ITVX Is Now Available On Freeview, But Not For Everyone

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ITVX, the new streaming service from ITV that’s replacing ITV Hub, is finally rolling out to Freeview Play devices – which means millions across the country now have access to it.

However, due to some last-minute issues, a few popular Freeview Play devices – such as the Manhattan T3 and T3-R, won’t be getting the new ITVX app for a few more weeks.

Furthermore, some older Freeview boxes that many households still own, won’t be getting ITVX at all (more on that below).

ITVX Categories TV mockup

Since its “soft” launch on November 17, ITVX has been gradually rolling out to various devices – streaming sticks like Roku, certain Smart TVs, the newer Freesat boxes, and even Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

But with the “official” ITVX launch date, December 8, coming and going – Freeview users had to wait longer than most – with some having to now wait even further.

Customers with supported Freeview Play devices should see their ITV Hub app “transform” into ITVX, without needing to manually download a new app.

If you don’t see the ITVX app on your Freeview Play device, it sometimes helps to restart the box/TV by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

For now, we know ITVX already works on the Humax Aura Freeview Play recorder, as well as on the Netgem Freeview box (which is available either standalone or with several broadband providers, such as TalkTalk), and on a few Freeview Play TV sets.

Netgem Netbox 4k with remote
The Netgem Netbox 4K

On some devices, the ITV Hub icon is still showing, with ITVX launching when you actually run the app (I’ve seen that on the Humax Aura, for example) – but that will eventually get fixed (there’s another confusing ITVX issue on the Humax Aura – see more on that below).

As we previously reported, some older Freeview Play devices, including the popular Humax FVP-5000T and the Humax FVP-4000T
will NOT be getting ITVX at all, as the software on these devices is simply too old to accommodate the new app.

Some older TVs – such as Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 and back, won’t be getting ITVX either.

And, for now, it looks like ITVX isn’t available on YouView boxes yet – including on the new BT TV Pro 4K box.

ITVX on Humax Aura
ITVX on the Humax Aura

What Is ITVX?

ITV’s new streaming app, ITVX, is a free-to-watch (with adverts) service that’s replacing the long-running ITV Hub app, and is meant to be a full-fledged streaming service, with the aim of competing with services such as Netflix and Disney+.

ITVX is launching with more than 10,000 free (with adverts) hours of on-demand content, including 35 flagship shows, 200+ series and 250+ films.

In addition to the on-demand content, you can also stream all of ITV’s live channels via the app, as well as several “themed” ad-supported live channels that are dedicated to a single series or theme (including a British Sign Language channel).

However, do note that ITVX’s live channels are NOT available on Freeview Play devices and TVs for now (except for Samsung).

And although ITV is focusing heavily on the ad-supported free tier, ITVX also has a paid Premium tier, which removes all the adverts when you’re watching on-demand content.

ITVX Premium
ITVX Premium

Premium tier subscribers will also get access to the entire content library of BritBox, which includes more than 4,000 hours of classic British shows and films.

The Premium tier currently costs £5.99/month or £59.99/year.

What Can I Watch On ITVX?

ITVX includes a mix of classic British shows from ITV’s archives, classic and newer blockbuster films, American TV shows from Warner, Paramount and others, as well as exclusive original productions. 

At least one flagship show will launch on ITVX per week (starting from December 8), sometimes months before it airs on ITV’s linear channels.

Some of those premiers include Russell T Davies’ Nolly starring Helena Bonham Carter, powerful period drama The Confessions of Frannie Langton starring Karla-Simone Spence, Litvinenko starring David Tennant and Mark Bonnar, and the hotly anticipated cold war series, A Spy Among Friends, which is now available in its entirety.

ITVX A spy among friends coming soon

In addition to 35 flagship shows premiering and streaming exclusively on ITVX, the service will also be launching full series’ of upcoming ITV shows on their first day of broadcast, allowing viewers to binge-watch.

Early examples of this include the real-life drama Stonehouse starring Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes and the new series of Unforgotten.

If you’re into films, ITVX will feature the UK’s largest free film library, with the likes of Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence, Sir Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins and even The Muppets.

ITVX Top Picks

As mentioned, paying subscribers who sign up for ITVX’s Premium tier will also get 6,000 hours of classic British content from BritBox.

