New Freeview Channel, CCXTV, Is Bringing Back “The Bold And The Beautiful”

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New Freeview channels don’t come very often these days, but that’s exactly what we’re getting on April 15: CCXTV, which you will find on Channel 23, and will include a strange mix of programmes – from The Bold and The Beautiful to Great British Ghosts.

Established in 2002, Freeview is the United Kingdom’s digital terrestrial television platform. It provides access to free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, including more than 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels.

Freeview is, as the name suggests, free – but you do, however, need to pay the yearly TV licence fee in most cases.

In order to be able to watch Freeview channels, you need two main components: A TV Aerial (see the ones I recommend here), and a Freeview box.

Manhattan-T2R and TV

The new channel, CCX TV, is launching this Wednesday (April 15) morning on Freeview Channel 23. It will be exclusive to Freeview and YouView, and won’t be available on Freesat.

CCX TV, which is owned by shopping channel operator “Ideal Shopping Direct”, will only broadcast between 7am and 10pm.

In the mornings, it will air shows from sister-channel “Create and Craft”, which is owned by the same company.

Among the programmes on the new channel, is The Bold And The Beautiful, the American daily soap which is coming back to a free-to-air UK channel for the first time in ten years. (It was available on a dedicated YouTube channel for a while, a few years ago).

Some of the additional programmes which will be available are undercover police drama In Deep, 2011 paranormal series Great British Ghosts, true-crime series Crime Inc, as well as several TV dramas and documentaries. 

12 thoughts on “New Freeview Channel, CCXTV, Is Bringing Back “The Bold And The Beautiful””

  1. So disappointed that Ccxtv has been shut down ere in Scotland especially to be put off for something like Drama its so disappointing the thought of not being able to watch The Bold and the beautiful very disappointing is there any way we can get the bold an the beautiful onto another chanel or bring back CCXTV PLEASE as not much excitement on any other chanels its either advertising chanels im sure Ccxtv can replace one of these chanels … who can we contact to bring back the bold and the beautiful onto FREEVIEW plz plz i so miss it and cant seem to get it on the Internet as i dont understand the process of Internet watching… plz bring back CCXTV Thank You..

  2. Like Avryl I have watched Bold and The Beautiful in USA, Australia and South Africa in a random order! So pleased to be able to watch it in UK. Brooke visited South Africa and did a cameo in Isidingo a local ‘soapie’ which was cancelled in February 2020.

    • Good to meet a fellow Bold fan who has followed it round the world!😊
      I am waiting for it to catch up to where I got to in the States before I start watching again on this Chanel. I wonder when they will resume shooting the show since stopping when lockdown happened? Enjoy and stay safe!😊

  3. Waiting for a programme,Derek, scheduled for 8pm. 20 past now and cc’d keeps popping up between adverts to say its on…..only it’s not. How does that work?

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back The Bold and the Beautiful. I’ve so missed it in Britain for all these years. (I do miss the original Ridge though) Hope it stays for a long time.

  5. Came across this by accident when flicking round the channels and started to watch. Have seen quite a few adverts over the last week and thought I would catch the Saturday omnibus as advertised only to find that on only the second week of transmission the omnibus is not on. Very disappointing!

  6. I discovered this channel by mistake and was SO excited to see The Bold and the Beautiful!!
    I have watched this soap since day one when I lived in South Africa but missed many years after moving back to the UK.
    I also lived

    in the USA the last 16 years but am back home in the UK again so I am now way ahead but I don’t mind watching again until it’s caught up.
    Please, please don’t take it off, please keep it on.
    Thanks a ton. 😊


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