigation Bar Prime Video 2022


This makes the navigation a bit more similar to how Netflix looks these days, with a navigation bar on the left side.

BBC iPlayer also adopted this new look last year, and early sketches show ITV’s new streaming service, ITVX, will also share this style with a navigation sidebar.

The updated app will launch with six primary pages: Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff.

The ‘Free with Ads’ section in particular is a growing category – and will presumably include Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) in the UK.

Customers will also have sub-navigation options to more easily browse by content or offer type, e.g., “Movies” or “TV shows” or “Sports” on Home and “Channels” or “Rent or Buy” on Store.

Updated Live And Programmed Sports Section

Prime Video is pushing more and more towards live sports in the UK (and in the US), and it was recently announced that some Champions League matches would be moving over to Prime Video

In the new updated interface, sports programming will be easier to find. The Home screen will contain a “Sports” sub-navigation menu, and the new Live TV page will function as a hub for streaming stations, including live sports and events.

Sports on Prime Video 2022


The Live/Sports content will be presented in a user-friendly program guide, somewhat similar to the EPG we know from Freeview, so customers can easily view everything that is currently on-air and find out when future programming will begin.

The “Sports” menu will boast a cinematic experience with dedicated carousels to showcase the leagues and teams of interest to you.

The page will also feature sports documentaries and additional content, like replays and popular sports videos.

Better Content Discovery

The new Prime Video app comes with new carousels that not only present videos with richer and more cinematic imagery, but also enable customers to quickly and efficiently find something to stream.

For example, Prime Video’s “Top 10 Chart” taps into the social zeitgeist, showcasing popular and trending content on Prime Video in a highly visual and easily navigable manner.

Prime Video Top 10 2022

This is another big nod to Netflix, the started showing Top 10 lists on their interface as well, last year.

Also, Prime Video’s new “Super Carousel”, with its larger, poster-style artwork, will show featured titles, such as Amazon Originals and Exclusives and Prime Video Cinema, to stand out against all other titles.

Clearly Marked Content

One of the criticisms against Prime Video in its early years, was that “Free” content (that you were getting as part of your Prime Video subscription) was mixed with content you had to buy or rent, making it hard to know what to watch without paying extra.

Prime Video Super Carousel 2022

New design features will now make it easier for customers to tell what content is included with their Prime membership vs. what is available for purchase.

New visual cues will clearly indicate which videos are included for you (marked with a blue checkmark icon) and which are available to rent, buy, or subscribe (marked with a shopping bag icon).

And, near the top of the Home screen, within the “My Subscriptions” row, you will be able to access all videos included with your Prime membership with only a single click.  

Redesigned Search

The redesigned “Find” page will simplify the search experience giving you the option to search for a specific title or explore different genres and collections.

Search suggestions will be shown live as you type, and you can easily filter results by genre or 4K UHD.

Search results will employ the new visual cues to clearly indicate which videos are included for you (marked with a blue checkmark icon) and which are available to rent, buy, or subscribe (marked with a shopping bag icon).

When Will I Get The New Prime Video?

The new Prime Video experience is starting to roll out in the UK this week. If you have either one of the major streaming devices – Fire TV, Roku, an Android device (such as Google Chromecast), Apple TV or a Smart TV – you should be seeing it by the end of August (but possibly earlier), once your device gets the updated version of the app.

iOS users will have to wait a few months, and the web interface will also be coming later this year, and not in August.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon’s Prime Video UK Is Getting A Major Overhaul”

  1. It’s awful why fix something that wasn’t broken. Now it looks like every other streaming site. Hate it it isn’t easier to navigate and the background covers a lot of the screen and it’s just black looks boring and no option to change the background at least other streaming sites have photos of the programs instead of blank space

  2. I like this, I actually think Prime Video is very good, of course I was really looking forward to Paramount Plus however we know how it’s been with them and hopefully they’ll improve and rectify all that though Prime Video I have felt has been pretty good and pretty consistent throughout. The only thing with Prime is sometimes they’ll have certain titles as part of your subscription and then you’ll go to watch them again later and you have to purchase them (such as the original Asterix animations which are very good by the way!).

    Speaking of the Asterix animations, it baffles me how they have those films in French with subtitles when they are full available with English dubbing. “12 Tasks of Asterix”, “Asterix and Cleopatra” and “Asterix the Gaul” are all available with the English dub however “Asterix in Britain” and “Asterix vs Caesar” are only available in French with English subtitles. I have no idea why as all these are available with English audio (this release here has all the films with English audio: I’ve always wondered why Amazon Prime don’t have the English audio of a couple of those movies and would love to know as it doesn’t make sense for them to have them in French with subtitles when they’re all available in English audio, I wonder if it’s a mistake when they’ve uploaded them?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new Amazon Prime update. I honestly feel Amazon Prime are very good and look forward to seeing how this new look works and feels 😊

    As always Or, thank you for your wonderful articles, I appreciate the work you put into them so thank you!! 🙏😊

    I look forward to the new look and redesign 😊


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