ITV Channels Are All Changing Ahead Of ITVX Launch

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The entire family of ITV channels has been given a fresh new look, with the main ITV channel also changing its name – ahead of the launch of ITV’s new streaming service, ITVX.

The new branding, which was done by ITV Creative and global brand agency DixonBaxi, has gone live today (November 15), and includes new logos and new idents that are already airing on ITV’s network of channels.

In addition to the new logos, ITV’s main channel – which is available on Freeview, Freesat and the pay-TV services – is changing its name again, and is now called ITV1.

ITV1 new logo

This is a return to a name the channel was given than 20 years ago, which was changed back to ITV in 2013. 

These changes are all taking place ahead of the launch of ITVX on December 8 – the new streaming service that is set to replace ITV Hub.

What Is ITVX?

With streaming TV becoming so dominant, ITV is looking to replace its ageing ITV Hub app, and instead of a catch-up service, launch a full streaming TV “destination”, that will try to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video. 

ITVX on TV mockup

ITVX will launch with more than 10,000 free (with adverts) hours of on-demand content, including 35 flagship shows, 200+ series and 250+ films.

Even more content will be offered on the Premium (paid) tier, with new shows launching every week (often before they air on ITV’s linear channels).

However, most of ITVX’s content will be available on both the free and premium tiers, with one main exception – BritBox, which will be a “bonus” for the Premium tier subscribers (read more about the changes coming to BritBox UK here).

ITV’s Branding Revamp

The new brand experience, which now runs through all of ITV’s linear channels and the upcoming ITVX, aims to combine ITV’s broadcast channels and its streaming app into one seamless experience.

It’s worth noting that Channel 4 announced a similar plan recently, with their streaming app – All4 – set to change simply into “Channel 4” next year. 

ITV, however, are keeping separate names for their channels and the new streaming service – with the “X” aiming to replace the all-too-common “+” that many streaming services have taken in recent years.

ITV’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jane Stiller, said:

“We are using the launch of ITVX this Autumn as a moment to give ITV’s broadcast channels a modern and fresh update too.

This is all driven by a future where both broadcast and streaming will be equally crucial parts of how viewers engage with us.

Viewers will see what we do in broadcast and streaming as much more joined up and we will be able to seamlessly cross-promote across the platforms enabling greater content discovery.

“Everything will look and feel modern and relevant, with each platform or channel having a simple twist. This approach will flow into our new idents too, which are created to reflect and connect with modern Britain.”

ITV New brand logos all

As part of the refresh, ITV returns to ITV1, “to give more equal footing to broadcast and streaming”, with ITV1 and ITVX as ITV’s key viewer destinations.

A new idents system (the short clips you see between shows, that remind you which channels you’re on) also launched today – here are some of the new clips:

ITV Creative ECD Tony Pipes said: 

“With everything we’ve done with the On Screen Presentation, we’ve tried to make sure it’s one brand-with a twist of personality for each channel or service.

With the idents, we’ve done the same, creating an ITV Multiverse, where depending on what channel you view it on, you see the same scenes but with a different view.

This gave us the chance to reflect each channel’s tone, using specially shot scenes, animation and CGI and give the viewer a new surprise depending on where they view the idents.”

The new channel logos (and the new ITV1 name) should update across devices throughout the day.

On Freeview, a retune may be required on some devices for the new name to show up – though some devices will do this automatically.

3 thoughts on “ITV Channels Are All Changing Ahead Of ITVX Launch”

  1. There was nothing wrong with the appearance of 2, 3 & 4, or Be. for that matter, whereas now, it looks like some dodgy concept job made at 3am on MS Paint. Its appalling; whoever thought this looked good needs Specsavers honestly.

    • I’m glad they didn’t alter the ITV wordmark, which I expected them to do with a ‘refresh’. The ITV wordmark since 2013 looks arty and quirky and I am glad it’s still here. Yes you’re right there was nothing wrong with the previous appearance but it’s standard procedure for channels to refresh idents and looks from time to time.

      MS Paint? They are much more basic I agree, but it looks like something you’d see on British TV back in 2001.


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