ITVX App Crashes On iPhone And iPad: What To Do

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In a rather unfortunate turn of events, the ITVX app has been experiencing significant technical issues on iPhone and iPad devices for the last 24-48 hours, with many users reporting they can’t watch on their iOS devices.

This has led to a wave of complaints from our readers here at Cord Busters, as well as a barrage of angry comments on social media platforms.

Users are mostly reporting that the app starts buffering (without end) upon trying to watch anything, making it virtually unusable for catching up on popular shows – and, unfortunately, right in time for the Rugby World Cup.

Some have had temporary success with a few workarounds (such as reinstalling the app) – see below for all your current options.

It’s worth noting that this issue is not limited to older iOS devices. In fact, users with the latest iOS 16 are also facing the same problem, which makes this situation even more perplexing.

Apple iphone x

This is particularly concerning for ITVX, as the app is a significant part of the company’s digital strategy, aiming to capture the increasingly mobile and tech-savvy audience.

In response to the current issue, the official ITVX Twitter/X account posted a rather vague message: “We are currently aware of this and are working on getting it resolved”, asking people to send their device models and app versions.

This is not the first time ITVX has faced technical glitches, but the current situation seems to be affecting a broad range of devices.

Not An Old iOS Version Issue

Contrary to what some might think, the current issue with the ITVX app is not related to the changes made in August.

In that month, as we previously reported, ITVX made a deliberate decision to stop supporting older iOS devices entirely.

iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6 Plus (Photo: Deposit Photos)

This was not a temporary glitch but a permanent move, affecting devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPad Mini 3.

The company stated at the time that these older devices and operating systems have “technical constraints which limit our ambitions for the highest quality ITVX viewing experience.” 

The August change was a calculated move by ITVX to focus on providing a high-quality viewing experience, albeit at the expense of users with older devices.

ITVX App on Android phone
The ITVX App

However, the current issue is affecting even those with the more recent iOS 16, making it a different problem altogether.

Social Media Backlash

As expected, affected users have taken to social media to complain about the current issue.

The official ITVX account has been bombarded with questions, but their response has been limited to a statement acknowledging the issue. 

ITVX’s History Of Technical Issues

This isn’t the first time ITVX has been in hot water over technical issues, as we’ve previously covered. 

One of the most notable issues was during the airing of Love Island, where users experienced frequent crashes and streaming errors. Despite (or because of) the high viewership numbers, the app failed to deliver a smooth experience, leading to a lot of unhappy fans.

Another significant issue was the app’s compatibility with various devices.

ITVX Devices not supported collage

While ITVX has expanded its reach to multiple platforms, including smart TVs and gaming consoles, there’s still a long list of devices that don’t support ITV’s streaming app – and likely won’t ever support it – from popular Freeview boxes like the Humax FVP-5000tto Freesat boxes like the Humax Hb1000s, and older Smart TVs from Samsung and other manufacturers.

ITVX Not Working On My iPhone/iPad: What Can I Do?

If you’re one of the many users frustrated by the ongoing ITVX app issues, you’re probably looking for ways to get your favourite shows back on your screen.

While there’s no official fix yet (one will probably be coming soon), here are some tips and alternatives that might help you in the meantime:

The Uninstall And Reinstall Trick

Some users have reported temporary success by uninstalling the ITVX app from their iOS device and then reinstalling it.

This seems to work as a quick fix, allowing users to access the app and its content for a short period.

ITVX app on a smartphone

However, it’s important to note that this is a very temporary solution. Users have reported that the problem tends to come back after a short while, requiring them to uninstall and reinstall the app all over again.

So, while this method may provide a brief respite, it’s far from a permanent solution.

Alternative Platforms To Watch ITVX

If you’re tired of the uninstall-reinstall dance, there are other platforms where you can watch ITVX content:

Smart TVs: If you have a Smart TV that supports the ITVX app, this could be a good alternative. Just make sure your TV’s software is up to date.

Android Devices: If you have an Android phone or tablet, the ITVX app is available on devices running Android version 5.0 and up. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

Freeview Boxes: While older Freeview boxes are not supported, the ITVX app is available on the Manhattan T3 and T3-R, as well as on the Humax Aura.

Web Browser: You can also access ITVX via its official website on a desktop or laptop computer. Simply log in with your ITVX account to start streaming.

Child watching ITVX Kids on laptop mockup

Streaming Devices: Most of the standalone streaming sticks in the UK – such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Google Chromecast – support the ITVX app.

Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream: If you’re a Sky subscriber, you can watch ITVX content directly through your Sky device.

Virgin Media: ITVX is also available on Virgin Media’s TV boxes, offering another alternative for those who are subscribers.

Gaming Consoles: Some gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation also support the ITVX app, providing another avenue for catching up on your favourite shows.

We’ve reached out to ITV for comment, but with this being the weekend, we may only hear from them on Monday. 

October 2, 14:00 Update: The issue is still ongoing. We’re still waiting for an official comment from ITV, or a timeframe for a fix.

October 3 Update: ITV are saying their teams have “located the issue that has been causing this error”, and an update with a fix will be rolled out, with the app updating to version 14.22.

6 thoughts on “ITVX App Crashes On iPhone And iPad: What To Do”

  1. I’ve only had the app on my iPad for three days and in that time the app has frozen twice, The result being that I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app on both, occasions if ITV don’t get this problem sorted ASAP I will be ditching ITV X quicker than I joined😡

  2. ITVX Profile in my home:
    SKYQ app… works fine
    LGTV app… works fine
    Firestick 4K… works fine
    iPad Air IPadOS 16.6.1… ***
    iPad 9th Gen iPadOS 16.6.1… ***
    iPhone 12 iOS 16.7… ***

    *** problems started around 28 Sep 2023. ITVX was stuck on the opening spinner. Contacted ITVX who advised to uninstall/reinstall the app. I did. After reauthentication, the app worked. However after closing down a restart required another uninstall/reinstall. Can’t do this every time on multiple Apple devices when it works on various other devices. As said before by others, don’t have this issue with other regularly used apps and certainly didn’t have this, or any issue with BritBox over the 2 years I subscribed. It urgently requires resolution … and a subscriber refund 😉

  3. So frustrating ITVX is a real pain did everything advised still not working what is wrong with them in this day and age they should have it sorted, all other streaming is brilliant ITVX SORT IT OUT !!


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