Amazon Fire TV’s New UI Is Coming To More UK Devices

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Several months after it first launched on just a couple of devices, the redesigned Amazon Fire TV interface is coming to more models of Amazon’s streaming devices.

The new interface brings with it a fresh look, more content recommendations, user profiles across the whole system, and more.

The new Fire TV UI was first announced back in September and was presented as “the biggest interface update ever” for the Fire TV devices, which have been around since 2014.

The roll-out began in stages, so the only Fire devices that got it last December were the new Amazon Fire TV Stick (HD, 3rd Generation – see our review of it), and the new Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite,

Fire TV new interface with remote
The Amazon Fire TV Interface

Starting today, the redesigned interface will begin rolling out to additional devices in the UK:

  • The Fire TV 4K Stick
  • The 3rd Gen Fire TV (Pendant design)
  • The Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd Generations)

The Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation and the Fire TV Smart TV (such as the JVC Fire TV Edition TV) will have to keep waiting, with the rollout for them planned for later this year.

As for older devices, it sounds like the 1st Generation Fire TV Box, 1st Generation Fire TV Stick (both from 2014), as well as the 2nd Generation Fire TV Box, won’t be getting the new interface.

Since the rollout is going to be gradual, some users might get the new interface a bit later than others – Amazon told us the rollout will take place over the coming weeks.

What’s The New Fire TV Interface Like?

If you’re familiar with the old Fire TV interface, the changes might not seem major – it looks bit different, there are new content recommendations and a few sections (like the search function) have been improved or at least sprayed with a new coat of paint.

Fire TV new ui main menu
Fire TV New Interface


Having spent time with the new interface, I can say that it’s a big improvement in some areas – but also, makes the Fire TV even more confusing to use than before, at least for some.

It now becomes even harder to understand where content is coming “from”, which content you can see for “free” (via an existing subscription), and what you would need to pay more for (by renting it, for example).

Still, it’s a good start which will surely be improved further – and some of the new additions do make it better than before.

The New Home Screen / Main Menu

In the old Fire TV interface, the Main Menu was kind of hidden at the top. In the new interface, the main menu is right at the centre, giving you fast access to the search (“Find”) function, your full library of purchased content (and your watchlist), and shortcuts to your most-used apps.

New Fire TV ui main screen

The main menu now gives you fast access to several main sections:

  • Library – Which holds content you’ve purchased from Amazon
  • Home – Which brings you back to the main screen
  • Find – The new search screen
  • Live – A new section that consolidates apps and Prime Video channels that offer live broadcasts. 
  • App List: Quick access to your most-used apps.

System-Wide Fire TV Profiles

The Amazon Prime Video app already supported user profiles for some time, giving you the ability to set different watchlists, watch history and personalised recommendations for different members of the family.

Fire TV new interface profiles

Now, those profiles are built into the Fire TV OS itself, so the whole experience can change a bit for each member of the family.

It’s not just about Prime Video now – but the system-wide content recommendations, global watchlist, etc. will now all be personalised for each user.

Improved Search / Find

The new “Find” tab combines the regular “Search” function, which you can do either with your voice (if you have the voice remote) or by using the virtual keyboard.

Fire TV new interface find
The new Search screen

But on the new Find screen you can now also browse and discover content – by genres (Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc) and categories. Plus, it’s where you access the app store, to find more apps to install.

You can find a more detailed look at the new Fire TV interface here.

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