Virgin Media Users Told To Act Now Or Lose TNT Sports

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In another fresh development related to Virgin Media and TNT Sports, the pay-TV provider is set to automatically remove TNT Sports from some customers’ TV packages, potentially leaving some sports fans in the dark.

This latest issue immediately affects a specific group of subscribers, regardless of the ongoing negotiations we reported on last week.

Customers still subscribed to Virgin Media’s ‘Maxit’ bundle, which previously included TNT Sports, are now receiving emails warning them of impending changes.

Unless they take action by June 30, they risk losing access to premium content including Premier League football, UEFA Champions League games, Premiership Rugby, and UFC fights.

Here’s what you need to know – and do – if you wish to keep watching TNT Sports (and see our July update at the end).

Virgin Media’s TNT Sports Shake-up

To fully understand the current situation, we need to look back at the significant changes Virgin Media has made to its TV packages over the past year.

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In September 2023, Virgin Media decided to remove TNT Sports from its TV bundles.

This move surprised many subscribers, particularly sports fans who had grown accustomed to having TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) included in their packages at no extra cost.

The September 2023 shake-up meant that new customers would have to add TNT Sports as a separate, paid add-on to their TV package.

The cost for this add-on was set at £18 per month, a significant increase for those who previously had it included in their bundle.

Virgin Media TNT Sports collage

Existing customers were initially exempted from these changes.

However, Virgin Media made it clear that once their current contracts expired and came up for renewal, or if they made any changes to their existing bundle, they, too, would face the new pricing structure.

Now, we’re seeing further developments in this ongoing saga, with some ‘Maxit’ bundle subscribers facing the prospect of losing TNT Sports automatically unless they take specific action.

The TNT Sports TV pack, which is at the centre of this, includes the following channels: TNT Sports 1 HD, TNT Sports 2 HD, TNT Sports 3 HD, TNT Sports 4 HD, and TNT Sports Ultimate.

Premier League logo
Photo: Deposit Photo / Rafapress

These channels collectively broadcast a wide range of premium sports content, from Premier League football to UFC fights

Act Now Or Lose TNT Sports

Customers still subscribed to Virgin Media’s ‘Maxit’ bundle, which previously included TNT Sports, are now receiving emails warning them of impending changes to their package.

The email states:

“We wanted to let you know that we’re making a change to the way we provide TNT Sports channels in order to continue to provide the best value entertainment packages for our customers.

“We’ve noticed that you haven’t viewed these channels in the last 6 months, and therefore we’re removing automatic access to them from 30th June 2024. Don’t worry, nothing else is changing.”

Customers who wish to re-activate TNT Sports, are then advised to fill a special form. They will not need to pay any extra costs (assuming their Maxit bundle, which includes TNT Sports, is still active).

Virgin Media TNT Sports form

This e-mail has caught many subscribers off guard, especially since some claim they have been regularly watching TNT Sports despite receiving this notification.

Customers who miss this email or fail to complete the form by June 30 risk losing access to TNT Sports.

However, Virgin Media has assured us that affected customers can have TNT Sports reinstated even after the deadline by contacting the company.

A Virgin Media spokesperson told Cord Busters: “As we continue to evolve our TV offering to give our customers more choice aligned to their viewing habits, we’re making some changes to how we offer TNT Sports, whereby it will exist as an optional offering.

“We know many of our customers enjoy watching TNT’s channels which they can continue doing with no changes to the price they pay.”

What This Means for Customers

For ‘Maxit’ bundle subscribers who still enjoy TNT Sports as part of their package, action is required to retain access beyond June 30.

Virgin Media TV 360 remote
Photo: Virgin Media

Even if you believe you’ve been watching TNT Sports regularly, if you receive the notification e-mail, it’s important to complete the provided form or contact Virgin Media directly.

And, as before (since September 2023), once your current contract ends – you will have to start paying extra for TNT Sports, if you wish to keep it (assuming it will still be available on Virgin Media by then, of course).

July 1 Update

As expected, some customers were cut off from TNT Sports. This came as a surprise to those who did not see the e-mail (or this article), and some are reporting that even though they filled out the form, they lost access anyway. 

It appears that since Virgin Media has to review all the form submissions manually, it’ll take some time to reinstate TNT Sports for those who filled it out.

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1 thought on “Virgin Media Users Told To Act Now Or Lose TNT Sports”

  1. It was only after going to watch Moto GP on series record that I realised something was wrong. After a web search that found posts from other people with the same problem, I checked my emails. I had received an email from Virgin, it got to me with only 14 hours before the cutoff. We have been watching the MotoGP since the start of the season, so where they say we hav e not used TNT for 6 months is a lie, or incompetence by VM.


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