Sky Glass And Stream Getting 4 Long Awaited Channels

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Since their launch, Sky Glass and Sky Stream – the two streaming-based devices from Sky TV – have been missing some popular channels that are available elsewhere. But their channel list is getting a boost next week.

Starting on April 27, the popular QVC shopping platform is finally coming to Sky Glass and Sky Stream, with four separate channels – and all of them in HD (some for the first time).

QVC’s channels have long been available on Sky Q, as well as on Freesat and Freeview (though not in HD).

But since Sky’s agreements with broadcasters are different across Sky Q and the streaming-based devices – QVC was nowhere to be found on Glass and Stream, until now (see the full list below).

This addition comes a few weeks after Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers received another channel boost – in the form of the BBC’s regional HD channels, which were added on April 11.

Sky Glass on cabinet

Sky Glass (see my review), which was released in 2021, is a 4K TV set that features a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers. 

Sky Stream (see our review), which launched in late 2022, is a standalone streaming set-top box that works with any broadband provider.

Sky Stream collage
Sky Stream

Unlike Sky’s other devices in the UK, Sky Glass and Sky Stream don’t use a satellite dish – instead, they rely on broadband, and stream all the content to your TV, much like other streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV and Roku – or streaming services like Sky’s own NOW (see our Sky Glass VS Now comparison).

QVC Coming To Sky Glass And Stream

QVC was first launched in the US in 1986. After achieving success in the US, QVC travelled to our side of the pond on October 1, 1993, and became one of the first dedicated home shopping channels in the UK.

In its early years, QVC UK focused on building a strong customer base by offering a diverse range of products, including fashion, beauty, jewelry, home goods, and electronics, with live presentations.

QVC Logo

In addition to the main channel, QVC UK has also introduced additional channels, such as QVC Beauty, QVC Style, and QVC Extra, to cater to the specific interests and preferences of its audience. 

QVC’s channels are available on several platforms in the UK – including Sky, Freesat and Freeview – though not every channel is available on every platform (and Freeview doesn’t have any of the HD channels).

On April 27, Sky Glass and Sky Stream will add the following channels:

QVC HD will be added to Channel 601.

The main channel present the widest range of products, from across most of the categories.

QVC Live screenshot

QVC Style HD will be added to Channel 602. 

As its name suggests, QVC Style focuses on fashion – from clothes, to handbags, to jewellery.

QVC Beauty HD will be added to Channel 603. 

The Beauty channel specialises in cosmetics, skincare, haircare and more.

QVC Beauty screenshot
QVC Beauty

QVC Extra HD will be added to Channel 604. 

QVC Extra showcases the best of QVC’s entire product range, as well as products that may not be featured on the main QVC UK channel.

New channels are typically added automatically to Sky Glass and Sky Stream, and there’s no need to retune or reset the device.

Another long-awaited addition that’s coming to Sky Glass and Sky Stream this week is the My5 app, which is being added on the same day.

7 thoughts on “Sky Glass And Stream Getting 4 Long Awaited Channels”

  1. Great news! It’s great to see QVC finally coming to Sky Glass and Sky Stream with all four channels available in HD for the first time. This is a major channel boost at the right time. Do you have any information about the upcoming channel boost for Sky customers and what we can expect from it?

    Y. E

  2. I couldn’t care less about extra TV channels, I’d just like to have a night / day of hassle free watching SKY TV glass without something, whether it’s the handset, the picture, the sound (no, nothing to do with my WiFi!!) or having to phone SKY for help otherwise!! There are other companies coming up behind SKY in these “TV customer wars” that are offering just as much choice, style, and far better reliability than the once so called “market leader of entertainment” and for a lot less in customer viewers monthly outgoings!

    • Talking pictures and most other channels can be found by just connecting the aries back up and switching source.It is easy to switch back and forth.


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