TV Price Wars Continue: BT’s £10 Netflix And NOW Offer

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The pay-TV market is heating up again, with BT bringing back one of its popular limited-time TV bundle discounts – this time with a two years long discount on its Entertainment and Sport add-ons, cutting the price by up to 50%.

BT is offering its streaming Entertainment TV bundle, which includes several popular streaming services and channels as well as a 4K Freeview recording box, for just £10/month – for the whole duration of the contract (so a whopping 24 months).

In addition to BT’s ‘Entertainment’ bundle, the offer is also available for the Sport bundle, which includes all of BT Sport (soon to become TNT Sports), as well as Eurosport and Discovery+, so you can also get those for £10/month, again, for 24 months.

The upfront setup fee, which is typically £39, has also been waived for the duration of this offer.

As always, there are a few caveats – for example, while the discount is set for 24 months, the prices CAN (and probably will) go up in March 2024, along with the CPI rate of inflation (see the full offer details below).

BT TV Lifestyle

This offer comes just days after Virgin Media also slashed some of its TV prices – including an even cheaper price – £8/month – for BT Sport.

And yet, this is still an excellent deal for some – although the long 24 months contract is a significant downside (but at least you get the discount for that long).

BT’s Entertainment Package offers the “Basic” Netflix subscription, Sky’s NOW Entertainment membership, the AMC Channel and the 4K Pro box – and it normally costs £20/month.

For a limited time, however, BT is offering the same package for just £10/month – with a 24 months contract.

BT TV Entertainment Pack collage

The Sport bundle doesn’t include Netflix or NOW, but includes all 4 BT Sport channels, along with Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, the AMC Channel and the BT TV 4K Pro Box, and it normally costs £18/month.

But with the current offer, you can get it for £10/month – again, with a 24 months contract.

The BT TV Box Pro, which you get as a part of these bundles (as a loan – you don’t own the box), got upgraded last year with a new ‘Internet Mode’ – which lets you watch some Freeview channels without an aerial.

All in all, these new offers represent savings of £240 for the Entertainment bundle over the 24 months, and £192 on the Sport bundle, compared to BT’s regular prices (without taking into account the possible price increases next year).

As always, these offers are only relevant for those who get BT’s Broadband service – but they’re good for either new or existing broadband customers (who don’t have a TV contract yet). 

So are they the right deals for you? Read ahead for a more detailed comparison.

BT’s TV Platform Explained

BT has been bundling Netflix into its TV packages since 2021, around the time it launched the 4K BT TV Box Pro.

BT TV Box Pro with remote
BT TV Box Pro

This box is a 4K/HDR YouView-based device equipped with streaming apps and a substantial amount of storage for Freeview recordings.

It supports Dolby Atmos audio, features 4 tuners (allowing users to record up to three shows on different channels while watching a fourth), 1TB of storage, a Bluetooth remote, and both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

The BT TV Box Pro also supports an array of streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, NOW, BT Sport, BT Player, Milkshake, and more, as well as the usual catch-up streaming apps – BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4, My5, UKTV Play, S4C, STV Player, and BBC Sounds.

Interestingly, even though BT Sport subscribers can access Discovery+ for free, the BT TV Box Pro does not currently support the Discovery+ app. However, there is an indication that support for this app will be added in the future.

Additionally, BT’s box lets users watch a wide range of Freeview channels without an aerial (via broadband) and also record programs from those streamed channels to its internal hard drive, a feature that sets it apart from Sky Glass / Sky Stream and Virgin’s Stream Box.

For multi-room viewing, BT offers the BT TV Mini Box, which includes streaming apps and the capability to stream Freeview channels via broadband, but lacks recording capabilities.

BT TV Boxes
BT TV’s Boxes

BT’s “Flexible” TV packages are linked to BT’s broadband plans (BT TV is not available as a standalone service, except for BT Sport, which can also be accessed via a monthly pass and on Sky and Virgin Media).

In a few months, BT Sport is expected to rebrand as “TNT Sports”. When this happens, its monthly pass will be integrated into Discovery+, but this should not affect current subscribers who access BT Sport through BT TV – and the price should stay the same, for now.

It’s important to note again that BT TV packages, when bundled with BT’s broadband, require a 24-month contract, which limits flexibility compared to standard streaming services.

The flexibility primarily arises from the ability to change TV packages every 30 days – users can switch between Entertainment and Sports, add or remove packages, or opt for the VIP package which includes everything (though the TV contract can’t be terminated until the contract period ends).

