New Update Fixes Issues On The Manhattan T3-R Freeview Box

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A new free software update (2.04) that is being pushed to the Manhattan T3-R Freeview recorder, aims to resolve multiple issues that arose following the previous major update.

Among the issues being fixed – WiFi connectivity problems, fast-forwarding or rewinding issues, WiFi control and more. Manhattan is now planning to change the way they push updates, going forward.

For now, the 2.04 update will be automatically pushed to most devices (provided they’re connected to the internet) – but see ahead for how to get it manually.

Manhattan T3-R

Manhattan TV’s leading set-top box, the Manhattan T3-R (see our full review), is a 4K Freeview Play recorder with a fast interface, smart recording features, and most of the major UK catch-up streaming apps – therefore it’s our Editor’s Choice in our list of the top Freeview boxes.

Late last year, Manhattan released the highly anticipated 2.0 update, which brought with it several new features, such as third channel viewing, manual padding for recordings and the long-awaited BritBox app.

Along with the update, however, multiple bugs and issues were reported by some of the customers.

In a message sent this week to the owners of the device, Manhattan says that “in retrospect, before releasing v2 we should have ran a beta programme.”

However, since the 2.0 update had already been delayed (it was originally supposed to come out back in September 2020), Manhattan really wanted to deliver all those promised new features.

“Going forward”, they say, “before we make any major releases we will send out an email inviting owners to join a trial beta programme, and only after it is successfully concluded will we then roll out the update to everyone.

“That way those that wish to try the new features early can, but those that don’t want to risk experiencing any new issues do not have to.”

What’s Included In Version 2.04?

The new Manhattan T3-R software version includes a long list of improvements and fixes. Some of the highlights are:

  • When content in an app (e.g. ITV Hub) was regionally restricted the error message made it sound like there was a problem with the app or T3-R. The message now clearly states it is the content that is unavailable.
  • Subtitles would not be shown if the broadcaster did not signal them correctly.
  • When the T3-R made a Wi-Fi connection and there were multiple access points or a previous Wi-Fi access point had been reset and configured with the same SSID the system could reboot.
  • The hard drive could fail to initialise causing recordings to fail and recording-related features not to work.
  • When fast forwarding or rewinding a recording, playback could unexpectedly jump to the start or end.
  • When recording a series, the system could unnecessarily re-record an episode or create a duplicate recording of 0 seconds in length.
  • When padding was set to Automatic, various issues could cause recordings to fail to start or end or to start or end late.
  • When padding was set to Manual and a series recording was stopped during the start padding, if you tried to start the recording again it would fail.
  • The system could sometimes crash when a second recording started and the recording conflict prompt was shown.
  • When first turning on the T3-R from standby and going to the Recordings menu the recordings sections could appear empty until exiting and re-entering the menu.
  • The T3-R could fail to turn on from standby and the standby LED would remain red.
  • When HDMI Control was turned on, the T3-R could force its input to become active when selecting a different input on the TV.
  • The ‘Watched’ status of recordings would fail to be set when a recording was played to the very end.
  • When recordings were made from the live pause buffer subtitles would only work for the first recording. This has been retrospectively resolved so subtitles will work for all recordings.
  • ITV Hub could fail to open when playing deep-linked on demand ITV programmes, e.g. from the TV Guide.

The full list is even longer – and you can find it here.

At this point, we’re also still waiting for the 3.0 software update, which would bring with it several additional much-requested features, like global Freeview guide search and remote recording via a smartphone app.

Manhattan-T3R in the box

Even though the pandemic is still causing all sorts of delays, Manhattan tells us the company is still hopeful the update will be ready by the end of the year.

How Do I Get Version 2.04 On The T3-R?

If your Manhattan T3-R is connected to the internet, and you haven’t disabled auto-updates, then the update should download and install automatically overnight – by June 25.

When that happens, you will get a notification on your screen, next time you turn on the box.

If the T3-R is connected to the internet but you haven’t received the update yet, you can manually get it by going to the System Settings and choosing “Check for Update Now”.

Finally, if your T3-R is not connected to the internet, you can download and apply the update via a USB key. You can find more information on how to do that here.

Customers who buy a new Manhattan T3-R, will be prompted to update to Version 2.04 when they first turn on and connect the device to the internet.

8 thoughts on “New Update Fixes Issues On The Manhattan T3-R Freeview Box”

  1. My Manhattan is also not recording on HD channels. I have had to turn off this option for it to work. Also, it will no longer record from standby, I have to have it turned on all of the time.

  2. Our TR3 is skipping every few seconds and makes it impossible to watch, it’s not the aerial as this supplies other rooms as well the internet is hard wired from router with Ethernet cable but it still skips, any help please

  3. We bought our tr3 box few weeks ago and now suddenly it doesn’t record certain channels which we which we have set up .it says no signal even though it says it’s recording at time …makes no sense ..


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