Freesat Boxes Get A Major New Update

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Freesat’s 4K boxes are getting a major software update this week, with a long list of bug fixes, improvements and new features, including an enhanced search results screen, enhanced performance, fewer reboots and more.

Some of these issues have been plaguing Freesat’s boxes since their launch over a year ago – so Freesat users are now hoping to finally get more stable devices, with better speed and responsiveness.

Freesat, which was originally a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, was acquired by Digital UK earlier this year – the company that leads the development of Freeview – therefore Freesat and Freeview are now one company, with Freesat currently reaching  2 million homes in the UK.

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Photo: Freesat

Last year, Freesat launched a new range of set-top boxes, replacing the older Humax Freesat devices. The new boxes combine Freesat with streaming via broadband.

The line includes a 4K Freesat Player with some streaming apps, and a 4K Freesat recorder (also with streaming apps) that can record up to 4 programmes at the same time – you can read more about the boxes in our Freesat recommendations roundup.

With the merging of Freesat and Freeview’s development, updates will hopefully become even more frequent – as the last software update for Freesat’s 4K boxes was released back in June 2021.

How Can I Get The New Freesat Software Update?

The software update, which is Version 1.4.1 (Update 7.0) is only intended for Freesat’s new(ish) 4K boxes – and not any of the old Humax boxes.

Freesat Recording box 4K
Freesat Recording box 4K

The update should be installed automatically on your device, as long as you leave it on Standby mode overnight. To check whether you have the latest version:

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Then choose System Information.

What’s Included In The New Freesat Boxes Update?

The new features and bug fixes, as detailed on Freesat’s website, are:

New Features: 

  • Improved Interface during LNB verification. Customers will now see that the box is setting things up for them, rather than a no signal screen when coming out of standby
  • Enhanced search results display for both On TV and On-Demand content



  • Improved how the box handles low memory scenarios and will automatically close background applications if necessary to improve the overall experience 
  • Enhanced the general responsiveness of the application, users should see an improvement in general performance 

Standby and power management: 

There have been several bugs fixed coming out of standby to improve box behaviour, including: 

  • Remembering the last tuned channel after a box reboot/ nightly reboot 
  • Improvements to avoid the application crashing while the box is in standby mode 
  • Sometimes customers would see washed-out pictures after waking from standby 
  • No AV on Live TV channel when switching from passive standby to active mode 

Recordings and Reminders: 

There have been numerous fixes for issues with recordings and reminders, including:

  • Resuming playback of recording causes a device reboot 
  • Users unable to access the recordings action menu after deleting a recording 
  • Users occasionally get stuck on the Recordings preview Home screen 
  • Continue watching option not available for a partially viewed programme 
  • Exit Recording Playback – Live TV has no AV until zapped to a different channel 
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate recordings when setting via the Freesat App 
  • Reminder Icon not removed after a show started 
  • Unable to auto-tune to a channel from reminder pop-up when watching iPlayer 

FTI & Privacy notice: 

  • Fixed several bugs with the first-time installation process 
  • Improved the privacy notice pop-up flow and fixed several issues that could result in related issues 

Settings & Channel Scan: 

  • Occasional box crash during postcode check 
  • Regional Channels:  BBC One London list was not shown correctly

TV Guide: 

  •  Restart Metadata Icon was not always showing 
  • ‘Back’ from “Showing Again” took you to the Recordings home page pane, not the Guide home page. 
  • 1 Line guide not displaying when returning to Live TV 
  • Fixed an issue with double key entry on BBC channels 
  • Both user-hidden and favourited channels appeared among the Favourite channels filter in TV Guide 
  • Users would sometimes get stuck in the guide when a series recording was cancelled 


  • Showcase was not displaying correctly on box boot up 
  • Showcase was occasionally taking too long to populate 
  • Improved default image logic for when showcase images are not available 


  • STOP RCU key would not return you to live TV 
  • Users were occasionally unable to record an event from within timeshift 
  • A noticeable black screen could be seen when exiting from timeshift to Live TV 
  • Fixed an issue where FF/RW were working intermittently 

On Demand: 

  • Exit whilst loading OD player would land user on ‘No Signal’ screen 
  • Fixed an issue where video was intermittent during playback on the My5 app 
  • There were a few instances where Netflix was not closing when requested 
  • OD Apps menu would occasionally reset due to a timeout 

In addition to the above, Freesat says the update includes bug fixes to improve the stability and responsiveness of the devices. 

11 thoughts on “Freesat Boxes Get A Major New Update”

  1. Since their introduction there has been a problem with these new Freesat boxes. You can read numerous reports of problems. It appears that the product was brought to market in a rush and Humax was brushed aside so that now Freesat is no longer go to product. In my view anyone buying a new Freesat box is nothing more than a lab rat and when enough complaints have been received something may get done to try and fix. This begs the question why have Freesat gone with this box.

    • I can’t agree with this. The box has improved many times since its launch. Yes for some the HDR flag remains on, but most tvs can turn this off. I believe freesat has said this is this isn’t a bug or a flaw.

  2. New 4k 2TB. FreeSat Box has intermittent fault that Freesat say they can’t fix!!!! They even exchanged the box but it has the same fault. They said there was an over the air update but that did not fix it.

    New Samsung TV turned on to say BBC1. Turn Freesat box on and it should automatically switch to the Freesat Box. BUT, all we get is a black blank screen. Even tried to switch the input select on the TV to HDMI-1 but still does not come on. The only way is to turn everything off, unplug the Freesat Box for at least 30 seconds, plug it back in, the front light turns blue, after approx. 30 seconds it turns red, then turn the TV back on, then turn the freesat box back on and it usually then works.

    This happens every few nights. Nothing changes to cause it, very hit and miss!!!! My old TV and Humax box are in exactly the same place where they worked fine for a great many years.

  3. I’m having huge issues with the 4k TV Recorder 2tb remote control turning my fire on/off and changing the light colours, none of the 6 available infrared codes solve the problem. They really should have designed it with a Bluetooth remote.


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