Paramount+ UK: Some Episodes And Early TV Seasons Are Missing

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Streaming service Paramount+ has finally launched in the UK with a long list of content, but eager fans were disappointed to discover that some episodes are missing from shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, The 4400 and more.

Furthermore, due to complex licensing deals, some shows – like CSI, NCIS, Medium and others – only have their later seasons on Paramount+, making it impossible to start watching from the beginning of the series.

Paramount Plus on phone
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Paramount+, the major American streaming service, officially launched in the UK on June 22 (though in practice it went live one day earlier).

The service is available as a standalone app on all the major streaming devices – Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and others, and is also available as an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

In the UK, Paramount+ costs £6.99/month or £69.90/year, after a free 7-days trial. Sky Cinema subscribers can get it for free – but only if you have a Sky Q or Sky Glass device (see our full guide on how to get Paramount+ on Sky, for free).

Paramount+ Missing Episodes

At launch, Paramount+ UK is touting 8,000 hours of content – TV shows and films (I was able to count 246 separate shows, each with multiple seasons, on launch day).

Paramount Plus UK series page

Some shows, like Halo and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds only dropped the first three episodes on launch day, and will now air new episodes every Wednesday – even though there are more episodes available in the US (Halo already finished its first season over there).

That’s being done intentionally, to keep subscribers interested. However, there seems to be a bug that customers have noticed, where some episodes of older shows are missing.

The missing episodes I was able to identify so far include (Update: A few hours after the article went up, some of the episodes have now been added. But not others are missing) – 

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season 7, Episodes 25-26 (What You Leave Behind Parts 1-2)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1, Episodes 1-2 (These episodes have now been added)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise, Season 1, Episodes 1-2 (The missing episodes have now been added)
  • The 4400, Season 1, Episode 1 (This episode has been added)

The 4400 pilot missing

While I’m sure that’s a temporary technical bug, eager fans who were possibly waiting to watch (or more likely rewatch) these shows, can’t do that yet without the first episodes.

If you notice any other missing episodes – let us know in the comments.

A Paramount spokesperson told us: “We are aware that some series haven’t appeared in full and are working to resolve that. The missing episodes will be available shortly.”

Paramount+ Missing Seasons

Now to something that’s not a technical issue, but is most likely a licensing rights issue: Some popular shows don’t have their earlier seasons on Paramount+ UK, making it impossible to start watching from the very beginning.

Furthermore, the newer seasons of some of these shows are not yet available on Paramount+ UK either.

Some examples include:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Seasons 12-15 available on Paramount+

NCIS – Seasons 14-16 available on Paramount+

NCIS: Los Angeles – Seasons 8-11 available on Paramount+

Medium – Seasons 6-7 available on Paramount+

Hawaii Five-0 – Seasons 6-9 available on Paramount+

NCIS seasons on Paramount Plus UK

Is it better to have at least some of the seasons when you can’t have the full series? That’s debatable, but some shows – like golden oldie Medium (starring Patricia Arquette) – are almost pointless to watch without going through the earlier seasons first.

Regarding the missing seasons, a Paramount spokesperson told us:

“Some seasons of popular shows are licensed to other platforms and we’re working to make them available on Paramount+ soon.

“As a company, Paramount has long been in the content licensing business, and will remain so as we continue to build the offering on Paramount+.”

76 thoughts on “Paramount+ UK: Some Episodes And Early TV Seasons Are Missing”

  1. Theres 4 episodes of Kenan and Kel missing, as well as a bunch of the uploaded episodes being out of order, and some with some really odd edits.

    Nostalgia = ruined.

    • Same. In UK.
      Tweeted to paramount but no response.
      Seems odd to have the big “pulled from Netflix to paramount” but not have the whole thing.

  2. After spending an hour on the phone to Apple TV customer service, was told it was not their fault but Paramount’s. Episodes 1-5 of Season 4 Yellowstone are there, but episodes 6 and onwards are not. Amazon Prime has episodes 6 and 7 but I have already spent money on Apple TV to stream Paramount. Also, missing episode 2 of The Thing About Pam.
    I suspect it IS Apple’s fault, something technical that they’re not doing correctly.

  3. Episode 8 season 5 of Billions is only on for 1 minute 35 seconds. Looks like I can buy it though. Strange, as I thought my monthly subscription meant I was already paying to watch it.

