Best TV, Streaming And Tech Boxing Day Deals 2022

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Christmas is now behind us (really!), but if you’re STILL looking to buy stuff – today’s a good day to do so, with some interesting Boxing Day deals on streaming devices and tech gadgets.

Some of these discounts will only be available for 24 hours, while others will probably last until the new year – so it’s always worth checking.

As always, the tricky part is to sort out the good offers – so I’ve done some of the diggings for you. Remember though, while there are good bargains to be had, it’s important to keep in mind that not every “Sale!” you see is necessarily the best price, so it’s always a good idea to check around.

Also, especially in these complicated times, please only buy things you actually need – and, more importantly – can afford, even if they’re heavily discounted.

Streaming Devices – Boxing Day Discounts

Most Fire TV Devices Now On Sale

Amazon is offering decent discounts on most of its excellent Amazon Fire TV streaming devices. I have to say – some of the discounts were better during Black Friday, but if you’re in the market for a new Firestick – you can still snag a bargain.

Fire TV Sticks Close comparison
Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks

To see the differences between all Fire TV sticks, take a look at our Fire TV Sticks Specs Comparison.

As of this writing, you’ll find discounts on:

Roku Boxing Day Deals

Roku is the leading manufacturer of streaming devices in the US – and for good reason, with excellent devices and a very simple and easy to use interface.

For Boxing Day, Roku is offering discounts on most of their devices that are currently sold in the UK – including the Roku Stick 4K, which is still our top pick for the Best Streaming Devices in the UK.

As with the Firesticks – Roku’s Boxing Day discounts are not as deep as the ones I saw during Black Friday – but you’re still paying less than the regular price:

The special Roku discounts are available on Amazon, Currys and other online and high street retailers.

Google Chromecast Boxing Day Deals

Google offers two main versions of the newer Google Chromecast with Google TV, which has a remote and an on-screen operating system with apps (unlike the older Chromecast that could only be controlled from your phone).

Chromecast With Google TV HD official
Chromecast With Google TV HD official

Both versions are very similar – but the HD version only supports 1080p content, and the 4K version – which is also a bit more powerful – supports 4K / HDR content.

Both versions are currently discounted for Boxing Day:

Sky TV And Virgin Media Deals

So far, it looks like there are no new Boxing Day-specific deals from Sky and Virgin Media. However, their Christmas deals – which were recently announced – will be available for a few more days.

Sky Stream living room front
Sky Stream

With Sky, there are discounts on Sky Glass and Sky Stream’s content bundles. So, for example, you can get:

Sky Ultimate, which includes the Sky Entertainment channels pack and Netflix Basic (which lets you watch on one device at a time, in 720p) for £26/month (instead of £29/month) on the rolling contract, and £23/month (instead of £26/month) on the 18-month contract.

Sky Sports is now £20/month, instead of £25/month – but only on the 18-month contract. On the rolling contract, the price remains at £27/month.

Sky Cinema is now £11/month (instead of £13/month) on the rolling contract, and £9/month (instead of £11/month) on the 18-month contract.

As for Virgin Media, they’re still running their Stream Box promotion – you can get the box for free (so you won’t have to pay the usual £35 activation fee), if you sign up for the M350 or M500 broadband plans.

Prime Video Channels Boxing Day Deals

Prime Video Channels are an add-on to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. Since they’re an add-on to Prime, you must have an active Amazon Prime subscription first (or Prime Video), and then you can add the channels on top of that – But you can also get a free 30-days trial of Amazon Prime.

For Boxing Day (and until January 9), you can get several premium Prime Video Channels at a discounted price of 99p/month, for up to three months.

Remember that once the discounted months are up – the subscription will auto-renew at the normal rate, unless you cancel it.