Cord cutter tearing up TV contract

One caveat: if you switch away from the Netflix and NOW package or the Sport bundle, you might not be able to return to the £10/month promotional rate, so caution is advised if making changes to your discounted bundle in the future.

BT TV’s £10 Offers

From now until June 29, you can get two of BT TV’s bundles for £10/month each – Entertainment and Sport. There are additional discounts for new broadband bundles.

The Entertainment bundle is available for existing BT customers as an add-on, or for new customers who sign up for BT’s broadband. It includes:

  • Sky’s streaming service – NOW – with its Entertainment Membership, which includes Sky’s TV channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Max. 
  • Netflix’s Basic Plan – This plan lets you watch on one device at a time, with 720p picture quality. Note that this isn’t Netflix’s Standard with Ads tier – so you won’t see adverts.
  • The AMC Channel, which is exclusive to BT TV and includes American shows and films.
  • The BT TV 4K Pro Box (which lets you watch Freeview over broadband)

You can now get this package for £10/month (instead of £20/month), for the entire duration of your contract – 24 months.

The Sport package doesn’t include any of the entertainment streaming services, but it does include:

  • All 4 BT Sport channels
  • The AMC Channel
  • Discovery+ (which includes Eurosport)

You can now get this package for £10/month (instead of £18/month), for the entire duration of your contract – 24 months.

There are additional BT TV content packages – like Big Entertainment (which includes Sky Cinema) and VIP (which includes everything) – but those aren’t currently discounted.

BT’s Broadband Offers

Customers who aren’t yet signed up for BT’s broadband, can get special offers on most of BT’s broadband plans as well – with the primary “bonus” being a £50 Mastercard Virtual Card that you get with some of the packages.

Internet Speed meter

It’s hard to compare broadband prices and offers directly, since prices often depend on your location and the type of plans and speeds you can get (check here), but a few examples include:

Is The BT TV £10/Month Deal Worth It?

Unlike BT’s previous deal where the discounts were only active for 6 months – this time they’re going to last for the entire duration of the contract – except for the annual inflation-based price increases.

So let’s start with the Entertainment bundle:

Without BT, the Basic Netflix plan normally costs £6.99/month, and the NOW Entertainment membership costs £9.99/month if you buy it directly – so £16.98/month in total (and that’s without taking into account the fact that you can almost always find cheaper NOW deals).

Netflix on TV
Photo: Deposit Photos

Furthermore, this year Netflix launched its ad-supported tier, which costs £4.99/month – so if you’re willing to watch adverts, you’ll pay even less (and get better video quality).

So, at the regular BT price of £20/month, not only are you not saving money with the BT Entertainment Package – you’re actually paying more, unless you take into account the BT TV Pro 4K box. 

A similar Freeview recorder, which also includes streaming apps, like the Humax Aura (see our review), costs around £250. So you’re basically getting an expensive recorder/streaming box at no extra cost (but you have to give it back if you leave BT).

Humax Aura 4k freeview recorder on window
The Humax Aura Freeview Recorder

With the current offer, however, you’ll be paying just £10/month for 24 months. So looking at the price alone, it’s a good deal, as you’re getting a real discount.

BUT… remember you’re also signing up for BT’s broadband service, which may not necessarily be the cheapest or the best in your particular situation/address.

Furthermore – you’re signing up for 24 months. I’m not a big fan of long TV contracts, and you lose the flexibility that cord cutting normally gives you, when you sign up for a Netflix/NOW package for 24 months.

However, if you were going to sign up for BT’s broadband anyway – and you know you’ll definitely want a TV package for 24 months – then you might as well save some money, at which point this deal makes more sense.

Is The £10 Sport Bundle Good?

Things are a bit different with the Sport offer. It’s hard to compare BT Sport’s prices, because every pay-TV service offers it at different price points and with constantly changing deals (especially with the unknown price changes that the upcoming transformation into TNT Sports may bring – though we’re told prices will stay the same for existing BT subscribers).

TNT Sports logo small

If you look at the standalone BT Sport Monthly Pass streaming subscription – it now costs £29.99/month – so obviously, if you’re a BT Sport fan, getting it for £10/month (along with Discovery+ and Eurosport) is a no-brainer.

It’s also a good price when compared to BT Sport’s price on Sky Stream – where it’s currently priced at £28/month.

It doesn’t beat Virgin Media’s offer, however – where you can currently get BT Sport for just £8/month (but only with Virgin Media’s broadband).

And in any case – remember you’re signing up for BT’s broadband and its TV service for 24 months – so it’s only a good deal if you’re willing to lose some flexibility.

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