Some of BritBox’s content highlights, from the archives of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, include 600+ episodes of the classic Doctor Who as well as a long list of classic British series and films.

BritBox on ITVX
BritBox on ITVX

Do note, however, that ITVX Premium subscribers will not be able to access BritBox’s standalone app, which will remain separate for now. Instead, BritBox’s content will simply appear as a premium category on the ITVX app.

ITVX On Freeview Play

Freeview Play is a platform that combines over-the-air Freeview channels with over 40,000 hours of on-demand content that you stream via the internet.

Unlike the “linear” version of Freeview, which only requires an aerial and a Freeview tuner (either on your TV on via a set-top Freeview box), Freeview Play also requires an internet connection.

Manhattan T3 Freeview Play box
Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play Box

To watch Freeview Play, you also need a compatible Smart TV or a set-top box, such as the Manhattan T3-R or the Netgem boxes.

Once you have everything connected, both Freeview and Freeview Play are free to watch, without any monthly subscriptions (though you would still need to pay the TV Licence in most cases).

Freeview Play includes 11 on-demand streaming players, such as BBC iPlayer, All4, CBS Catchup – and, now, ITVX – which is replacing ITV Hub.

On most Freeview Play devices and Smart TVs, the ITVX app should replace ITV Hub automatically – but if not, a restart of the device may help.

ITVX Delayed On Manhattan Freeview Boxes

Despite earlier hopes that ITVX will become available on the popular Manhattan T3 and Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play boxes from day 1, we’re told that’s no longer the case.

Manhattan T3-R and remote 400
Manhattan T3-R

Instead, due to some unforeseen delays, it now appears that it’ll take a few weeks for ITVX to land on the Manhattan Freeview boxes.

Interestingly, ITV Hub – which currently still works on these boxes (and on other devices and TVs that haven’t received ITVX yet), now holds some of the new, exclusive-to-ITVX shows.

So, if you’re eager to watch A Spy Among Friends, for example – all 6 episodes are now available on ITV Hub, for those viewers who can’t yet get ITVX.

ITVX Confusion On The Humax Aura

Things can also get a bit confusing for ITVX with devices that have separate streaming apps alongside Freeview Play – such as the Humax Aura.

On the Humax Aura, which is both a Freeview Play recorder and an Android TV streaming device, there are TWO potential ITVX apps. One that you can download from the Google Play app store – and the Freeview Play ITVX app.

Unfortunately, the Google Play / Android TV version of ITVX doesn’t work on the Humax Aura – and users who tried to install it – and then run it – are receiving an error “Application Unavailable” error message:

ITVX Humax Aura error message

Therefore, you need to go to the Freeview Play section of the Aura (either via the dedicated remote button, or go to Channel 100) – and run the ITVX app over there – as that’s a different app (of sorts), which does work at this point.

The Freeview Play version of the app should update automatically on your Aura – so there’s no need to actively download anything.

But if you do try to download the Android TV version of the app – that one won’t work for now.

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29 thoughts on “ITVX Is Now Available On Freeview, But Not For Everyone”

  1. presently I am subscribed to Talktalk’s TV service with their totally rubbish 4k box. There is so much wrong with it that I want to give it back to them and buy a PVR.
    I note that there is a problem with receiving ITVx so I want one that has that – even though I acknowledge it is not good – it doesn’t even have sub titles which I need.
    Can anyone recommend a good PVR that has more than one tuner (preferably more) and has all the functions one would expect to have?

  2. Terrible my ox is a Panasonic cannot get ITVX catch up all other catch-up work fine. Cannot afford new box pensioner.
    Will forget itvx Not much on it anyway

  3. three days in to the premium itvx, can load and watch britbox on the pc, but the new manhattan t3r box, just five days old, only runs itv hub, so when i try to get britbox through either it or the freeview button on the sharp smart tv, i simply get a page saying get the free trial britbox. try that and i get into a loop with no ability to load britbox, or itvx on the tv. asked itvx for help; no chat service available, and three days on, still waiting for a “form submitted” answer.!!

    • Today my Panasonic viera announced it was too old for ITVX where the hub worked perfectly yesterday.

