ITVX Premium: Price Of ITV’s Optional Paid Plan Revealed

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ITVX, the new streaming app that’s set to replace ITV Hub next month, is positioned as a free streaming service (with adverts) first and foremost. However, it will also have an optional paid Premium tier.

Similarly to ITV Hub+, which is the existing paid tier on ITV Hub, users who subscribe to ITVX Premium will be able to watch all the content without adverts, and will also get all the content (4,000+ hours) from BritBox.

Despite the upcoming launch date of ITVXDecember 8 – ITV is yet to officially confirm the pricing of the service’s new premium tier – but it seems the updated price has already been revealed.

An observant Twitter user and Cord Busters reader noticed that the iOS version of the ITV Hub app, is already showing the pricing tiers for ITVX Premium.

ITVX Apple pricing

Why are ITVX’s prices showing up on the ITV Hub app? That’s because users (across all devices) will not need to install a new app once ITVX launches – instead, the existing ITV Hub app will be transformed into ITVX once you update your app around December 8.

So, according to the in-app purchase information on Apple’s App Store, ITVX Premium will cost £5.99/month or £59.99/year.

Of course, until there’s official confirmation from ITV, things can always change at the last minute – but this has long been the speculated price of ITVX Premium, as it’s the same price as BritBox – which will be included in your ITVX subscription.

Yet, this price point is higher than that of ITV Hub+, which costs £3.99/month or £39.99/year. But while ITV Hub+ removes adverts – it doesn’t bundle in BritBox.

What Is ITVX?

ITVX is ITV’s brand-new streaming service, which is set to replace ITV Hub on December 8.

ITVX Presentation screenshot

Much more than a catch-up service, ITVX will launch with more than 10,000 hours of on-demand content, including 35 flagship shows, 200+ series and 250+ films.

Many of ITVX’s shows will be exclusive to the service (at least for a time), and will be available on the streaming service long before their airing on ITV’s linear channels.

Among the exclusive-to-ITVX shows is Litvinenko, starring David Tennant and Mark Bonnar, the four-part psychological thriller Without Sin starring Vicky McClure, cold war drama A Spy Among Friends starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce, and more.

Much of the content on ITVX will be available in Full HD (1080p), but Ultra HD (4K) content will not be available at launch.

ITVX will be a free – with adverts – streaming service. All of its content (except for BritBox) will be available on the free tier, with Premium subscribers simply getting it all without adverts (though live broadcasts will still have advert breaks).

The app will be available on a long list of streaming devices, and Smart TVs – basically most of the devices where the ITV Hub app works today.

What Will Happen To BritBox?

BritBox UK (don’t confuse it with the US version, which is different) is a standalone streaming subscription service owned by ITV (The BBC used to own 10%, but eventually sold its share to ITV).

BritBox curates British TV programmes and classic films from ITV, BBC, Channel 5 and Channel 4.

BritBox on laptop
Photo: Deposit Photos / Monticello

As we previously reported, BritBox will, in a way, get folded into ITVX, with all of its content becoming available for subscribers of ITVX.

Some of BritBox’s classic shows have already transferred over to ITV Hub (ahead of ITVX’s launch), but we’re told BritBox will continue to offer both older and more recent content from other broadcasters (as BritBox also has content from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – which will obviously not be available on ITVX’s native plan).

Of course, with the subscription to both services apparently costing the same £5.99/month, there will be no point in subscribing to both.

The question remains, however, whether existing BritBox subscribers will be getting access to ITVX Premium when it launches, and whether the standalone BritBox app will continue to be available as a standalone app – and for how long.

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3 thoughts on “ITVX Premium: Price Of ITV’s Optional Paid Plan Revealed”

  1. Great back catalogue. My personal objection relates to reality TV and what I regard as vulgar behaviour, creation of unpleasant role models.
    Regardless of my preference, £6 seems reasonable to avoid the plague of advertising. I hate them almost as much as the trash TV.
    But good films, great drama, good documentaried.
    Half the cost of the BBC license.


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