  4. Hi all,

    I’ve just watched episode 8 of Halo, and was stumped to see E9 isn’t available.
    Does this mean I have to wait a week to see the finale?! 😳

    • Because it doesn’t come out here until next Wednesday we are a few weeks behind the US when it comes to shows like Halo and Star Trek strange new worlds which released their 8th episode yesterday as well in the UK. Hopefully next season we will be in sink with the US when it comes to releases of popular Paramount + shows

  5. Ep 7 of ‘Strange New Worlds’ should have been up by now. I’ve watched all 6 available eps so far, and the page has been stating a ‘new episode available’ for days, but yet nothing as of 18th July. Please tell me I’m not wasting £6.99 per month?

    • No it shouldn’t be up here in the UK yet as it is tomorrow it comes out. The fact that the first 3 came out on launch day was a taster for us to get into it as new episodes actually come out on Wednesdays here.

  6. Well, this might interest somebody. They’ve restored The Loud House season 4, and some of the missing Cheers episodes, but now have removed almost every episode of Zoey 101, including the entirety of season 4. They’ll either put it back or they won’t, who knows.

  7. They’ve removed select episodes of Cheers and the entirety of The Loud House season 4. I don’t know what is going on with this app, but it’s starting to make me seriously regret subscribing.

  8. For those complaining about episodes of stuff like Star Trek strange new worlds and Halo it is not a bug that only the first 3 episodes were released on launch day. Even though the US have all the recent episodes it is their intent for us to get those shows weekly as having the first 3 episodes was sort of a way to get us started episode 4 of those shows appeared yesterday and will continue with new ones every Wednesday.

  9. I’m finding an issue with the sound on everything I’ve watched so far.
    All dialogue seems quiet but increasing the volume music and sound effects are very loud.

  10. Episodes 8 and 9 of The first lady only have the 1st 5 minutes of that episode, but all the others are in full, I’ve got paramount plus as an added channel on Amazon Prime, don’t know if it’s different signing up directly with them, still I’m disappointed by the service to be honest.

  11. As a Sky Q user it took at least 24hrs to download this service as so many were signing in. As we get it free with Sky cinema I am quietly pleased with the service and I suppose the missing episodes of certain shows will be added, eventually. All in all a good service but if I were paying extra for it I would want more than there is at the moment.

  12. I’ve been watching ‘The First Lady’ on Paramount+, and, although all the episodes are nominally there, episodes 8 and 9 are missing big chunks. The other episodes are all 50 minutes, but ep 8 is only a 5 minute extract, and ep 9 is a 6 minute one

  13. Talking of Star Trek episodes that are missing just this evening while scrolling through the final season of DS9 that the 2 hour finale What you leave behind is missing hopefully this can get sorted soon.

  14. Might be a good idea for paramount to get all their ducks in a row before launching a series they know is incomplete. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance, and that’s what they are guilty of.
    I will cancel.

  15. There was a big hoo ha when it was announced that Star Trek: The Motion Picture Directors Cut had been upgraded to 4k and proudly added to Paramount+. Unfortunately, Trekkies in the uk are not able to get it on the app?? Its almost like looking forward to steak but given cornflakes.

    • Yep – me too. Will just have to cancel – It shows how worried they are about keeping customers interested, when they daren’t release a full series. Pointless in the extreme…

    • I agree my friend made me watch it online but I’m really annoyed about only having 3 episodes of strange new worlds when 10 have been released

  16. Star Trek Strange New Worlds has episodes 1, 2 and 3 and then it jumps to episode 8. Episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7 are missing.

    I can understand a few teething bugs but this is rather irritating to say the least.

  17. They’ve added the first two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.

    They’re missing two episodes of Zoey 101, “Spring Fling” and “Wrestling.” Paramount said this was because of US restriction laws… Really? US restriction laws are preventing two measly episodes of Zoey 101.

    Some episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants season 12 are missing.

    The thing about Zoey 101 and SpongeBob SquarePants’ skipped episodes, is that Paramount+ have altered the numbering essentially deceiving us that they haven’t skipped anything.

    As an aside, what’s also disappointing is that they are missing virtually all of 90s Nickelodeon, really the reason why there is a Nickelodeon today. When Disney+ launched in the UK, they included enough of the 80s and 90s classics to make the platform worth it. Disney+ knew what they were doing. Paramount+ is still worth it, but there’s is a lot of growth that needs to come of this, and I think pretty quickly at that.

    • I’ve noticed that the missing episodes of Zoey 101 are available on Amazon thru the Paramount+ subscription. The same isn’t true for SpongeBob SquarePants season 12, although Amazon doesn’t deceive us with changing the numbering.

  18. I’ve been eagerly waiting for paramount + purely to watch CSI and Medium. I’m really disappointed that the earlier seasons of both are missing. Really disappointing


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