BT TV Bundles Netflix Into Its Packages: Is It A Good Deal?

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BT TV, the TV service offered by BT to its broadband customers, announced this week that Netflix will be bundled into some of its flexible TV packages.

Depending on the package, customers will get either the Basic or Standard Netflix tier, with the option to upgrade at an extra cost.

To celebrate the revamped packages, BT TV is offering the first three months at half price (see full details below). 

The news comes a few days after another broadband company – TalkTalk – also announced a new Broadband + Netflix bundle. In TalkTalk’s case, customers will be able to save £1.04/month over getting Netflix directly.

Netflix on TV

With Netflix being bundled into BT TV’s packages, at no extra cost (at least not directly) – can customers save money, and are these packages of interest to cord cutters? Read ahead for my thoughts. 

BT TV Revamps Its Service

A few months ago, BT TV launched its new BT TV Box Pro – A 4K/HDR YouView-based box with streaming apps, 4 tuners and 1TB of storage for recordings. 

BT TV Box Pro with remote

All new BT TV customers now get this new advanced box (and existing customers can upgrade for a £20 fee, plus a £9.99 delivery fee).

With the box’ advanced streaming capabilities, BT TV is now further revamping its “Flexible” TV packages, by bundling a Netflix subscription into some of them.

BT TV’s flexible packages are attached to BT’s broadband plans (you can’t get BT TV on its own, except for BT Sport, which is also available as a monthly pass). 

The BT TV packages, along with BT’s broadband, come with a 24-months contract – so that’s anything BUT flexible. However, the flexible part comes in the form of being able to change your TV package every 30 days – switch from Entertainment to Sports, cancel one and add another, or just get the VIP package which includes everything.

BT Sports screens
BT Sport

So you do get some flexibility with the content and pricing you choose every month – but you still have to stay with BT for 24 months, of course.

In addition to seamlessly switching between packages, customers can also attach stand-alone add-ons to their packages – such as NOW streaming plans, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

There are five packages for BT TV customers to choose from which can be swapped every 30 days, plus the rolling Add-Ons. All packages come with AMC’s channel (which is exclusive to BT) and up to 94 Freeview channels plus.

Here are the available packages – and how much they would cost you WITHOUT going through BT TV’s 24-months contract (though, again, with BT you’re also getting the BT TV Pro Box and the AMC channel).

Also, remember that these prices are in addition to what you’ll be paying for BT’s broadband packages – though sometimes special deals may reduce the overall cost.

Entertainment: £16 per month

  • Includes Sky’s streaming service – NOW – with its Entertainment Membership, which includes Sky’s TV channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Max. 
  • Netflix’ Basic Plan (Only SD content, only on one screen at a time)

NOW Streaming new ui on tv

Getting these two on their own, without BT would cost £15.98

Sport: £15 per month

  • All 4 BT Sport channels – with exclusive Premier League games and every UEFA Champions League match as well as BoxNation.

This package doesn’t include Netflix. On its own (on a monthly pass) – BT Sport costs £25.

Big Entertainment: £26 per month

  • Sky’s NOW Entertainment Membership
  • Sky’s NOW Cinema Membership – which includes Sky’s 11 Cinema Channel and on-demand films.
  • Netflix’ Basic Plan

On its own (without BT), this bundle would cost £25.97.

Big Sport: £40 per month

  • Sky’s NOW Sports Membership – Includes all 11 Sky Sports channels and some on-demand sports content.
  • All 4 BT Sport Channels + Box Nation
BT Sport on the field
BT Sport (Photo: BT)

This package doesn’t include Netflix. On its own, it would cost £58.99.

VIP: £73 per month 

  • Sky’s NOW Sports Membership
  • 4 BT Sport Channels
  • Sky’s NOW Entertainment
  • Sky’s NOW Cinema
  • Netflix’ Standard Plan (with HD content, and up to 2 screens at the same time).

On its own, this collection would cost £88.96

In all the packages that include Netflix, its plan can be upgraded from Basic to Standard for £4, or to Premium (which adds 4K content and up to 4 screens) for £8.

Half-Price Deal (Get it here): Customers who sign up to the packages until December 2, 2021, will get their first three months BT TV service half price and will be able to include the usual add-ons (e.g. a NOW Membership, Prime Video and BritBox) allowing them to have all their content in one place and on one bill.

Are BT TV’s Flexible Packages Worth It?

As you can see, the biggest price difference is in the Sports packages. The other ones, which don’t include sports, are almost identical to the price these services (Netflix and NOW) would cost you without going through BT.

Therefore, don’t think you’re getting Netflix for free – it’s simply a bundle, where you’re paying Netflix’ real price – the same one you would have paid Netflix directly.

And while BT TV’s packages do offer some flexibility – as you can switch or cancel them every month – you’re still contractually “stuck” with BT’s broadband service for 24 months.

So if you’re going for BT’s broadband anyway – then it wouldn’t hurt to get these addons via BT TV – especially if you’re interested in the sports packages. 

But if you’re not interested in sports, and don’t find a reason to go with BT’s broadband – BT TV’s packages shouldn’t really be THE thing that convinces you to sign up.

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