Some NOW TV Boxes Will Stop Working Next Week

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Some NOW TV streaming boxes – namely, the old “White Box”, will stop working from October 6. In order to help customers who are still using these older boxes, NOW TV are offering some of them vouchers for discounted – or even free – replacement devices.

The “White” NOW TV box dates back to 2013, and is based on an early Roku streaming device. Despite its age, it appears quite a few customers are still using this model, as many took to social media to complain about the need to replace their box.

NOW TV is Sky’s streaming TV service, with separate passes for TV programmes (“Entertainment”), movies, kids and sports. You stream it via the internet, but can still watch on the big screen with supported streaming devices, and you don’t need a long-term contract (see our full NOW TV guide and review).

Over the years, NOW TV have released their own streaming devices – starting with the white box, then the 2nd box (“the black box”), the “Smart Box” (1st generation), the 2nd generation of the “Smart Box”, and finally, the “NOW TV Smart Stick”, which is the only model being officially sold these days.

NOW TV 4K Smart Box with Netflix

According to NOW TV, the old “White Box” isn’t powerful enough to support NOW TV’s modern apps and services – therefore it won’t be supported anymore, starting October 6.

On that day, the NOW TV app, as well as others, will no longer be available on the device. 

NOW TV have approached some of their active customers by e-mail, those still using the white box – with an offer to replace their ageing device:

“At NOW TV we’re dedicated to giving customers the best possible viewing experience on the latest devices, which is why we’re closing down our oldest device, the white box.

But don’t worry, you can still access blockbuster movies, live sports, award-winning entertainment and the best TV apps on our NOW TV Smart Stick.”

Some customers were then offered a totally free Smart Stick to replace their white box, while others were offered a discount (£9.99 instead of £24.99). Some, apparently, did not get the e-mail at all.

However, NOW TV advised us that existing customers with an active white box, who have not received an email, can contact customer support via Live Chat for more information.

NOW TV Box Alternatives

If you’re now in the market for a new NOW TV streaming solution, there are several devices in the UK that support the service:

1. The NOW TV Smart Stick: NOW TV’s own streaming device (which is powered by Roku’s OS), which supports Full-HD streaming, voice search, and most of the UK’s major streaming apps (but not Amazon Prime Video).

You can get the stick directly from NOW TV, or from other major retailers.

NOW TV Smart Stick

2. Roku Streaming Devices: Roku currently sell three streaming devices in the UK – the Roku Express, Roku Premiere and Roku 4K Streaming Stick+. They all have the NOW TV app, as well as apps (called “channels” on Roku) for most of the UK major streaming services. See our Roku comparison here.

Roku Express vs roku premiere vs roku stick

3. Google Chromecast: By installing the NOW TV app on your phone, you can then cast it to your TV via Google’s Chromecast.

The NOW TV app is also available on gaming consoles (Xbox One and PS4), YouView boxes, Apple TV, iOS and Android mobile phones, and select Smart TVs from Samsung and LG.

13 thoughts on “Some NOW TV Boxes Will Stop Working Next Week”

  1. I have a black Now box and it hasn’t worked since yesterday. I bought it with the TV in January 2017. I have unplugged and plugged the connections several times and the notice on the screen says it’s offline. Please advise. Thank you.

  2. I have the old white box, now cannot be used, I had no email offering me anything or even letting me know i cannot use my box,
    But they manage to e-mail when my subscription needs looking into for new bank details, I have had the box since it first came out , not good for loyal costomers, now I’m expected to buy new a one

  3. Now customer for almost 7 years ,, cut off with no notice, I had changed e mail address from outlook to iCloud over that period, and hadn’t let them know If they really wanted to keep customers they should have automatically sent out sticks,,,instead.they cut off customers still paging monthly fees ,,

    • “I had changed e mail address … and hadn’t let them know”
      Well, that is your fault, then. And the article makes clear that if you contact Customer Support, they will help you.
      Your solution is ridiculous. If they went to the expense of sending out replacement boxes, which retail for £25, to everyone, whether they use their box or not — and most active users would surely keep Sky informed of their contact details — then what would happen to the cost of the service for everyone? And how many people would be on this forum saying, ‘I had moved house and hadn’t let them know’?

  4. I didn’t buy my Now TV box only for the Now TV service. There are many services advertised on the packaging such as BBC iPlayer and all the catch up services along with the likes of YouTube but they have now disabled all these other services too. Why couldn’t they just stop them from streaming Now TV and leave all the other features alone. Is this even legal? Customer services not interested unless you have an active Now TV account.

  5. can not believe you have done this with no warning not had an e mail nothing , am a disabled lady and my tv is my saviour how can you just stop something that worked fine and ask for money to replace , so upset, the white box worked well , just dont understand ,

  6. Cancelled ours today after getting a message on our TV to say that our Now box is no longer compatible with the service. No offer of a replacement so far other than paying £24.99 for a stick that we didn’t ask for or want. We were happy with our white Now box but time to move on.

  7. Thanks for the post. I couldn’t find anything on the NowTV site regarding this. I have contacted the live chat today and got a free stick and a £10 credit for a second. Excellent, thank you 🙂

      • Unfortunately it’s just the chosen few who get any help – your customer service sucks they just kept referring me Chrome cast which costs more than a new Now Tv stick ( no kidding lol) time to go to Amazon prime well done Now tv another customer lost


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