TalkTalk Launches A New 4K Streaming And Freeview TV Box

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Low-cost broadband and phone provider TalkTalk, has now launched its brand new 4K TV offer, with a streaming and Freeview box that comes from Netgem.

The new TalkTalk 4K TV Box includes a variety of streaming apps (including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more), and – by connecting an aerial – can be used as a Freeview box, with recordings possible via an optional USB stick (see the full specs below).

For now, the 4K box is only available to TalkTalk’s Future Fibre subscribers (see offers), but will presumably be available to a wider range of customers in the future.

TalkTalk’s previous TV box, which is based on YouView (and doesn’t support 4K), is still being offered to customers as well.

TalkTalk YouView Box
TalkTalk’s Older YouView Box

TalkTalk provides broadband to more than 4 million customers, focusing on internet connectivity and landline phones.

Their TV offer, up until now, has been somewhat minimal, with a £4/month YouView box that provided access to Freeview channels (with an aerial), and a few premium services you had to pay an additional fee for.

As we reported back in October, TalkTalk signed a contract with Netgem, which provides the new 4K TV Box. 

Netgem devices

Netgem, a company based in France, has two operation models in the UK – first, customers can buy its Netgem Netbox 4K as a standalone Freeview box.

But in the past year, Netgem has been focusing on signing contracts with broadband providers, then becoming their “TV Offer”. Currently, Netgem has contracts with more than fifteen Fibre operators in the UK, who adopted its NetgemTV platform.

TalkTalk 4K TV Box: The Details

TalkTalk’s new 4K TV Box is based on Netgem’s 4K Netbox (which I reviewed here), with a few differences. 

Netgem 4K Freeview box
Netgem’s 4K Freeview box

This is first and foremost a streaming box, so it needs to connect to your broadband via WiFi. Then, you can use its more than 30 streaming apps and on-demand players.

The box offers several smart features, including “universal search” across content providers, and interactive capabilities allowing viewers to
play quizzes and enter competitions.

You can also pair the 4K TV Box with your phone, and then stream content both ways – to watch on your phone, or to cast from your phone to the box.

TALKTALK 4K TV Box screens
TalkTalk 4K TV Box

As for supported apps, while the standalone Netgem Netbox does NOT have a Netflix app – TalkTalk’s version of the 4K TV Box DOES have a Netflix app.

In addition, it supports Amazon’s Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BritBox and more – with Sky’s streaming service, NOW, also coming soon.

As for Freeview, you would have to connect an aerial to the 4K TV Box, which also means you need decent reception in your area. The box doesn’t have a built-in hard drive, therefore you would need to connect a USB memory stick if you want to record programmes.

The 4K TV Box normally costs £4/month – the same as TalkTalk’s previous TV box. But that is, of course, on top of TalkTalk’s broadband plan, which you must subscribe to first, and the pricing tiers often change – so check the fine print first.

Also remember that additional streaming services – such as Netflix and Prime Video – would require you to subscribe directly. The £4 are only for the box itself.

However, the box also includes a few free streaming apps – such as W4Free and Filmzie – that offer a range of free films and TV shows to stream, with adverts (similar to Pluto TV or The Roku Channel).

W4FREE free movies streaming

And, it also has the Plex app, which you can use to stream your own content (or from Plex’ own list of free channels).

TalkTalk 4K TV Box Specs:


  • Processor: BCM 72604
  • DMIPS: 7K dual core
  • 3D graphics: OpenGL ES 3.0
  • System flash: 4GB eMMC
  • RAM: 2GB DDR4


  • ●Resolution: 4K@60 (UHD 3840×2160
  • HDR10, HLG, Hardware Color
  • Video decoder: HEVC/H265 (4Kp60-
    10bit Profiles 4.1 5.0 5.1), VP9 (4Kp60-
    10bit Profiles 0 and 2), AVC/H264
    (1080p60, level 4.2), MPEG-2
  • Audio decoder: MPEG-1/2 layer I/II/III,
    AAC/MPEG-4, HE-AAC, Dolby Digital,
    Dolby Digital+, Dolby ATMOS


  • HDMI 2.0 (UHD) with CEC and ARC
  • S/PDIF digital audio out (optical)
  • USB 2.0 Type A (500mA) support for
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2×2 dual band
    (2.4GHz – 5GHz) with Access Point
  • DVB frontend T2+T+C
  • Infrared receiver for Standard
    Remote Control
  • Bluetooth for Voice Remote control
  • Bicolor LED on front panel (Blue/red)

Dimension: 128x128x38mm.

26 thoughts on “TalkTalk Launches A New 4K Streaming And Freeview TV Box”

  1. This new box is total rubbish, I have been with TalkTalk for many years. Why can’t we have choice, I would be willing more for a You View box but if you ask they just dismiss it out of hand. Time to move to another provider, methinks!