      Several minus out of ten here, I’d accept limited function on older equipment but overnight switch off? More4 and BBC iPlayer still work, ITV isn’t a big loss to me, so bye, won’t be checking again.

  4. I have four TV’s in my house. Only one can get ITVX.
    That one TV has problems with ITVX. Every time the adverts finish the screen freezes. I have to then fast forward, then press play.
    This is a 75” LG Smart TV, that is less than 2 years old. Connected to Freesat.
    It does everything well, except ITVX.
    Did ITV do ANY trials before launching ITVX?

  5. Why can I no longer view a free version of itv.?

    I don’t seem able to watch itvx unless I sign up for premium!
    Yesterday I could watch heartbeat free with no problem but tonight 5/1/23 it will not let me watch unlessI sign up for a “free trial”.
    I’m a pensioner so can’t afford to pay.

  6. Panasonic used to be a respectable brand with excellent products, blu-ray recorders, projectors etc: but certainly not now. I use at least 6 different Panasonic av products at home but shall no longer buy or recommend the brand any longer, even though I used to sell Panasonic and Technics (remember them?) in my hi fi shops before I retired.

  7. I have the Freeview Humax 500gb recorder box bought 2019. I would have thought it wold get ITV X, but no, So much for spending, and wasting, £180. Little thought for the consumers. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY disappointed. Can you guess that I am a tad miffed with the skinflint tactics of Humax. Will never ever ever ever buy another of their products. Once bitten, as the saying goes.

    • Don’t be disappointed, itvx is without doubt the worst performing app ever. The downloads are bad quality. I use a sky Q box and the app on there is rubbish. Don’t know if the above applies to the paid for version, but to be honest I wouldn’t want to try it.

  8. Glad I have a Manhattan T3 hopefully the launch will be delayed until the bugs, buffering and crashes etc are resolved or to put it another way buy a brand new car with sat-nav and air-conditioning (itvx) or a car without those features but has an engine (itv hub) may not have the mod-cons but at least it works

  9. Will us ‘normal’ (older) viewers be able to watch Itvx on normal free view ever?
    Or will we be left out AGAIN just because we don5e have the up to date technology or knowhow?

    • No you would need a broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 2megabits per second (2Mbps) and a streaming device such as Roku, Amazon fire TV stick, Google Chromecast (around £30) to plug into the TV in order to view the content

  10. 2016 top of the range LG OLED TV with Freeview Play. No sign of ITVX.
    They could at least confirm what their intentions are rather than just leaving people in limbo (Maybe they don’t have the agreements in place with LG yet?).

    • Low and behold, LG release a software update a day later (v 5.70.30) that then showed ITVx available to install. Installed it and played it – it played ITV hub. Restarted the TV then ITVx had taken over the ITV Hub and now working as expected.

      Played a movie. The adverts are still in SD. The movie seemed to be in HD – pretty good quality but if you played a BD alongside you’d notice the difference. Good that there is no ITV logo in the top corner. The adverts cut in to the movie with some randomness (ie. not always at a break in the movie).

        • ps 2. Freeview Play still shows ITV Hub, but it and the ITV programmes do open in ITVx.

          Just played Midsummer Murders from there (i’d give it a 720p – some blockyness). When i went to exit it, i was given three options to leave the programme but I was only able to select the first one, Return to ITV Home, rather than exit directly.

          So all in all, this clearly needs a bit more work yet!

  11. There’s the power of the End User Licence Agreement that we have to sign in order to use the technology we think we are buying. The vendor can do whatever they want with the kit and suddenly render it useless. Who will stand up for the consumer ?

  12. Does anyone know if a Toshiba DVD/SmartTV Combi (24D3863DB) will get ITVX? My TV uses Linux (apparently) as the OS. Toshiba UK seems to believe it will (might?) but I can’t see anything anywhere to be certain. My home screen shows the (old) ITVHub icon but appears to work (for now at least). I tested it with “No Man’s Land”: ITVHub logo animates, 3 minutes (?) of ads then the programme starts; encouraging, but I read that some devices/TVs show the ITVHub icon but only has partial access to ITVX content. Anybody know anything concrete.

    • Quite agree, I have a two year old TX55, and still not able to receive ITVX, I certainly regret paying top price for what I thought was a class product.Perhaps one should but as cheap as possible in future.


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