Sky Stream Hits Currys Stores, But There’s a Catch

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Curious about Sky Stream, but still on the fence? Sky’s newly announced partnership with Currys might just tip the scales for some.

Now, consumers can get up close and personal with Sky Stream – Sky’s broadband-based streaming device – in any of Currys 285 stores nationwide.

As part of this collaboration, Currys will be the only UK tech retailer to sell Sky Stream in 2023, making it more accessible for consumers to get their hands on Sky’s streaming-based product.

But before you dash to your nearest outlet, there’s an unusual twist to this partnership that you should know about.

Sky Stream near TV

In the era of online shopping, the opportunity for customers to physically see, touch, and demo tech products before purchase has become somewhat of a rarity.

However, this hands-on interaction can be a game-changer for many customers, providing them with a clearer understanding of the product and its functionality – especially with a device like Sky Stream, which significantly changes the way some of Sky’s content “works”.

The Sky Stream devices will be on display in the ‘Vision’ area of each Currys store, where tech experts can provide demonstrations and answer any queries customers might have.

Currys store worker
Photo: Currys

However – this partnership, while useful for some, may also carry with it some confusion for certain customers. Historically, buying tech products like streaming devices implied ownership.

But with Sky Stream, the ‘ownership’ aspect gets a bit blurred. Customers technically don’t own the Sky Stream puck.

It remains Sky’s property, and customers are required to return the device if they cancel their Sky subscription (or pay a non-return charge if they don’t).

This may create dissonance for some customers accustomed to the traditional retail model where once you buy something, it’s yours to keep.

What’s Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is Sky’s streaming-based box, which came out shortly after Sky’s streaming TV – Sky Glass.

Designed in the form of a small ‘puck’, this device offers an easy and efficient way for customers to access a wide array of entertainment options without the need for a satellite dish.

Sky Stream with remote closeup
Sky Stream

Sky Stream is particularly beneficial for those who wish to experience the “full” Sky experience, but don’t want a satellite dish or can’t have one due to restrictions such as living in a rental flat. 

The device integrates content from over 150 channels and apps, and provides users with over 100,000 hours of aggregated content from exclusive Sky channels and all the most popular entertainment apps, including Apple TV+, Amazon’s Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel4, YouTube, Discovery+ and more.

Sky Stream features a unique ‘Playlist’ function that allows users to add live programmes for later viewing, effectively offering a personalised TV experience.

This doesn’t just include on-demand shows, but also live TV that’s currently being broadcast.

Sky Stream then lets you watch that content later, by either sending you to the corresponding streaming app (such as ITVX), or by recording the content to Sky’s cloud (see more on how Sky Stream’s recording works).

Sky Glass playlists
Sky’s Playlist

Additionally, Sky Stream is also equipped with a voice control/search feature, which lets users issue basic commands, search for films, TV shows, actors, etc., using the microphone built into the Stream’s remote. 

In terms of image quality, Sky Stream supports 4K UHD resolution, provided you have the right TV and subscription (either to Sky’s 4K content addon, or a 3rd party with 4K content, like Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Video).

Sky Stream Pricing

Sky Stream’s prices depend on whether you take the 31-day contract (which you can cancel anytime) or the 18-month contract.

The mandatory basic package for Sky Stream users is Sky Ultimate, which includes Sky Entertainment (a pack of channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, and others), Freeview, and the basic Netflix plan with a video resolution of 720p.

Sky Ultimate content
Sky Ultimate

The rolling-contract version of this package on Sky Stream costs £29/month, and the same plan, with the 18-month contract, is £26/month.

On top of that, you can add more packs and channels from Sky and 3rd parties. As of this writing, the costs are:

  • Sky Cinema (which includes Paramount+) for £13/month on the rolling contract, and £11/month on the 18-month contract.
  • Sky Sports currently on offer for £22/month (instead of £27) on the rolling contract, and £20/month (instead of £25) on the 18-month contract.
  • Sky Kids for £6/month on either contract.
  • BT Sport – Currently on offer for £28/month (instead of £30) on either contract.

If you want to add 4K and Dolby Atmos, that’s another £6/month. And if you want to be able to fast forward adverts – that’s £5/month (it used to be free on the first year – but that’s no longer the case).

And lastly, if you want to be able to watch in other rooms – you need the “Whole Home” add-on, which is £12/month. The first Whole Home puck (so the second for you in total) is free for now – but you will have to pay £39.95 for additional ones.

As of this writing, Sky offers a free 1-month trial of Sky Stream’s Ultimate package – if you cancel before it ends, you won’t pay anything. Otherewise, it will renew to either the 18-month or 31-day contract.