    • i totally agree. the box is rubbish. you cant watch another tv channel while it is recording. unfortunaly i still have another year on my cotract with talktalk .To try and read the guide is near impossible

  2. Who would want to watch a program that you are already watching, ridiculous! I wish l had known this before l bought the usb, waste of money. This is a definite step backwards

  3. have new 4kbox no good old box bette paid 20 pounds 4a stick to record no good like to record and watch another channel no chance will move. been with them 4 years no good now

  4. All the above reviews are absolutely correct.
    I could write a book on how many times I have called and spoken to Operators with advice they call themselves?.
    Absolutely NONE. You may as well talk to the wall.
    I have rang many times , had 2 Engineers out to try. And they stand there in amazement as to what to do.
    Scratching their heads, saying, “I cant fix this” .
    2hrs or more they are with you, I even had 2 NEW replacement Boxes and still neither of the work, ie
    It does not even VERIFY when instructed on the TV. Please wait a few minutes whilst the USB verifies. 1 to 2 hrs later, SORRY, unable to verify USB
    I give up!.

  5. So unhappy with this 4k box, as others say can’t rewind. Can’t record another channel whilst watching one so what’s the point?
    Also the accessibility on iplayer and apps is poor as subtitles don’t work …not sure why unless the apps are an inferior version.
    I’ve found my old box still can play recordings so I’m looking at how I can keep this and link to my new fibre using power line adapter.

  6. Just received 4k box & I’m not happy at all , I can’t record anything on another chanel , what idiot came up with that idea ? Who wants to record a program your already watching? OK you have catch up but what if you can’t catch up in 7 days ? Crazy , I asked to have replacement of plus box but was told that wasn’t possible , , it’s a cheep scam been a customer for over 20 yrs , might change my provider now cause its hopeless talking to them , they’re not interested

  7. My you view box is playing up and after speaking to 2 people over the last few days i am left bewildered. My husband has alzheimers and sometimes he likes to record a film. But this box is not a recordable box. We use the pause and rewind feature a lot as he gets up and wanders about then comes back to it. Feeling a bit helpless.

    • If you have the Huawei DN372T box, did they take you through the reset procedure?
      I did, and it helped with several problems.
      Also, without knowing what problems you’ve encountered, it’s difficult to be specific, but have you plugged TV aerial direct to TV to confirm that TV channels are being received correctly with strong signal?

  8. I have just spent over 25 minutes explaining my problems I experiencing with you I am born deaf you need to educate your operators dealing with deaf communities people at the moment I’m totally confused. I spent hours on phone trying to understand your operators who speak with foreign accent and 100 mile an hour. I’m now waiting for phone call from some one higher up and also Email which till not arrived in the last 10 days I made two phone calls with total up to a few hours of trying to understand what your saying , problem does now tv have subtitles,sky sports boost subtitles, and record , mainly I don’t know if this new service will suit my needs as I understand I have to commit to contract first ,with stuck with if I have to change provider. Also cost I have be with you over 20 years . You need to educate in deaf people needs we are in the 2022 century talktalk, Recards Spencer.

  9. So far rubbish. On my old Talktalk box I could record, catch up and it was so easy. This new NOW Tv box does not record, is more complicated to use and is not nearly as good as my old box. Very, very disappointed.

  10. Thank goodness this is WiFi Enabled!
    My current YouView+ box (TalkTalk HD YouView 320GB Recorder DN372T) has to be hardwired via Ethernet but I use a NetGear Wifi Adaptor.

    However reading your review on this 4K box,
    You say;
    “But because the Netbox only has one tuner, you can’t record one programme while watching another channel.”

    Is this the same for the TalkTalk Box you review here?
    It seems a bit backward as I can do this with my existing box as we can record one programme (and set up Series Recording) whilst watching something else.

    Also I wonder if The existing TalkTalk YouView box could be plugged into this 4K box to be used solely as an HDD?

    The main thing for me though is that the TalkTalk YouView box we have:
    Is a bit old now I suppose but works superbly apart from that ITV Hub, Channel4 OD and My5 constantly just do not work.
    I keep getting errors and there is no support and it has been the same for months. The unit software and the Apps are up to date.
    ITV Hub magically worked yesterday but for how long I do not know.
    That’s the only reason I’m looking a this 4K box and the contract with TalkTalk ends today…

    • I’ve read on another website and it states that basic pvr features are available if you plug in usb storage. However, the latest technology means that sometimes usually only one tuner input is needed to record 2 programs at once, but there is nothing that confirms if this is the case on the new talktalk 4k box. I would say the ability to pause and rewind live tv would be the most important aspect of using the pvr feature since all programming is available on catch up and on demand services.

  11. How do I get a box? Since having future fibre cable fitted I’m told my current BT box isn’t compatible. I cannot get any sense out of Talk Talk despite hours on hold on phone or on line chat


  12. Does the Netgem 4k box stream YouView channels that are not available where TV signals do not reach or is it just a standard Freeview TV receiver?

    • No – the YouView/Freeview channels only come through the aerial (though you also get the streaming catch-up apps for the public broadcasters – BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc.)

      • I have had this box only three days but I am not happy withi it. The facilitiy to only record one programme without watching another ludicrous.
        I could also previously get text list via radio 700 and red button which is now unavailable. The agents are no help as it is new and they do not know much about it. I never asked for this but was provided as my u view box was not with 4K box

        • I find it all confusing I was led to belive I could record but I can’t now and I’ve gotxevery thing I needed in my planner with this 4k I’ve lost all that not good at all the old way was best


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