Coming To BritBox UK In December: It’s Christmas TV Time

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BritBox UK, the new joint streaming subscription service from ITV and the BBC, is getting ready for Christmas, with more than 100 Christmas specials from years past, and a few British family films on top.

BritBox UK (not to be confused with its US version), which was launched last month, is a subscription service that brings a variety of past and current British TV programmes, as well as classic British films.

The service normally costs £5.99/month, but you can also get a 30-days free trial. Some Samsung TV owners can get a 90-days free trial, but the offer is only valid until December 10.

BritBox launched with close to 300 titles from ITV, the BBC and Channel 5, and more content is being added every week. In 2020, BritBox will also add TV programmes and films from Channel 4.

In December, BritBox has begun a month of Christmas celebrations, with British Christmas TV specials from years past. A different special will be highlighted daily in the run-up to Christmas Day, in a nostalgic digital advent. 

Downton Abbey christmas special

The Christmassy content can be found on a new “Britmax” page, and highlights from the collection include sixteen Christmas specials from Only Fools and Horses, all four Downton Abbey Christmas specials, and festive episodes from Extras, Blackadder, The Good Life, French and Saunders, Outnumbered, Jonathan Creek, Birds of a Feather, Mock the Week, Keeping Up Appearances and many more. 

If you’re an Agatha Christie fan, BritBox’s “Very Christie Christmas” will launch in mid December, highlighting over 100 episodes of Agatha Christie classics including BBC’s original Miss Marple series starring Joan Hickson, all six seasons of Christie’s Miss Marple starring Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie, and David Suchet’s Being Poirot documentary. 

And, to top it all up, Doctor Who fans are getting a special treat on Boxing Day, as more than 600 classic Doctor Who episodes will be added to the service. It’s the definitive classic time lord collection from ‘63 to ’96 – from William Hartnell to Paul McGann.

Doctor Who classic
Photo: The BBC

The 2005+ incarnations of Doctor Who will not be added to BritBox for the time being, as the rights were originally sold to other streaming services. 

Here’s the complete list of the Christmas content coming to BritBox TV in December:

Content Added On December 1

A Bit of Fry and Laurie-Christmas-Special-1987

Absolutely Fabulous-Christmas-Special-2002

Birds of a Feather-Christmas-Special-2017


Darling Buds of May-Christmas-Special-1991

Doc Martin-Christmas-Special-2006

Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2011

Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2012

Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2013

Downton Abbey-Christmas-Special-2014

Drunk History UK-Christmas-Special-2014


French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1988

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1994

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1998

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-1999

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2002

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2003

French and Saunders-Christmas-Special-2005

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip-Christmas-Special


Harry Enfield and Chums-Christmas-Special-1997

Harry Enfield and Chums-Christmas-Special-1998

Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-1998

Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-2001

Jonathan Creek-Christmas-Special-2009

Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1991

Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1993

Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1994

Keeping Up Appearances-Christmas-Special-1995

Little Britain-Christmas-Special-2006

Mock The Week-Christmas-Special-2016

My Family-Christmas-Special-2002

My Family-Christmas-Special-2003

My Family-Christmas-Special-2005

My Family-Christmas-Special-2006

My Family-Christmas-Special-2007

My Family-Christmas-Special-2008

My Family-Christmas-Special-2009

Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes Of Christmas-Christmas-Special

Nigel Slater’s Christmas Suppers-Christmas-Special

Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking-Christmas-Special

Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers: Christmas Suppers-Christmas-Special

Nigella: At My Table-Christmas-Special-2017

Nigellissima: An Italian Inspired Christmas-Christmas-Special-2012

One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1991

One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1996

One Foot In The Grave-Christmas-Special-1997

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1981

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1982

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1983

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1985

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1986

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1987

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1988

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1989

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1990

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1991

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1992

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1993

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-1996

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2001

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2002

Only Fools And Horses-Christmas-Special-2003





Rock and Chips-Christmas-Special-2010

Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2013

Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2016

Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2017

Still Open All Hours-Christmas-Special-2018 – from late Dec

The Good Life-Christmas-Special-1977

The League Of Gentlemen-Christmas-Special-2000

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2010

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2011

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2012

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2013

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2014

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2015

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2016

The Only Way Is Essex-Christmas-Special-2017

The Royle Family-Christmas-Special-2000

The Royle Family-Christmas-Special-2008

The Thick of It-Christmas-Special-2006

The Two Ronnies-Christmas-Special-1973 TBC

The Two Ronnies-Christmas-Special-1982 TBC

The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-1996

The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-1997

The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-2004

The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas-Special-2006


Victoria Wood-Christmas-Special

Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV-Christmas-Special-1987

Content Coming On December 19

BBC’s Miss Marple Season 1, 2 and specials

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Being Poirot documentary


Tarka the Otter

Content Coming On December 26

627 Classic Doctor Who Episodes.

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