Some of the channels you can snag for 99p/month are:

  • Shudder (Read our Shudder review): A curated selection of classic and new horror films and TV shows, such as Hellraiser, American Psycho and Creepshow. >>> 99p/month for 3 months, then £4.99/month.
  • Lionsgate+ (Formerly StarzPlay): With TV programmes and films from the premium American cable channel Starz, such as Outlander, Powerbook II: GhostPennyworth, Doom Patrol and more. 99p/month for up to three months, then £4.99/month. >>> Get Lionsgate+ Deal.
  • Acorn.TV A channel that specialises in content from Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, with new originals and old classics, such as Queens of Mystery, Liverpool 1, Foyle’s War and more. 99p/month for up to 3 months, then £4.99/month. >>> Get Acorn.TV Deal.
  • Mubi: Award-winning films from around the world, hand-picked by experts, such as Drive My Car, Lamb, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! and more. 99p/month for up to 3 months, then £9.99/month. >>> Get Mubi Deal.
  • Crime+Investigation PLAYTrue crime documentaries and dramas, such as Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence and Homicide Hunter and more. 99p for up to 3 month, then £3.99/month. >>> Get Crime+ Investigation Play Deal.
  • Marquee TV: Arts on the demand, with some of the world’s best performances – Ballet, Opera and more. 99p/month for up to 3 months, then £8.99/month. >>> Get Marquee TV Deal.

Tech And Gadgets Deals

If you’re into streaming and digital entertainment – there are some great discounts on everything from tablets and phones to speakers and earbuds.

Honor 70 Smartphone

I’m in the process of reviewing the Honor 70 phone for a future review – but I didn’t want to wait with my recommendation until then, as it’s currently discounted for Boxing Day.

Honor 70 near box

Judging by the cost and some of the specs, the Honor 70 is a mid-range phone – but you won’t know that from looking at it. It certainly looks like a flagship phone, and – in many respects – behaves like one, despite its price (which is even lower now for Boxing Day).

The battery times are pretty impressive, and it always lasts me a full day with regular use (as in, watching some videos, making phone calls, and some gaming).

The 6.67″ curved screen is bright and quite vivid, and is a joy for watching films and TV shows in bed (or on the tube, if you’re into that sort of thing). 

Honor 70 official

The camera isn’t going to threaten the iPhone or Google’s Pixel phones anytime soon, but at this price range, it delivers excellent results – even in low lighting, which is often a pain point.

And, lastly – while I usually prefer the OS to be more vanilla-Android, Honor’s addons and UI customisations aren’t as intrusive as on some of the other mid-range Android phones out there. Plus, everything feels snappy to use, which isn’t always the case at this price point.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2021)

Tablets are great media-consumption devices – and the Fire HD 10, with its very affordable pricing, is an even better bargain now that it’s discounted for Boxing Day.

Fire HD 10 in hand window

It’s an excellent tablet for watching videos, casual gaming and simple productivity apps. The lack of a proper Google app store is the main downside, but you still get most of the major streaming services and games on the Amazon app store (See my Fire HD 10 review.)

An even cheaper alternative is the brand new Fire HD 7, which has a smaller screen, but is very lightweight and portable – and is even more affordable right now.

EarFun Air Pro 2 True Wireless Earphones

If you want excellent true wireless earphones at a very budget-friendly price, the Air Pro 2 from EarFun are a great choice.

Earfun Air Pro 2 in hand

They support most of the features one would expect to find on TWS earphones these days, they have a total battery life of 34 hours, the audio quality is quite good – and their Active Noise Cancellation is miles better than what you usually get at this price range (See my EarFun Air Pro 2 review).

Tapo Smart Light Strip (L930-5)

OK so this isn’t exactly an entertainment-consumption device, but I’ve become such as fan of this LED light strip from TP-Link, that I have to point out its Boxing Day discount.

TP-Link Tapo Light Strip
Tapo Light Strip

You stick it anywhere you want with the built-in adhesive (so on the wall, under a counter, etc.), and then let the fun begin – you can use the app to change the colours and brightness, create lighting effects and more. And – you can control it all with a voice assistant like Alexa or Google’s Assistant.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but I’m a convert now – much more than a novelty, this light strip can genuinely change the way you use and control lighting in your house.

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