Humax’s New WiFi Smart Plug Can Help Lower Energy Bills

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Electronics heavyweight Humax is stepping into the smart home arena with the introduction of their first Humax WiFi Smart Plug.

The device lets you control appliances via a dedicated smartphone app, or by connecting with a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home.

Another interesting feature is the smart plug’s ability to monitor the energy usage of the device connected to it – potentially helping you save on your electricity bills.

Furthermore, with Humax’s Aura Freeview recorder serving as a Google Home hub, the new WiFi smart plug can be controlled with your freeview set-top box’s remote control – a unique proposition in case you don’t have any other voice assistant at home.

Humax Smart Plug near box

What’s A WiFi Smart Plug?

A Smart Plug lets you turn regular power sockets – and anything connected to them, such as lamps and kitchen appliances – into smart devices.

The “smart” part comes from the plug connecting to your WiFi network at home (some – like the Humax one – also work via Bluetooth) and then it can be controlled via an app on your phone or a voice-activated device like the Amazon Echo.

Additionally, you can set timers and schedules – so you can turn the device on every day at 11:00, for example. You can also connect multiple plugs and devices together for a single “plan”, and then activate several devices at the same time, or when you press a button (or issue a voice command).

Humax Smart Plug app lights

You can learn more about WiFi Smart Plugs in our guide.

Humax’s New WiFi Smart Plug

Humax has been known mostly for their set-top TV boxes, such as Freeview recorders and Freesat boxes. Now, they’re joining the ever-growing smart home market.

The Humax WiFi Smart Plug works with both Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz) and Bluetooth connections, without the need for a separate home hub. 

When paired with the dedicated Humax Smart Living app for either iOS or Android, users can create personalised schedules to automate lights, heaters and other devices to function at fixed times each day, perfectly aligned to their daily routines.

Humax Smart Plug App screens

Access to smart home devices can also be shared with everyone in the family through the app, if required.

Each smart plug also features a built-in energy monitor to check the power consumption of plugged-in electrical devices, and help cut down on energy bills.

The plug measures current (mA), power (W), voltage (V) and total kWh, allowing users to track trends with historical data and graphs, all through the Humax Smart Living app.

The plug is also compatible with IFTTT (the “If This Then That” website/service), allowing owners to create useful smart home sequences, such as switching on a lamp if a smart doorbell or camera picks up an unexpected visitor at night.

And last but not least, the Smart Plug can be synced up with the Aura Freeview Recorder from Humax, thanks to it being an Android TV device.

Humax Aura 4k freeview recorder on window
Humax Aura

Once you add the smart plug to your Google Home setup, you can then use the Aura’s remote control – which has a dedicated Google Assistant voice button – to turn anything connected to the plug on or off.

James Sandison, head of UK sales at Humax, said:

“With the rising cost of energy, we are all looking for ways to save costs in our homes. Thanks to the Humax Wi-Fi Smart Plug, families can keep a close eye on energy consumption, while controlling their appliances from anywhere.

“With the ability to remotely check whether devices have been switched on or off, the smart plug also provides owners with added peace of mind when away from home.”

Humax Smart Plug 3 pin angle

At launch, the Humax WiFi Smart Plug costs £14.95, and is currently available directly from Humax or on Amazon.

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