Goodbye, Viaplay UK: Premier Sports Launching Next Week

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In yet another major shift for sports fans in the UK, streaming service Viaplay is set to close its doors next week – with Premier Sports stepping in to fill the void.

While we knew this was coming for a while – this week, Viaplay Group announced that the sale of its UK business to SSBL Limited, the company behind Premier Sports, will be completed on April 4.

The move marks the end of Viaplay’s relatively short-lived venture into the UK market, which began with the acquisition of Premier Sports in 2022.

Despite initial optimism, Viaplay faced financial difficulties and made the decision to exit the UK, citing a need to refocus on its core Nordic operations.

Viaplay on Tablet
Viaplay’s Streaming Service

As part of the transition, Premier Sports will relaunch in the UK on April 9, 2024, taking over Viaplay’s current operations.

The Dublin-based broadcaster, which was the previous owner of the UK business, will continue to deliver its sports content via the same linear channels on Sky and Virgin, while also launching its own enhanced streaming service.

What Does This Mean For Existing Viaplay UK Subscribers?

If you’re currently a Viaplay UK subscriber, you’ll still be able to access the service until May 21, 2024.

After that date, however, Viaplay UK will shut down permanently (its Roku app was already removed back in February).

Viaplay on TV
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Sports customers will be automatically transferred to Premier Sports, hopefully ensuring a seamless transition with no interruption to their favourite sports content.

Unfortunately, once Viaplay shuts down, its Nordic dramas and films will no longer be available in the UK.

Fans of Scandinavian television may need to look elsewhere for their fix of gripping crime thrillers and heartwarming comedies.

Premier Sports: A Familiar Face Returns

The company has a long history in the UK and Republic of Ireland, operating two sports channels with rights to a wide range of events, including LaLiga, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, and more.

Premier Sports also used to operate the “Freesports” channel, which aired sporting events for free on Freeview and Freesat. In 2020, the channel was removed from Freesat, and later from Freeview as well.

When Viaplay bought the platform, Freesports transformed into Viaplay Xtra, which was still free – but was only available on the pay-TV platforms such as Sky and Virgin Media TV.

But shortly after Viaplay announced its impending shutdown – Viaplay Xtra was also shut down – and at this point, it’s unclear whether Premier Sports plans to bring back a new version of it.

Viaplay Xtra collage

The new Premier Sports, however, which will include Premier Sports 1 and Premier Sports 2 (following up from Viaplay 1 and Viaplay 2), is set to relaunch next week, on April 9.

Existing subscribers will be able to access Premier Sports through the same linear channels on Sky and Virgin, as well as via a new and improved streaming service, which is set to launch soon.

What’s new with Premier Sports?

As part of its relaunch, Premier Sports is introducing an enhanced streaming service designed to be a one-stop-shop for live sports.

The platform will offer 24/7 access to Premier Sports’ two TV channels and LaLigaTV, as well as a host of additional live content.

LaLiga football league logo on phone
(Photo: Deposit Photos / Piter2121)

In addition to the new streaming app (once it launches), viewers will also be able to watch Premier Sports via its Amazon’s Prime Video Channel, which will replace the Viaplay channel – and is available as a paid add-on for Prime Video subscribers.

Premier Sports on Amazon Prime Video Channels
Premier Sports’ Previous Prime Video channel

Premier Sports’ pricing structure is set to be similar to Viaplay UK’s current offerings:

  • £9.99 per month on a minimum 12-month term
  • £14.99 per month with a minimum 1-month term
  • £99 upfront annual subscription (auto-renew)

The Premier Sports Pack, which includes Premier Sports 1 & 2, will be available on Sky from just £9.99 per month, and on Virgin Media from £12.99/month.

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    • As of now, there were no announcements regrading the return of a free channel similar to Freesports (either to Freeview or Freesat). Maybe that’ll change in the future…


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