  • Limited Time Sky Stream Offer: Get Sky Stream + Ultimate for £19/month (instead of £26/month) with the 18-month contract. Only available via this link.

Sky Stream Coming To Currys

Since its launch, Sky Stream has only been available on Sky’s website, or by ordering it through Sky’s retail stores. 

With this new partnership, customers will now be able to “buy” it directly at Currys’ retail stores – though, again, you’re not actually buying anything – Sky is “loaning” you the device, and lets you sign up for the subscription that comes with it. 

Sky Stream living room front
Sky Stream

Without a Sky subscription – the Sky Stream puck can’t do anything (and you’re supposed to send it back).

But while it might feel odd not to own the Sky Stream device, the chance to try it before you buy may help curious customers.

Also, note that you can’t order Sky Stream from Currys online – Currys simply sends you to Sky’s website for that. To “buy” from Currys – you’ll have to go to a Currys retail store.

Ed Connolly, Chief Commercial Officer for Currys, said: “This partnership brings together our market-leading range and expertise when it comes to TVs, and all the unmissable content available from Sky.

“From today, customers can pop into their nearest Currys store and see just how easy it is for them to access all their favourite shows – whether they be Sky exclusives, Netflix blockbusters or BBC classics – all from one device that plugs right into their TV.

Stephen van Rooyen, Sky’s Chief Executive Officer, UK & Ireland said: “Sky Stream is all about making our world-class TV platform available to even more customers, which means partnering with Currys is the logical next step.

“We’re hugely excited to work with the team across their huge footprint of stores to take a fantastic product to even more customers.”

11 thoughts on “Sky Stream Hits Currys Stores, But There’s a Catch”

  1. This article annoys the hell out of me!!! And it’s not about sky stream or curry’s!! It’s about the blatant attack on curry’s as a brand saying that you don’t “own” the box and that you expect to own the item when you go into a retail store etc…!!! This is exactly the same if you go to sky directly!!! Seriously who wrote this article? If you take out broadband in a Vodafone store or in the O2 Store you don’t “own” the router and you have to send it back once your term of contract is up!! Same with any retail store that sells broadband! If you go to major shopping malls, from time to time sky have pop up shops to demonstrate their products and sell them to customers, so does this mean if you go to sky directly you expect not to own them, but if you go directly to a store where you can physically see a product you should be able to own the product out right? Everyone knows that sky TV is monthly costing and not an out right cost!!! This is just a blatant attack on curry’s as a brand and not actually showing the good that actually being able to go into a store and try out sky stream before you buy it as a great thing to do!!! I also have sky stream and I got it from sky directly. I don’t “own” my box it is loaned to me by sky!!! Same as if I placed an order for it through curry’s!!! Sort this article out and be less of an attack on a retailer and more of a oh wow, a retailer that actually has a sky product for potential people who like the idea of having sky TV without a dish and the option of a 31 day rolling contract or an 18 month contract! Sort yourself out cordbusters!! Oh and if you want to discuss the article further I will be sending my email with this comment.

  2. plus i notice the batteries run down real fast on the remote i have had to replace mine twice since march and they are decent one when my puck contract ends i am gona go over to Now tv see if that any good did like sky Q but dont want all the wires tbh so thats why i went with the puck but definately give Now tv a go might even try it before the sky puck ends tbh ta

  3. Had to have sky Q cancelled because of tree interference got sky streaming it’s dreadful keeps sticking taking few minutes to stream can’t record when you add programs it adds EVERYTHING to do with that program so making it confusing to tell what you’ve watched also costing £71 a month with football so with the cost of living iv decided to cancel after 12 years gutted! I miss the football and boxing

    • Give NOW a Trey (sorry couldn’t resist), I ditched Stream after about 3 months, the ad skipping didn’t work and I had to have 3 new remotes. NOW is dead easy to turn off on the website and you often get offered deals when you cancel.

  4. I think Sky Stream is grea5 for those with fast enough Internet and who can’t or don’t want a dish.

    Personally, I prefer Sky Q because if my Internet goes down, I can still watch TV. Also, TV through a dish doesn’t use up my precious bandwidth.

  5. Why an earth would you try Sky Stream the costs stack up and the Sky Q box is far superior which can record content and play Internet TV as well as Satelite Dish based content? Your internet bandwidth is also compromised as it is used extensively for this to work , the average home has many internet connected things not just Sky TV and I for one struggle with bandwidth! …..not for me thanks

  6. sky puck is crap ive had it for 4 months much prefer sky Q but when my sky ends i will quit sky they told me that with the puck if you watch a show all seasons will be thier untru plus you have to pay for add skipping on top it cost me 45 quid a month for sky puck as i said its crap


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