How To Watch “Doom Patrol” Online In The UK: Seasons 1 And 2

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Doom Patrol, the superhero series based on a DC Comics line, has aired two critically acclaimed seasons – with Season 3 coming sometime in 2021. Now, UK fans are probably wondering how and where they can watch Doom Patrol, online or streaming on their telly, legally, WITHOUT an expensive Sky/Cable subscription.

In case you’re not familiar with the show yet, Doom Patrol tells the story of a group of super “heroes” (some might call them super freaks) who are brought together by “The Chief” – a mad scientist of sorts, played by Timothy Dalton. Together, the group fights to save the world, in their own… “unique” way.

The show, which was developed by Jeremy Carver also stars Diane Guerrero, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, Vic Stone and more.

Season 1 was released in February 2019, with Season 2 following up on June 2020 with 9 episodes. Doom Patrol has already been renewed for Season 3.

In the US, Doom Patrol airs on HBO Max (and previously also on DC Universe). Here’s how to watch both seasons of the show in the UK.

Where Can I Watch Doom Patrol In The UK – Past And New Episodes?

In the UK, Doom Patrol is normally available on StarzPlay, which is the perfect option for Cord Cutters, as it doesn’t require a long contract.

However, there are additional ways to watch the the show, which I will go over now.

Is Doom Patrol Available on Netflix in the UK?

No. The show isn’t available on Netflix in any country, including the US (where it’s exclusive to HBO Max).

So here are your major options on our side of the pond:

1. StarzPlay – Seasons 1-2

StarzPlay is a UK version of the premium American cable channel, Starz. It includes Starz’ own original productions, as well as some programmes from other channels – such as Doom Patrol.

StarzPlay shows

There are two ways to get StarzPlay in the UK – either directly from them (via mobile apps), or as an Amazon Prime Channel. Either way, subscription costs £4.99/month, but you can also get a 7-days free trial.

Subscribing to it as an Amazon Channel also requires an Amazon Prime Video subscription, But you can get a free 30-days trial of Amazon Prime as well.

Both seasons of Doom Patrol are available on StarzPlay, with Season 3 presumably coming in the future, once it airs in the US.


  • Cheap, monthly subscription – includes Doom Patrol and other premium programmes.
  • All episodes of Season 1 and 2 are available.
  • Available on several platforms.


  • Recurring monthly cost (but you can cancel at any time).
  • Also requires Amazon Prime (if done through Amazon Channels)

Watch On: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Roku devices, Apple TV, Gaming consoles, Mobile phones, Smart TVs – and any device that has the Amazon Prime Video app.

2. Amazon Prime Video – Seasons 1-2

If you prefer to purchase and own the digital version of the series, Amazon’s video-on-demand library offers the two seasons of Doom Patrol as a separate one-time purchase.


  • Buy and own forever
  • Pay once (No recurring subscription needed)
  • Available on a lot of platforms


  • Gets expensive if you don’t intend to rewatch

Watch On: Amazon’s website, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Smartphones, Gaming consoles

Doom Patrol StarzPlay
Doom Patrol (Photo: WarnerMedia)

3. HBO Max (Only with VPN) – Seasons 1 and 2

In the US, Doom Patrol is available on streaming service HBO Max, which is not available in the UK for now. However, with a VPN such as NordVPN, you can unblock the geo-blocking, and sign up for the service from here.

If you’re just looking for Doom Patrol, it’ll be much simpler to get StarzPlay (see above). But HBO Max also includes all the content from HBO, DC, Universal Pictures, Warner productions, and more – so it might be of interest to some. For more information, see our guide on getting US streaming services in the UK.


  • Get Doom Patrol and lots of other premium programmes from HBO and more.
  • All episodes of Season 1 and 2 are available, with Season 3 coming in 2021.
  • There’s a 7-days free trial.


  • Requires a VPN to work in the UK.
  • Monthly subscription is more expensive than StarzPlay.

3. Google Play Store – Seasons 1-2

Google’s play store offers both seasons of Doom Patrol, as a separate one-time purchase.


  • Buy and own forever
  • Only need to pay once
  • Available on a lot of platforms


  • Can get expensive if you don’t plan to rewatch

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