VOXI Launches Unlimited Video Streaming Plan For Mobiles

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VOXI, Vodafone’s “youth-oriented” mobile network, announced a new “Endless Video” plan, which will give new and existing customers (on some plans) unlimited video streaming from some of the major services, including Netflix and YouTube.

The new plan will also include support for 5G, at no extra cost – as long as you’re in an area with 5G coverage. But is the new plan worth it?

Voxi, which launched back in 2017, was created by Vodafone to appeal to younger audiences. At launch, only customers under 25 were able to join – but at this point, there’s no age limit, and anyone can join the network.

Voxi’s plans are sim-only (so you don’t have to buy a new phone with the SIM), and are contract-free, so you pay month-to-month and can leave (or change your plan) at any point.

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The new “Endless Video” plan will give customers unlimited data when they’re using one of six video apps – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play.

You can stream from these video apps as much as you want, without using up any of your data allowance. (Of course, you would still need to pay for the actual Netflix and Prime Video subscriptions, if you want them).

The plan will be added, at no extra cost, to Voxi’s 15GB and up plans. All the plans include unlimited calls and text messages, unlimited roaming in Europe, as well as Voxi’s “Endless Social” bit, that lets you use selected social apps and websites without using up your data.

Currently, the plans which include the new Endless Video are:

And there’s an Endless Data plan at £35/month, but it makes the Endless Video irrelevant, since all the data is unlimited.

Existing customers will have the Endless Video part added automatically to their subscription, without further charge. Note that the 12GB plan does NOT include Endless Video.

Netflix on phone
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Is Voxi’s Endless Video Plan Worth It?

As always with mobile plans – it depends on your usage.

If you don’t watch a lot of video from the supported services on your phone – or if you mostly watch at home, when you’re on your WiFi network – then there are certainly cheaper plans out there, usually with less data.

Voxi is also not the only mobile network to offer special deals that involve streaming video services – Three offers the “Go Binge” addon, which gives you unlimited music streaming on some services, as well as unlimited video streaming – but only on Netflix and TVPlayer.

However, if you’re a big fan of streaming services – and you tend to watch them when you’re out and about – then this offer might be good for you, especially since it supports some of the leading video services, such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. 

Adding BBC iPlayer, or Disney+, for example, would have been nice – but it’s still a decent list.

You can see all of VOXI’s plans, and subscribe, on this page.

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