Sky Is Hiking Sky Glass’ TV Prices For The First Time

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The cost of Sky Glass, the streaming TV from Sky, is going up for the first time since its launch last year. And in addition to the price of the TV itself, the basic content package (‘Sky Ultimate’), as well as some of the add-ons, will also cost more, starting today.

The highest price rise is on the 65″ Sky Glass, which will go up to £1149 if you pay upfront, instead of £1,049 before, or £23/month instead of £21/m if choose the 48-months instalments plan (Yes, the instalments option ends up costing LESS than paying upfront – that’s always been the case with Glass).

The prices of Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Kids, as well as the Ultra HD pack, the Whole Home package and more add-ons – are also going up, from £1/month to several extra pounds (see full details below).

Furthermore, Sky is now offering new customers the option to sign an 18-month contract, which will lower the cost of the content bundle – but goes against the idea of Sky Glass being free from any long-term contracts.

The good news, at least, is that existing customers won’t be affected by these price hikes for now – and new customers will still be able to choose the 31-day rolling contract option – but it’ll cost them more than before.

Content apps on Sky Glass official

What Is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass launched in October 2021, but only became available widely, to both existing and new customers, in late January 2022.

Sky’s 4K TV set features a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers. 

Unlike Sky’s traditional UK services, Sky Glass doesn’t use a satellite dish – instead, it relies on broadband, and streams all the content to the TV, much like other streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku – or streaming services like Sky’s own NOW (see our Sky Glass VS Now comparison), and the brand new Sky Stream, the streaming set-top box from Sky.

In my in-depth review of Sky Glass, I was impressed with its global search (something it does even better than most standalone streaming sticks) and its overall promise for the future. Picture and sound quality are mid-range but decent, and while it’s certainly not perfect – with missing channels, a somewhat confusing recording method, and issues that need to be fixed (though updates are being rolled out regularly) – it’s still an impressive device.

Sky Glass New Pricing

When you buy Sky Glass directly from Sky, you pay separately for the TV itself (the device), and for Sky’s channels and services.

Sky Glass - three sizes

You can choose whether to pay the whole amount for the TV upfront – or in instalments (either 24 or 48). Keep in mind that those instalments are a loan – you will need to be credit checked, and your credit score will get damaged if you miss any payments.

The loan method also means it’s not part of your subscription – so even if you leave Sky, you’ll have to finish paying for the TV. On the other hand, once you’re done with those instalments – you own the TV.

Sky Glass side
Sky Glass

On October 18, Sky launched their new Stream puck – and with it, overhauled the whole streaming price structure, which also affected the pricing for Sky Glass customers.

Therefore, Sky confirmed to us the following pricing changes:

When it launched, The 43″ Sky Glass TV cost £649, the 55″ was £849, and the 65″ was £1,049

Starting today, the 43″ remains the same, but the 55″ goes up to £899 and the 65″ goes up to £1149 if you pay upfront.

As for the instalments, the 43″ again remains the same.

But the 55″ goes up from £17/month to £18/m with the 48-months loan, and from £34/m to £36/month with the 24-months loan.

The 65″ goes up from £21/month to £23/m with the 48-months loan, and from £42/m to £46/m with the 24-months loan.

Both loans also carry a £10 / £20 (depending on the length) upfront fee.

Sky Glass Content Add-on Price Hikes

In addition to the TV itself, Sky Glass’ add-on content packs have also gone up in price.

As with Sky Stream, new Sky Glass customers will now have the option to sign an 18-month contract, that will “lower” the price of some of the add-ons.

In effect, the long-term contract now includes the “original” pricing of Sky Glass’ add-ons, while those who wish to take the 31-day rolling contract, will have to start paying more.

Sky Ultimate, the basic package that includes Sky Entertainment and Netflix Basic, will go up from £26/month to £29/month.

But customers who opt for the 18-month contract, will get it for £26/month.

Sky Glass premier league


Sky Cinema will go up from £11/month to £13/month – again, unless you take the 18-month contract.

Sky Sports will go up from £25/month to £27/month for rolling-contract subscribers.

Sky Kids will go up from £5/month to £6/month under the same terms.

BT Sport will see the highest increase – jumping up from £24/month to £30/month. And that’s for everyone – there are no long-term contract options for BT Sport via Sky.

But wait, there’s more.

If you want to add 4K and Dolby Atmos to Sky’s content, that used to cost £5/month – and will now go up to £6/month, regardless of your contract length.

Then, if you want to be able to watch in other rooms – you need the “Whole Home” add-on, which used to cost £10/month along with a £50 one-off cost for each Sky Stream puck.

The Whole Home add-on will now go up to £12/month, regardless of your contract length.

Sky Stream in bedroom side view
Sky Stream – Get it with the Whole Home addon

It’s important to note again that existing Sky Glass customers who bought Sky Glass before 18 October 2022, will continue to pay £26/month for Sky Ultimate, with their 31-day rolling plan.

They will not be asked to take an 18-month contract.

A Sky spokesperson told us: “We know price increases are never welcome, so we always try to keep prices as low as possible while still delivering the innovative technology and content our customers love”.

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  1. If you ditch the sky glass and keep the basic device price £17 prr month minimum.

    Then connect your hdmi cable to your SkyQ. It is cheaper in the long run than having the full sky glass subscriptions


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