The End Of Streaming? UK Company Launches New DVD Player

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In an age where streaming services are all the rage, dominating our screens with an endless choice of on-demand content, the notion of launching a new DVD player might seem as quaint as churning butter by hand.

Yet, here we are, with Bolton-based Mitchell & Brown taking a charmingly defiant stand against the tide by announcing the release of their JB-DVD1811 DVD player. 

Yes, you’re reading that correctly – it’s not a streaming stick, it’s not a tablet with a huge screen, it’s not a Freeview box with a Netflix app – it’s a new £49.99 DVD player.

The Unlikely New Hero of Home Entertainment

Mitchell & Brown’s decision to launch a new DVD player in 2024 could be seen as a somewhat bewildering strategy.

The JB-DVD1811 emerges as a phoenix from the ashes of a technology many assumed was as dead as, well, Blockbuster and ChoicesUK.

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With features from a bygone era like composite and SCART video outputs (along with HDMI), and even stereo RCA output for those who wish to blast their CD collection through a separate stereo system, this compact device aims to be more than just a relic.

It’s a bridge between the past and present, offering a simple “insert disc and press play” functionality that some have apparently sorely missed.

Mitchell and Brown JB-DVD1811 DVD Player back

Mitchell & Brown’s operational director, Dan Brown, suggests that the JB-DVD1811 is a response to a genuine demand from their loyal independent retailers across the UK.

These retailers have reportedly been clamouring for a low-cost solution to reignite their customers’ passion for watching their favourite movies on DVD.

“Many of our traditional customers”, Dan says, “have large DVD libraries, often with no way to play them since their old player developed a fault.”

In an era where digital streaming dominates, the appeal of physical media persists, particularly among collectors and enthusiasts of genres like horror and cult classics.

The JB-DVD1811 offers a lifeline to these collections at a price point that undercuts a three-month premium Netflix subscription (you also need the DVDs themselves, of course – but even if you don’t have an old library, you can still find £1-or-less DVDs in some stores).

Mitchell and Brown JB-DVD1811 DVD Player closeup

Media That Doesn’t Disappear

The allure of streaming services is undeniable, offering convenience and a vast selection of content at our fingertips.

However, this convenience comes with a caveat: we don’t truly own any of the content.

Even purchases made from digital VOD stores (such as Amazon’s Prime Video store or Apple’s iTunes) are at the mercy of licensing agreements, which can expire, leaving viewers in the lurch.

In contrast, DVDs offer a tangible sense of ownership. Once you purchase a DVD, it’s yours to keep, watch, and cherish forever (or at least as long as you have a functioning DVD player, or even a portable DVD player).

dog watching portable dvd blu ray player

Dan Brown points out that some classics like Twister, Mars Attacks, and Interview with the Vampire are unlikely heroes that are hard to find in the streaming age, overshadowed by blockbuster behemoths and never-ending series.

The JB-DVD1811 invites users to revisit their old movie collections, offering a subscription-free trip down memory lane.

The market for DVD players, while obviously not as vibrant as it once was, still caters to a specific audience.

Features like multi-region support, upscaling, and various connection options are critical considerations for potential buyers, especially if you plan to connect it to an older TV.

Mitchell & Brown’s JB-DVD1811 seems to tick many of these boxes, providing a compelling option for those looking to breathe new life into their DVD collections.

Mitchell and Brown JB-DVD1811 DVD Player side

The player offers direct disc control via buttons on the front panel (along with a remote control), Dolby Audio output, and a small (225mm / 9 inches wide) form factor to hide discreetly beneath the TV.

In terms of disc formats, the device supports DVD/DVD+R/DVD+RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/JPEG.

The good news is that the DVD player can be used as a Multi-Region device (that can play DVDs from all over the world), and not just from Region 2 (Europe), but Mitchell & Brown tells us that buyers will have to manually set that up:

  • Open the tray
  • Use the remote control and press 5168
  • Factory manual will pop up
  • Pick region
  • Select “Test – 0”
  • Exit setup

The JB-DVD1811 DVD Player is available for retailers to order from Mitchell & Brown now with a suggested retail price of just £49.99 – therefore it should be available to consumers soon.

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